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Summary of the Mineral Block

PART-A-General Information about Kolimigundla

Lime Stone Block

Features Details
1. Location
Mineral Block Kolimigundla Lime Stone Block
Corner Points (Latitude, Longitude) 1) N 15.1479980 X E 78.0900480
2) N 15.1387320 X E 78.0942470
3) N 15.1321580 X E 78.0859980
4) N 15.1328000 X E 78.1092400
5) N 15.1251550 X E 78.1076020
6) N 15.1203800 X E 78.0980260
7) N 15.1140630 X E 78.0958680
8) N 15.1134070 X E 78.0907260
9) N 15.1201500 X E 78.0952340
10) N 15.1207440 X E 78.0824470
11) N 15.1090360 X E 78.0758620
12) N 15.1149530 X E 78.0720320
13) N 15.1272490 X E 78.0785590
14) N 15.1473070 X E 78.0866360
Villages 1) Sy.No.655/P, 658 to 683/P, 749/P to 804
etc of Cherlopalle Village, Owk Mandal and
2) Sy.No. 1/P, 11, 565/P, 567/P of Petnikota
Village of Kolimigundla Mandal
Tehsil/Taluka/Mandal Owk Mandal and Kolimigundla Mandal
District Kurnool
State Andhra Pradesh
2. Area (hectares/Square Kilometers) 553.56 Hects/ 5.54 Sq.Km.,
Mineralized Area 457.00 Hects/ 4.57 Sq.Km.,
Non-Mineralized Area 96.56 Hects / 0.96 Sq.Km.,
3. Exploration
Status (G2/G3/G4etc.) G2
Exploration Agency M/s Shri Vijaya Lakshmi Industries Ltd., under
prospecting Licence granted by the
Total Number of Bore holes with meterage 25 Bore holes 482 Meters
Bore hole Spacing (Density) 18.28 Hects.,
4. Quantity of Minerals (Grade-Wise)
Mineral : Lime Stone Sl.No CaO Tonnage
Range/Grade Million tones
1 41.2 to 48 148.81
Total Geological Resources (Reserves) 148.81 Million tones
5. Mineralized Zones
Number of Mineral Zones Simple and contiguous bedded sidementry
Trend (Dipand Strike) Horizontal to gently dipping at 30 to 50

Total Thickness Variable and upto 30 meters

6. Accessibility
Nearest Rail Head Tadipatri
Road Block can be approached 11 K.m., from
Kolimigundla town on Tadipatri to
Banaganapalli road.
Airport Bangalore
7. Hydrography
Local Surface Drainage Pattern (Channels) Seasonal streams along with their feeder rills
dissect the block.

Rivers/ Streams Three seasonal streams

8. Climate
Mean Annual Rainfall 60 Centimetres
Temperatures (December) 200 to 250 c
Temperatures (June) 480 c
9. Topography
Topo Sheet Number 57 I/4
Morphology of the Area Inter mountain gently undulating basin

Particulars Details/ Status

1. Forest clearance Not applicable
2. Wild life clearance (Sanctuary, reservoir Not applicable
special zone clearances)
3. Environmental clearance To be obtained by successful bidder
4. Consent to establish To be obtained by successful bidder
5. Explosive license To be obtained by successful bidder
6. Permission for mine opening To be obtained by successful bidder
7. Permission of installation/trial operation of To be obtained by successful bidder
8. Ground water clearance (Centre/ State) To be obtained by successful bidder
9. Railway siding approval To be obtained by successful bidder
10. Approval for diesel storage To be obtained by successful bidder
11. Power line from State Discom To be obtained by successful bidder
12. Clearances relating to work under an To be obtained by successful bidder
existing transmission line or shifting of the
transmission line
13. Grama Sabha Consent To be obtained by successful bidder


Particulars Details/ Status

1. Total Concession Area 553.56* Hects
2. Forest Land with Status 0.000 Hects
3. Government Land with Status 395.600* Hects
4. Private Land with Status 134.313* Hects
5. Revenue survey details of the area 1. 458.23* Hects in Sy. Nos: 655 to 676 and 750 to 828
etc in Cherlopalle Village, Owk Mandal, Kurnool (Dist)
(For specific details, refer the tender document)
2. 44.071* Hects in Sy. No: 567, 25.896 Hects in Sy.No
1/Part and 1.716 Hects in Sy.No: 11 in Petnikota
Village, Kolimigundla Mandal

*Note: The slight discrepancy between the concession area as per DGPS survey and Revenue survey
is on account of certain natural formations such as nalas which traverse the block.