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How far are we from its
How important is it for
sustainable growth?
Is it worth taking the plunge?

07 TH DEC , 2018

Authored by:Ekta Arora


Artificial Intelligence is already transforming the world and doing it at breakneck speed.
While the rate of progress in AI has been patchy and unpredictable, there have been
significant advances since the field’s inception sixty years ago.

The word “dominance” of Artificial Intelligence may seem a little hyperbolic. However,
there have been raising concerns by various field-leading experts about its future and
threat to society. The frightening, futurist portrayals of Artificial Intelligence that
dominate films and novels, and shape the popular imagination, are actually fictional. It
can be viewed that although a thick ratio exists between human intelligence and
artificial intelligence (being thin) but how AI is going to dominate us is to be seen and
far sighted. In reality, Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more capable, and
we’re adopting it as quickly as it appears. AI is already changing our daily lives for the
better good, almost entirely in ways that improve human health, safety, and
productivity. In fact, in order to protect ourselves from disrupting innovation, policies,
and processes we should address ethical, privacy, and security implications, and should
work to ensure that the benefits of AI technologies will be spread broadly and fairly.

“AI Solutionism” and “AI Anxiety” are two contradicting terms wherein former defines
the AI power to improve our lives while latter defines the AI fear that it will take over
the world and end the human race. Although AI will somehow change the direction of
humanity in terms of redefining jobs, labor, food production, care/assistance (be it
driverless cars, housekeeping, cooking & whatnot) being powered by either purely
software interfaces or combined with robotics but until and unless it does not acquire
the ability to show common sense or emotions or creativity or maybe social behavior it
can never supersede human race. The reason that humanity is distinguished from other
things is that interpersonal relationships form the characteristic feature of the human
community, which won’t change following single dramatic events. Even if Al will be able
to spread like a virus someday, its impact will be very limited, because after all, it won’t

be able to build an industrial zone by itself and start self-replicating without the help of

For AI to dominate human existence it needs to reach the level of Artificial Super
Intelligence. After decades of research, it has been pointed out that AI hasn’t even
reached human-level intelligence. We have a long way to go before worrying about an
Artificial Super Intelligence. But if an era exists where Artificial Intelligence can improve
itself, it might not take very long at all before we have a Super Intelligent AI and the
world will be taken over by robots. As J Storrs Hall, mentioned in his book Beyond AI -
“[When super intelligent AI emerges], there will be carnivores and there will be
herbivores. We’ll be the plants.


Company culture owns the business, company culture rules!

Company culture is simply the product of a company’s values, expectations and
environment. Company’s culture should be beyond just defining values - it is about
bringing them to life. We are living in a time where innovation and evolving technology
is the new norm. The ever changing landscape of modern society makes it imperative
to explore the idea- why company culture is critically important for sustainable growth
and development of a company.

Technological change and cyber resilience are the key aspects that need to be
considered in this period where technology is changing our lives rapidly and cyber-
attacks are at its peak. We are on the cusp of machines that can understand the world
and respond effectively. With such challenges to encounter, the right culture in a
company enables to build and maintain trust with customers. At the end of the day,
company culture should be such in which their customers can believe and have trust
and confidence.

Company culture is the driving force for the employees to support company strategy,
mission, and policies and indirectly lead towards attaining sustainable growth and
development. With the positive company culture, employee attrition is low, customer
satisfaction is high, and all decisions aim to serve the vision of company leading the
business to flourish and in turn lead towards sustainable growth.Culture plays a role in
defining human needs and interest making it critical yet very important part for
sustainable development.

Creating a sustainable business today is not only about the quality of the product or
service that is delivered. It is also about the quality of a firm’s conduct, both internally
and externally. If the culture and values of a business are not aligned with customer
outcomes, it is easy to see how a trust deficit will emerge, and this will impact its long-

term sustainability. On the other hand, if a company's culture reflects ‘doing the right
thing', this will be rewarded with longevity, customer loyalty and a sustainable

There’s no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat your staff
how you would like to be treated.”
– Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group


Entrepreneurship is nowadays the new sexy. There are people who actually live, eat,
breathe dotcom and startup businesses. Entrepreneurs are as varied and unique as
their business ideas.

Entrepreneurship is always worth taking the risk as entrepreneurs never fail—the

venture fails. In any case there is an outcome if we try something new. And that
outcome gives an opportunity to turn a negative situation into positive one and learn
from it. “The only people who never fail are those who never do anything or never
attempt anything new”. The successful entrepreneur understands the meaning of
these clichés and knows how to deal with adversity in a proactive and positive manner.

Being an entrepreneur teaches you a lot of things i.e. how to face adversities, how to
handle people sensitively, how to deal with highs and lows of life, how to become
emotionally stable and strong and lot more. As it is said, an entrepreneur is someone
who works 100 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week for someone else. It
isn’t a straight forward journey either. Even after putting in all those hours, seldom you
end up with nothing to show for it. When people talk about overnight success, they
seldom forget how many years it has taken the person to become an ‘overnight
success’. However, in order to avoid pitfalls entrepreneurs must know their business in
depth, develop a solid business plan in writing, manage financial resources, understand
financial statements, learn to manage people effectively and most importantly believe
in themselves and their idea.

This is the era of the entrepreneur! Through the world, growing numbers of peopleare
realizing their dreams of owning and operating their own business.Entrepreneurship is
thriving and blooming.
Visions make the world turn, and so do ideas. But none of those ideas would be worth
taking the plunge, if there wasn’t a pool of talent to make them tangible and execute

them. Being an entrepreneur is hard work… BUT it is totally worth it!