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Science Department
Simon Rivera High School

Teacher: Crystal Rangel Room: E205

Weebly: http://cvallejoclass.weebly.com/

Conference/Planning: Class Periods:

Course Description:

Physics is a course that will give you an opportunity to discover the important role
physics play in real life situations. You will gain critical thinking skills by applying every
theory to its formula and make informed decisions in the conservation of our
environment. You will also be conducting field and laboratory investigations, using the
scientific method and proper safety procedures. A variety of exciting physics topics will
be acquired and practiced which include: laws of motion; changes within physical
systems and conservation of energy and momentum; force; thermodynamics;
characteristics and behavior of waves; and quantum physics. This course will provide you
with a conceptual framework, factual knowledge, and analytical and scientific skills.

Classroom Guidelines:
1. Respect is priceless…
2. Attention is always wanted….
3. Courtesy never gets old…
4. Responsibility of one’s actions shows great character…

Classroom Rules:
1. The bell does not dismiss you, I do…
2. Be respectful: profanity, violence, discouragement, and messy areas are
3. Be prepared: have your notebook, pencil/pen, and paper ready for class.
4. Follow school policies on dress code, destruction of property, and electronic
5. Tardies: Please be seated in your desk by the time the bell rings.
6. Phones are NOT allowed unless the teacher allows it for educational purposes.

Discipline Policy:

If the student chooses to fail to follow the classroom pledge or rules then he/she shall
accept responsibility for their actions and abide by the following consequences depending
on the severity level of the misconduct:
Science Department
Simon Rivera High School

Minor encounters:

Example: Tardies. Tardy List Manager is responsible for writing down names of students
who are tardy. For each time the student is tardy, 2 points will be deducted off of the next
test taken in class.

Example: If student is disrupting the teacher while she is lecturing or a student who is
reading, the on-task Manager is responsible for writing down that student’s name. For
each time the student disrupts the class operations, 2 points will be deducted from the
next test taken in class.

 Example(s): Not being prepared for class, dress code violation, unacceptable use
of electronic devices, constant tardiness, absences, or denial to complete class or
make-up work, etc.
 Consequential Courses of Action:
o Verbal/ Written Warning: The student will be given a verbal and/or written
warning to redirect misbehavior or conduct and advised in how to improve
their future actions.
o Contact parent by phone: The teacher will contact the parent to discuss the
situation and try to reach some kind of possible resolution of the issue.
o Parent-Teacher conference: The teacher and parent will arrange a set
meeting in which they will arrange other ways of approaching and
resolving this issue.
o Parent-Teacher-Student conference: The teacher, parent, and student will
arrange a set meeting in which they will discuss the issue and design a
written plan which will be implemented in the classroom with regards to
this issue.
o Referral: The student will be removed from the class with a referral and
placed in ISS or may even face suspension depending on the severity of
the situation.

High Severity Misconduct:

 Example(s): Walking out of class, refusal to abide by school policies, and/or

exhibiting violent behavior towards other students or teacher.
 Consequential Course of Action:
o The student will be removed from the class with a referral and placed in
ISS or may even face suspension depending on the severity of the
o An immediate parent conference will be needed to discuss situation and
further course of action.
Science Department
Simon Rivera High School

Attendance and Tardiness:

Each student must make an effort to attend all classes and on time. Students with three
tardies will acquire one equivalent unexcused absence. Any student who acquires three
or more unexcused absences within one six weeks grading period can and will be in
danger of losing credit.

Grading Policy:
 Major Work: includes test, labs, presentations, projects, binder check……60%
 Minor Work: includes daily work, quizzes, review games, participation…40%

Make-up Work/Re-Test Policy:

 If a student has an excused absence, then it will be their responsibility to ask the
teacher, their first day back, for all make up work or re-tests that they may have
 All make-up work and re-tests will be allowed to complete within 3 days of being
notified of it.

Physics’ Units:

1st six weeks:

Laboratory Safety, Interactive Notebook, Units, SI Prefixes, Measurement,
Scientific Notation

2nd six weeks:

Newton’s Laws of Motion, Conservation of Energy and Energy Transformations

3rd six weeks:

Momentum and Energy in Collisions, Universal Law of Gravitation

4th six weeks:

Thermodynamics, Temperature, Specific Heat, Introduction to Waves

5th six weeks:

Electrostatics (Forces, Fields, Energy), Current Electricity, and Magnetic Fields
and Applications

6th six weeks:

Electromagnetism (Induction), Theory and History of Universal Gravity, Special
Relativity, Quantum Mechanical Ideas
Science Department
Simon Rivera High School

Course Activities:
Group work: PEG Writing Assignments, Analyzing, Comparing, Collaborating, sharing
and reflecting, gathering data, preparing arguments with evidence from multiple sources
Reading: Textbook chapters, Lab Instructions, Read articles and answer questions in
Writing: Multiple page papers, Science fair project, reflective papers, informational
papers, research papers, informational booklets.
Questioning and researching: extending topics in class by creating questions,
answering questions, researching applications and additional related topics so they can be
shared with others, Science Fair research
PEG Writing Assignments
Daily work
Six week exams constructed from information and skills you have used in class
Multiple page writing tasks derived from incremental assignments
Reports from reading assignments
Problem-based learning assignments
Projects showing your ability to extend or apply what you have learned
Science Fair
Chapter Tests

Helpful Websites:

Course materials need:

 3-Ring Binder (required) including the following:

o Cover sheet
(Name, Period, Mrs. Rangel, Physics, 2019-2020), Syllabus, Lab Safety
Contract, college rule paper, and five dividers (QOTD, Daily Work, Labs,
 Pencil/Pen (required)
 Teacher specified materials
Science Department
Simon Rivera High School

Class Managers:
There are several “jobs” that the students will be responsible for doing if they choose to
apply for them. If they fulfill the requirements for their selected job the student will be
compensated with points at the end of the 6 weeks before grades are submitted. This is a
perfect opportunity for the student to play an active role in class management and class
participation along with the benefit of acquiring extra points to improve their overall
grade. The following jobs are available, and each 6 weeks the jobs are offered to new

 Teacher Assistant
 Class Manager
 Calculator/Book Manager
 Tardy List Manager
 On Task Manager
 Attendance Manager
 Make-Up Work Manager
 Restroom Manager

Mrs. Crystal Rangel

By signing below, I acknowledge the described syllabus attached and agree to abide by
all content included.

Teacher Signature: ____________________ Date: ____________

Student Signature: ____________________ Date: ____________

Parent signature: ______________________ Date: ____________

Contact Phone #: _____________________

 Teacher note to parent: As the student enters the classroom, it is mandatory for the
student to turn in their phones to me. If student refuses to place their phone in
“phone jail” they run the risk of having their phones confiscated by me. No
warnings are necessary. If a phone is confiscated, the phone must be picked up by
a parent or guardian.