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If you want to
provide a
holistic education — not Contents
just narrowly focused on
Welcome to the Whole 4
English and Maths but
Education Network
on the whole breadth of
the curriculum — and if you Why work with Whole Education? 6
want to build relationships
Our 2019/20 core offer 10
or partnerships with like
minded schools, then Relationship management 11
Whole Education is an
organisation you Regional Hub Events 11
need to be part of.
Leading a Whole Education
Robert Cleary, Headteacher, Primary 12
Sandringham Primary School
Lab Classrooms 13
It is brilliant
having time to How it works 16
talk and share with
other leaders. Key annual touchpoints 16

It empowers you. Getting the most out of

You come away feeling the network 18
it is not just me. You
Cost and commitment 20
remember why we do
this job and fill up with Additional benefits 24
optimism again.
Whole Education partners 26
School Leader,
Leadership Culture
and Change Series  

2 3
Welcome to A whole
Whole Education education
Whole Education was founded as a national network in 2010, We believe all young people deserve a whole education
emerging from the RSA’s Charter for 21st Century Education. Our which:
dynamic network consists of over 500 schools and partners
committed to learning from and with each other to deliver a + Helps them to develop the range of skills, qualities
‘whole education’. and knowledge they need to succeed and thrive in
life, learning & work
Educators tell us this vision of a fully rounded education resonates
with the reasons they came into the profession, and helps provide + Makes learning more relevant and engaging, with
a common language and framework for doing something about it. young people taking ownership of their own learning

We are pleased that there is an increasing recognition in the +S

 upports learning across various settings (online,
system that this kind of education must be an entitlement for outside, at home and through volunteering and work)
all - that young people need to be resilient, independent, lifelong while engaging the wider community
learners to thrive in their futures. As professionals, you need
space to share ideas and collaborate on how to make this happen.

We believe that the essential knowledge on how to deliver such

an education is in the system. WE exist to connect the dots; to
enhance the ability of schools, teachers and leaders to offer a Skills
whole education to all and provide support to solve common
challenges we face.

We hope you will join us in this mission.

ti e

Lord Knight, Chair of Whole Education




4 5
Why do we need a The case
whole education? for change
96% of teachers
We have been campaigning for a number of years for a focus on the 69% of primary
agree SATS do not
full richness and breadth of a school’s curriculum, a fully rounded teachers feel
their workload is support children’s
(or ‘whole’) education. not manageable access to a broad
(NEU workload and balanced
Our conversations with experts at the Royal Society, the CBI and the survey 2018) curriculum (NUT
OECD, and with school leaders across our network, have affirmed survey 2018)
that a fully rounded education is the only way to sustainably narrow
It will take 50
the gap and prepare all young people for their futures. years to close the
67% five
We welcome the recent debate across the sector on the need for year teacher 50 gap between rich
and poor pupils
such an education. We agree with Ofsted’s broad analysis that there
has been an unintended narrowing of the curriculum in some
retention rate
(DfE School years at current rates
of progress (BBC
Workforce in
schools. analysis of SATS
England 2017)
Whole Education was set up to respond to this concern; that
36 Other country Young people
pressures in the system led schools in some places to focus on Young people
in England
exam results at the expense of maintaining a fully rounded with SEND are 6x 37 Other country
report some
more likely than
entitlement. their peers to
38 United Kingdom of the lowest
wellbeing of
be excluded (DfE 39 Other country
Our schools have reported Ofsted’s new emphasis on curriculum exclusions data)
OECD countries
gives them ‘the confidence to be braver’. 40 Other country (38/48)

Over time it can create a supportive climate for schools to develop

sustainable approaches to delivering a whole education. 49% of young people feel that they are
unprepared for the world of work (CBI/
This is not a quick fix — it can instead give permission and direction Young Accenture/Hays polling). Businesses School
agree; they report that 90% of school Graduates
people leavers
to schools. Crucially, it also encourages ambition in schools’ leavers and 50% of graduates are not
approaches, and can support the development of a mature self- ready for employment (British Chambers
improving system. of Commerce survey of businesses)

The time is now.

Whole Education exists to provide a sustainable solution to
Text taken from WE’s response to the consultation on Ofsted’s new Inspection Framework some of these challenges.

6 7
We have 10 years experience helping schools effectively deliver a
high-quality whole education. Over this period, we have refined
how we work with schools but our principles remain the same.

We provide the structure, support and inspiration to help

you develop sustainable, collaborative responses to common
challenges that work for your students, in your context.

Our principles

Values-led. We Collaborative and

do this because it network-led. We Our learning model
is the right thing to are your network
do. You share our and privilege you Our network is based on a four-part learning model which draws on extensive international
commitment to an as the experts. Our research on effective professional learning (Timperley et al, 2008; Dumont & Istance,
entitlement to a fully programmes are 2010; Hattie, 2015).
rounded education designed to help you
All of our programmes, network events and
for all share and learn together
conferences aim to provide a professional
learning experience which helps school
Not prescriptive. We Sustainable impact.

leaders to learn from the best of

don’t tell you what to We believe a whole

what works in practice.

do and we don’t do it education is a

We provide a platform for our

for you. We provide sustainable way to

the inspiration and create meaningful members to learn from experts,
challenge to help you change. Quick fixes research and their peers. We then
discover what works and off the shelf support them to apply this
in your context solutions can work, learning and take action in
but less often last their school to have a positive
impact on young people.


Our learning model is based on

the fundamental belief that the

system holds the answer to many

of our key challenges.

8 9
Your 2019/20
core offer
We know that delivering a whole education takes courage,
commitment and time. Our core offer is designed to support you
wherever you are on your journey and help develop your team so
that they can embed a whole education in your context. Relationship management Regional Hub Events

We know that each school is Stemming from our commitment

Annual visit and different, so we pride ourselves to collaboration, termly hub
3 regional hub
support from
events hosted in
on getting to know individual events are an opportunity for
your dedicated
local schools to leaders and schools through schools to share ways they are
share great practice strong relationship management. embedding a whole education.

Headteachers and school Leads receive at Primary hubs showcase the best practice
least one visit per year alongside regular taking place in Whole Education schools
Teachers research check-ins. across a region to give you new ideas.
and pilot two- Your relationship manager will help you get One stand out school will host and share
programme for
for-one teaching the most out of the network by: the ways they are delivering a ‘whole
SLT on delivering a
and learning education’. A typical hub day will include:
whole education in
approaches in WE ++ Getting to know your school, teachers
your context
Lab Classrooms and WE Lead ++ Learning walk to see practice in action
++ Tailoring opportunities bespoke to your ++ Practitioners from the host school share
specific needs and priorities what is working in their context
++ Brokering impactful relationships to ++ Table sessions to swap ideas with peers
Access to other schools, partners and experts and partners from our national network
2 national Opportunities to ++ Communicating regularly to share
conferences visit other schools network news and events with you
with national for inspiration and
and international ideas “I enjoyed being able to move around
experts tables to discuss different concepts
with a range of people. Resources on
tables were helpful in supporting the
concepts talked about. Loved walking
around the school as I magpied many
inspiring ideas.”
Hub delegate, 2018

10 11
Leading a Whole Education Primary Lab Classrooms

A whole education approach to curriculum, teaching & learning and Evidence informed approaches to teaching and learning
This programme puts Teachers are then supported This year we hosted
This programme supports It includes: the emphasis on quality to trial the approach in their laboratory classrooms in:
school leaders to deepen classroom practice. It classrooms, and reflect on
++ 1 diagnostic consultant call to assess your starting point ++ Oracy
and extend their approach to helps teachers to learn its impact, through virtual
++ 2 coaching calls to support you on the journey ++ Metacognition
a whole education. Linked to from research about which meetings. At the end of
++ 3 face to face programme days including school visits ++ Collaborative Learning
the new Ofsted framework, pedagogies are ‘two for the year they present their
++ An impact project on a priority area of your choice ++ Flipped Learning
school teams choose an one’ - i.e approaches which progress and share their
++ Webinars on key themes ++ Student Agency
impact area to focus on. develop knowledge as well learning with others at our
++ The option of more school visits (physical and virtual) as wider skills and qualities. Summer Conference.
“The course has been inspirational! It has given us the time to self-assess “Participating in lab classrooms really caused us to examine our own
how our school is developing our curriculum so it meets all the needs of all cognitive process when teaching.”
our learners” Graham Quirk, Walsall Academy

How one school used our programme to create an effective

curriculum development plan

Who: Mark Hillam and Chloe Fletcher from St Catharine’s C of E Primary School How one teacher implemented two-for-one teaching on the
Key learning: “Effective abandonment was a key takeaway- we removed things we WE lab classrooms pilot
didn’t need to do and replaced them with useful things that would lead us forward”
The school looked for ways they could reduce workload to create space and time for Who: Rachel Kettle
staff to deliver a fully rounded curriculum. They met with staff to get suggestions for Group: Oracy & Collaborative Learning
ways to do this while maintaining standards. They also revised the Marking Policy as
Action taken: Six week intervention to integrate discussion roles into form time.
a Feedback Policy to emphasise their priority was working smarter — not harder. This
Inset day training for all staff about the importance of integrating discussion roles into
new policy was co-created with staff so it was implemented quickly and effectively.
lessons building up to our Speaking and Active Listening Development Day (SALAD) in
With the space that had been created, they then focused on effectively implementing July where lessons are all based around talk. Six discussion roles are to be added to
an idea that was working in Reception class across the whole school. “Be our guest” the school planner for the September start.
invites parents to the school to view work from the half-term at the end of each topic.
Impact: From the initial six week intervention, learners’ confidence improved and they
There has been very positive feedback following the changes. The school say “it is a are starting to challenge each others perceptions. Having the roles has demonstrated
credit to the staff that so much has been achieved in such a short space of time”. more engagement in the class and learners are actively involved in the topic.
12 13
School spotlight By the end of the year, Ainslie Wood
was the third most improved school in
the country.
This helped get buy in from the wider
school community for what they were

Ainslie Wood is a local authority maintained primary

school in East London. With more than 420 pupils on roll it is How did the school commit to a Whole Education approach?
oversubscribed, and has a significant number of pupils from
minority ethnic backgrounds (70%) and speaking English as an Alongside a focus on reading and writing, teaching profile has subsequently
additional language (40%). Headteacher Kerry Scott was appointed the school invested in recruiting people gone from 95% below good (with 60%
in 2013 as her first headship. She was attracted to the job because able to deliver a whole education. inadequate) to 95% good.
They appointed Claire Phillips to the SLT
the school’s vision and values were close to her own but the school as leader of teaching. Claire introduced a
They also appointed a leader of learning
faced significant challenges — it was in the bottom 1% of schools to develop a high-quality whole education
collaborative team teach model based
curriculum. Kerry actually filled this role
in the country and had seen a high turnover of staff. around adults supporting each other
herself while serving as Headteacher
to constantly improve, which was
until they found the right person to take
recognised with an award at WE’s 2017
the role permanently!
Summer Conference. The school’s
What were Ainslie Wood looking to get out of their
engagement with Whole Education?

Kerry’s priority was to use a whole difference for pupils. Trying to develop What did you do with WE What would your top tips
education as a sustainable way to drive a whole education felt like an uphill
improvement. Everyone in the school was battle. Kerry was looking for a common
that made a difference? be for other schools
working hard but often not in a joined- framework and language for the school
looking to get the most out
up way, and too much time was spent community to give the work they were 1. Projects and programmes of the network?
on things that didn’t make the biggest doing direction. “[ WE partner Iris Connect’s] Film
Club has become a pivotal tool 1. Take advantage of the hub days
for us.” “That’s where you start to build
your network and see some really
Beginning their Whole Education journey 2. The chance for staff across the
great practice. It’s brain food,
school to share ideas with peers
through the core offer discussion and networking all at
In October the school attended WE’s 3rd Indeed, the school had been told it would the same time in an environment
Annual Conference. Kerry described this be closed at the end of the year if it didn’t “Staff connecting with other staff that is all Whole Ed - you know
as a transformative moment demonstrate really positive progress. has been the most powerful thing.” you’re going to get good stuff”
“I felt like I’d found our people. It “I’m not sure that we’d have got this 3. Collaborating with other schools 2. Work with your dedicated
had been a difficult journey with the far if we hadn’t found Whole Ed that in the network relationship manager
school but finding peers who spoke year. It gave us the drive we needed.
the same language and had the same “Lots of practice at Ainslie Wood is Talk to them about what you’re
It gave me the absolute impetus that ideas we originally heard about from
vision confirmed that we were on the working on, your focus and
we were on the right track and to other schools at WE events”
right track and helped me hang on what you’re interested in. Keep
keep going”
to my philosophy and beliefs about 4. Inspiration at annual conferences discussions going — they’ll be able
teaching and learning through the Inspired and feeling like they had a to help you find the projects and
difficult changes we were making.” supportive network of like-minded peers, “The conference every year is what research that fulfill your needs and
the school began to build their practice I get excited about. It’s brain food - help you deliver on your priorities”
around that common language and vision. I bring as many staff as I can.”

14 15
Key annual Our core offer is designed to support people at all levels of your school
to deliver a quality whole education. We work with headteachers,

senior leaders and teachers to develop your curriculum, T&L and
assessments to align with your whole education values

Face to face days Virtual calls/meets Visits to your school

Hubs hosted in local ++ supporting children Some previous curriculum ++ Developing the
schools are designed to with complex needs
“A fantastic leadership impact use of local area in
showcase best practice. ++ closing the vocabulary opportunity to share studies: curriculum planning
The 2018-9 West gap relevant, pragmatic ++ Assessing and tracking
++ Auditing teacher
Midlands hub shared ++ principles of effective and inspirational children’s skills across
knowledge and
successful approaches to: assessment. practice!” non-core subjects
providing appropriate
++ effective lesson study ++ Getting buy in from ++ Creating better
9th Annual Conference training in history,
across schools hard to reach parents opportunities for
delegate geography and science
outdoor learning

Whole Education diagnostic Spring Annual Mid-year Schools summer

and self evaluation Regional Hub Day 1 Conference Regional Hub Day 2 engagement call Regional Hub Day 3 conference


Leading a Whole Leading a Whole Leading a Whole

Education Day 1 Education Day 2 Education Day 3
Lab Classrooms
inspiration day


“Useful time spent planning before “I felt welcomed and inspired at welcomed us into “It has put us ahead of the game in terms
returning to school to cement ideas the hub day and have come back to their classrooms. The of the new Ofsted framework . It helped us
and share. Plenty of depth and a school with great ideas and a consistency of good evaluate our curriculum to ensure depth and
wide range of ideas and strategies project to begin. I would like to practice was evident.” led to the success of implementing ‘Mab’s
that could be explored.” say thank you to everyone who Helen Hadley, Foley Cross curriculum’”
Lab Classroom pilot participant Park Primary Academy School leaders, Mab’s Cross Primary School

16 17
The greatest respect you can give
Getting the teachers is not to waste their time

most out of
This is the guiding principle behind how we work with you.
We know how difficult it can be to release staff or yourself for
programmes or events. Therefore we commit to high-quality

the network
face-to-face and virtual engagement to help you get the most value
from your membership.

The role of the Sponsor Choosing your lead Technology and virtual Feedback

Your Whole Education Sponsor is a senior The vast majority of your school’s We use technology to give you more We use Survey Monkey to help collect your
decision maker in your school — usually the communications with us come through your opportunities to engage and collaborate feedback and reflection. This really does
Headteacher. They will set the vision and designated Whole Education Lead. without leaving school. help us understand what you find useful
direction of travel and will work with your and make our work even better going
Your Lead should be somebody with We use Zoom for virtual meetings and
Whole Education Lead to set the overall forward- so we appreciate the time you
school-wide responsibilities, typically for webinars with experts and practitioners.
priorities for your school’s engagement. take to complete these.
curriculum, T&L, assessment or CPD. Your We always try to schedule these after
WE understand the challenges faced by lead will: school (usually at 4pm).
Headteachers and therefore work closely
with them to add capacity to schools. We
1. Be committed to implementing and We also use conference calls for coaching Allowing yourself time
embedding a ‘whole education’ sessions. We’ll send dial in details (a phone
are a values-driven organisation and as
number and pin) in advance. Please treat We do ask that you commit to making best
such we provide support to headteachers 2. Someone with the time to both
these as you would a meeting and let us use of events and programmes - for us and
on their own leadership journey. engage with WE individually and support
know if you can no longer join the call. for your fellow participants. This means
colleagues’ participation
Your sponsor is responsible for creating setting aside time for them; giving yourself
the culture that enables others to engage Your relationship manager will work with permission to engage; and letting us know
and take action to deliver a whole this person to understand your school’s in advance if you can’t attend.
education; and ensuring we are able to context and priorities, keep them informed
collaborate effectively by introducing us to of upcoming WE events and opportunities
the most appropriate leaders/practitioners and help evaluate their impact.
in your school.

18 19
Cost and
£3 per pupil per academic year

(Minimum £500, maximum £2000)

This investment gives you access to our full core

offer for 2019/20. It reflects our commitment to
deepening our work with schools to deliver a whole
education for sustainable, long term impact.

The table below summarises what typical small,

medium and large primary schools might get out of
their investment in Whole Education.

Primary Small School Medium School Large School

<180 180 - 350 >350
Av. investment 1 participant = 2 participants = 3 participants =
£495 £795 £995
Relationship 1 call 2 calls 1 visits
Management 2 calls
Leading a 2 participants 3 participants 5 participants
Whole Ed
Hub Event 2 participants 3 participants 5 participants
Lab Classrooms 2 participants 3 participants 5 participants
% saving on 50% 50% 50%
% saving on 50% 50% 50%
% saving on Up to 80% Up to 80% Up to 80%
partner offers

Schools can apply to become a partner school to help shape the

direction of the network and gain access to extra events/opportunities
20 21
“We have been part of Whole “It reminds us of what is important
Education for quite a few years now in education. Creating that engaging
and it has impacted greatly on the curriculum, a curriculum that has
work we do in our school and Trust. a real rationale and intent behind it
I’m incredibly grateful to Whole and engages our pupils with wider
Education for the influence they community and relevance of what
have had” they’re doing”

“Being part of Whole Education gives

“In terms of my personal experience us the opportunity to network and
of Whole Education I would always learn from and with some of the most
say it gives you time to get off the inspirational school and thought leaders
treadmill and reflect on what you do around. These connections influence
and have a dialogue with people from and inform our pedagogy and practice,
similar or different backgrounds and and ensure we continue to offer a broad,
see what works and what doesn’t. purposeful, forward thinking and
It’s hugely beneficial to get out and exciting curriculum which meets the
network nationally” needs and aspirations of our learners.”
22 23
Additional Probably the most inspiring CPD in

the last 10 years!
Participant in the 8th cohort of our Spirals of Enquiry programme

Visits to schools National Conferences Opportunities to join Access to partners

subsidised programmes
There are lots of opportunities to visit Whole Education hosts two major and funded projects Whole Education is proud to partner
other schools to see a particular area conferences per year. The Annual with organisations who are as
of practice. Your relationship manager Conference in Spring term brings In addition to our core offer committed to delivering a whole
can facilitate this and we hope you will together national and international programmes we are constantly education as we are. Schools enjoy
open up your school to others as well! experts around a whole education reviewing and researching approaches exclusive discounts as well as
theme. and partners which could help our opportunities to work alongside the
schools to deliver a whole education. partners for greater depth and impact.
The Summer Conference is a
celebration of brilliant practice Current opportunities include:
Share your story happening in schools across the
Opportunities to share the ways your Spirals of Enquiry | A framework for Newsletter
school is delivering a whole education transforming learning for all
with our national network, both virtually Our 2019 Annual Conference looked A year long programme supporting
We know how busy you are so our
and in person. at the curriculum, teaching & learning schools to use a collaborative
half termly newsletter will summarise
and staff development approaches enquiry framework to address
recent developments in the education
to preparing young people for their underperformance by vulnerable
sector, highlight the best stories from
futures. Speakers included Venki students. Supported by coaching calls
our network and point you to upcoming
Access to leading Ramakrishnan, Alex Beard, Vivienne and 3 face to face days, schools gain a
opportunities for your school.
educational experts Porritt, Alex Quigley and Rachel deep understanding of their learners’
Lofthouse. experiences and use them as the basis
for evidence-informed action.
Our conferences, programme days and
virtual webinars give you unrivalled Film Club | Lights, Camera, Research
access to national and international In Action
leaders in education. In the past we This professional learning programme
have had the pleasure of hosting some helps you to develop self-regulating
of these fantastic minds: and independent learners in the
classroom. Born out of a successful
++ Sir Tim Brighouse
EEF trial, Film Club gets teachers
++ Andy Hargreaves
talking about teaching in a safe,
++ Becky Francis
evidence-informed environment.
++ John Hattie
Topics include metacognition, feedback
++ Rose Luckin
and group talk. 95% of teachers report
++ Alison Peacock
improvement in their practice.
++ Andreas Schleicher

24 25
Whole Whole Education works with a number of partner organisations
that share our commitment to a fully rounded education and,

more importantly, are helping schools in some way to deliver such
an education. Members of the WE network can access exclusive
discounts or trials of partners’ products and services.

Asdan is an education charity whose curriculum Lyfta is a digital platform where teachers and students
programmes are designed to engage and motivate learners. can access stunning, immersive stories and curriculum-
Their courses foster personal, social and work-related skills. based lessons and project plans. Lyfta broadens children’s
Bounce Forward is a national charity delivering inspiring horizons by giving them opportunities to explore new places
training programmes to engage teachers to develop their around the world, and meet inspiring human beings who
resilience skills and pass them on through role modelling live or work there. The platform is used for teaching English,
and whole school approaches. citizenship, PHSE, geography, RE and art.

EPG is a leader in education recruitment and retention OCR work to support the Whole Education Network of
solutions and in the provision of ITT. Their mission is to schools to develop curriculum confidence and inspiring
collaborate with partner schools to provide quality support teaching and learning. They provide GCSE, A-Levels and
staff and teachers. They also work with schools to help over 450 vocational qualifications.
them ‘home-grow’ teaching talent through a Teaching Outward Bound is an education charity that uses outdoor
Apprenticeship Programme. learning to help young people learn key life skills, defy their
GL Assessment have been providing assessment tools limitations and grow their self-belief. Whole Education has
for almost 40 years. They help schools deliver a ‘whole designed a pilot with Outward Bound that aims to embed
education’ by taking a ‘whole pupil view’ that takes into outdoor learning skills in the classroom in a sustainable way.
account their ability to achieve, current attainment and Place2Be is the UK’s leading children’s mental health
barriers to learning charity providing in-school support and training to improve
IRIS Connect bridges the gap between effective the emotional wellbeing of pupils and staff by providing
professional development and classroom practice. The access to the therapeutic and emotional support in schools
video-based platform gets teachers talking about teaching using a proven model backed up by research and training.
and enables them to improve formative feedback. 95% of Voice 21 is a charity that trains and inspires teachers and
teachers report improvements in their practice. leaders to build capacity to teach students through and to
talk. They grew out of School 21 in East London, which was
a pioneer of the transformational potential of an oracy-
based curriculum.
List of partners correct at the time of printing but may be subject to change.

26 27
Partner spotlight
Shenley Brook End is a large secondary
comprehensive that serves the community of west
Milton Keynes. As long standing members of the
Whole Education network they are constantly looking
for new ways to provide a ‘whole education’, which led
them to become part of the pilot group trialling GL’s
PASS Survey with Whole Education.

The PASS survey is a way of measuring Pupils’

Attitudes to Self and School in a standardised way
and also to compare the whole school to the national
picture, whether it be by gender, key stage or other
micro population.

The PASS Survey at Shenley Brook End

How does the PASS Survey Leaders, and to identify students

impact your thinking? for support from our wellbeing
“Following the survey, questions hub or mentoring scheme.”
arise such as; “Why do our year
9 girls have lower confidence What has the impact been of
in learning than expected?” PASS?
“What is it about our Year 7 “Increasingly PASS drives
students that makes them have conversations about how
such a positive attitude towards students feel about their
teachers?” or “What do year 10 learning and their relationships
think about their behaviour during in school, and is a powerful tool
social time?”” for developing the qualities and
qualifications of young people — a
How does the school use PASS balance at the heart of a Whole
data? Education.”
“Over time PASS data has
become embedded into the Interview with Zara-Louise
school system, sat alongside data Peskett, Shenley Brook End’s WE
like Progress 8 or attendance. We Lead
use it for discussion in Leadership
Group, in conversation with
students through House and Year

28 29
To arrange a conversation about joining the network with Jo Corrigan, our Director of
Primary Schools, please email info@wholeeducation.org

Over ten years...

100,000+ young people

impacted // 3,500
conference delegates
inspired and sharing
practice // 500 schools
committed to a ‘whole
education’ // 300 senior
leaders on curriculum
leadership programmes //
50 partner organisations