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2 Quicktest Unit 2

1 Complete the crossword.
1 2
1 I love __________ up with old friends.
3 4 5 2 Please don’t forget to __________ up the car
with gas.
3 That’s not true! You’re __________ it up!
4 You’ve nearly finished, so don’t __________ up
6 7 now.
5 Brad wants to __________ up to buy a house.
6 After two hours we __________ up where we
8 7 Why did you __________ out of college?
8 I live in Osaka, but I __________ up in Tokyo.

2 Unscramble the letters to complete these phrases

a etgaruda from college _____________ e get emaridr _____________
b emvo home _____________ f keat up a new sport _____________
c lfla ni lvoe with someone _____________ g kbrae up with someone _____________
d eltste dnow together _____________ h sdesr up for a party _____________

3 Circle a, b or c.
1 Which school __________ go to?   6 How long __________ you lived here?
a have you    b were you   c did you  a were   b are     c have
2 Where __________ John and Ricky gone?   7 He’s worked here __________ ten years.
a did       b have     c has   a since   b ago      c for
3 Have they __________ their homework?   8 Oh no. It __________ started to rain.
a finish      b finishing   c finished   a has just   b did ever    c is already
4 We __________ married last year.   9 James finished the report two days ________.
a didn’t get   b weren’t to   c haven’t got   a ago     b already    c just
5 Has Suzie gone on vacation? 10 I’ve wanted to go to Italy __________ I was a
a Yes, she does.  b No, she hasn’t.  c Yes, she did. child.
  a ever     b since     c yet

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