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sweets Westen 7 SECRETS TO STUDYING Hints on How To Pass Any Exam! Exams! A caise of nervousness, fear, and even tertor, yet a necessary tte of passage toward a worthwhile gol ‘The good news is there are many things you can de before and during your final exam that will almost guarante a passing grade, The two most important shings you need are motivation sand an effective study plant Motivation will ake abit of effort, burs the key to achieving your goal. Te stay motivated, remember why you took this course and review the benefits youl derive from passing the exam and receiving your certificate. Peshaps youre looking forwatd o increased income, increased self-respect ot self-employment. You enrolled in this course because you' looking forward roa brighter fueure! In che following pages, well provide tips and information om how to cicate an effective study plan. Youll discover seven guidelines for creating a worthwhile program for yourself. Ifyou ‘want ro do well and you want co put forth the efort, use thee simple techniques. They have helped many aeople succeed, and ifyou use them, they will work for you aswell! set sin SECRET #1: No Excuses! Make Studying a Habit Worth Having ‘The very first thing you need to do is accept the fat that studying is a requirement, and a necessary pat of the earning process. Sot up a Winning Schedule ‘Neat, set up a schedule and follow it By doing 0, you are developing HABIT of sudying habic as you may already know) takes on a life of its own and starts to generate its own ‘BONUS TIP: nergy, makingitcasier and easier foryou continue. Renember, | Study Shorter, ‘consistency is the key to developing a positive study habit. ‘More Often! We abot alot mre How to develop a strong effective study habit: | nfrmatonifve lam isa cage * Sart small, Start wih only 10-15 minutes of studying | potions, inead oF ata time and then build up to longer amounts as you ‘ying co learn progres trough the materia venting aronce. + Set time aside for studying every day if possible, Breakic down! Sadly *+ On the other hand, be realistic. Be sure wo set up 2 smallsccons, kes reasonable schedule that you can easily fllow. break, then sudy agin SECRET #2: Create the “Right” Study Environment Avoid All Distractions ‘Try your bese to avoid distractions during your study time. Eliminate all the obvious iseractions like phone cll, or friends dropping by. Tell your family members, spouse or children thar you need time alone o concentrate on your studies. Unplug your phone, shut ‘the door, move the newspaper and magazines ro another par of the house. Keep the television and radio off. Take contrl of your environment! Don't Procrastinate! Dont be tempted to put off studying for even cwo or three hours just because the garage reds to be cleaned out, or the closets need reorganizing, Those tasks can wai, Remember to stick to your schedule. oo SEGRET #2: Create the “Right” Environment (continued) ‘Where to Study Find a quiet, comfortable (but not too comfortable) place to study. Ifyou find roo ‘many distractions at home, goto yout local library Find apart ofthe library that is well-lit and ventilated. This ill help you to concencrate. Pack a box with everything you need ro scudy, so that when i time ro go, you can just pick up the box and takeoff. ‘The RIGHT Study Environment: + Studying in the same place each time will help you concentrate and will reinforce yous positive study. BONUS TIP: fais, Eat Light & Eat Right Do you study inthe cvening? Ifyou fel sluggish, could be + Ifyour exam is proctored, try o recreate the same ‘environment as your final exam. This means that if you will be taking che exam sitting at a desk, make sure you study siting ata desk. Ifyou do this, you wll Piece ches form an aoiaton with knwing the materi nd Se siting ata desk. Make your study siuation as similar ‘Also say away fom 2s posible tothe exam situation, and, believe ior not foods high in sugar ike this will actualy help you during the exam! candy bars chocolate (Cater wel tale about forming a "metal atiude™ oul gain srg, bu youl som cach Instead, eat carbohydrates (bread or pasa), ui or protein (as, mest baring study that you will duplicate during the exam.) ‘The WRONG Study Environment: + Dorit study lying in bed. Your unconscious mind associates your bed with slep. You'te more likely to nod off than get any real studying done! * Dont study in frone ofthe tevision set. + Dont eat while studying. Food can be the greatest distraction of al!