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Mounting Instructions
R1 R3
Öhlins front fork kit FGK 115 for Kawasaki ZX-6R

Bike on a stand. Bike on the ground. Bike with rider on. Öhlins front fork kit 115
Your Öhlins front fork kit 115 is an upside down
Setup data Checking sag and ride height type front fork cartridge featuring the following
Spring rate (Öhlins spring 4744-90) 9.0 N/mm
Recommended front fork oil Öhlins 01311-01 Front suspension Compression damping adjuster
F1. Bike on a stand with the Adjustments are made at the bottom of the front
(When delivered the front fork kit suspension fully extended = ............ fork leg. Use a 3 mm allen key.
is adjusted as follows:)
Compression damping 11 clicks F2. Bike on the ground without rider = ............ Rebound damping adjuster
Rebound damping 11 clicks Adjustments are made at the top of the fork leg.
F3. Bike on the ground with rider = ............ Use a 3 mm allen key.
NOTE! F1 - F2 = ............
Free sag Spring pre-load adjuster
When delivered the front fork kit is provided with
F1 - F3 = ............ Adjustments are made by turning the nut at the
a spring with a rate of 9.0 N/mm. An alternative Ride height top of the fork leg. Clockwise for harder adjust-
spring (4744-95), offering a rate of 9.5 N/mm, is
ment, counter clockwise to release the pre-load.
also available.
Use a 14 mm wrench.
Rear suspension
NOTE! R1.Bike on a stand with the
suspension fully extended = ............ NOTE!
130 mm

The oil level is measured with

the spring and the pre-load When delivered the Öhlins front fork kit is dialed
R2.Bike on the ground without rider = ........... .
tube removed from the front to a standard setting. If you have changed the
fork. Recommended oil level settings, check like this:
R3.Bike on the ground with rider = ............
for street use is a distance of
130 mm from the top of the Free sag R1 - R2 = ............ The adjusters have a normal right hand thread. Turn
front fork leg down to the sur- the damping adjusters clockwise to fully closed (pos.
face of the oil inside. Ride height R1 - R3 = ............ zero [0]). Turn counter clockwise to open and count
the clicks until you reach the recommended number
of clicks. See Setup data at page 8.

Part No. FGK 115. Issued 05 08 10

Do not use too much force, delicate sealing

surfaces can be damaged.

Öhlins Racing AB, Box 722, S-194 27 Upplands Väsby, Sweden.

Phone +46 8 590 025 00. Fax +46 8 590 025 80.
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written permission of Öhlins Racing AB is prohibited. Printed in Sweden.
Öhlins products are subject to continual improve-
Safety signals ment and development. Consequently, although
Important information concerning safety is these instructions include the most up-to-date
distinguished in this manual by the information available at the time of printing, there
following notations: may be minor differences between your suspen-
sion and this manual. Please consult your Öhlins
dealer if you have any questions with regard to
The Safety alert symbol means: the contents of the manual.
Caution! Your safety is involved.
WARNING! During storage and transportation, especially
Failure to follow warning instructions at high ambient temperature, the oil and
could result in severe or fatal injury grease used for assembling may run out
to anyone working with, inspecting or inside the packing and damage the expanded
using the suspension, or to bystanders. polystyrene packing material. This is not
unusual and is in no way detrimental to the
CAUTION! front fork kit.
Caution indicates that special pre-
cautions must be taken to avoid dam- Kit contents
age to the suspension. Before installing the front fork kit, please check
the contents of the kit, listed below. If anything is
missing, contact your Öhlins dealer.
This indicates information that is of
importance with regard to procedures. Description Pcs. Part No.
Front Fork Kit 1 FGK 115
Sticker Öhlins 2 00192-01
O-ring 2 00338-15
Before installation
Öhlins Racing AB can not be held responsible for
any damage whatsoever to front fork or vehicle,
or injury to persons, if the instructions for fitting
and maintenance are not followed exactly.
Similarly, the warranty will become null and void
if the instructions are not adhered to.

1. Installing a front fork kit, that is not approved
by the vehicle manufacturer, may affect the sta-
bility of your vehicle. Öhlins Racing AB cannot
be held responsible for any personal injury or
damage whatsoever that may occur after fitting
the front fork. Contact an Öhlins dealer or other
qualified person for advice.
2. Please study and make certain that you fully
understand the Mounting Instructions before
handling this front fork kit. If you have any ques-
tions regarding proper installation procedures,
contact an Öhlins dealer or other qualified per-

3. The vehicle service manual must be referred

to when installing the Öhlins front fork kit.
Notes Mounting instructions
1 8
Put the motorcycle on a stand so the front wheel Pour front fork oil (Öhlins oil 01311-01) into the
is in a fixed position. Make sure it’s steadily fixed fork legs so the level is approxemately 60 mm
so it will not fall over. above the cartridge cap.

1. It’s advisable to have an Öhlins dealer
to fit your shock absorber.
2. Instructions in the vehicle service manual are
to be followed when changing the shock
3. When working on a lifted vehicle it must be
securely supported to prevent it from falling.

Remove the fender, the brake calipers and the
front wheel. Refer to procedure according to the
Workshop Manual of the motorcycle.
Loosen the triple clamps and remove the fork
Disassemble the fork legs according to the Work-
shop Manual of the motorcycle.
Clean all parts thoroughly. 9
To bleed the fork legs, push the shaft to the bot-
NOTE! tom, and close the rebound valve. Pull the shaft
Inspect the inner tubes and bushings for surface up again. Repeat this procedure until no air is
damages and make sure that the seals are not trapped in the fork legs.
damaged. 10
Push the inner tube in and out several times to
make sure that no air is trapped between the fork
6 tubes.
Assemble the inner and outer tubes. Apply some
fork oil to the sliding surfaces. See the work shop
manual of the motorcycle for procedures. Compress the front fork leg fully and push the
piston shaft down. Fill oil to a level of 130 mm
7 from the top.
Fit the Öhlins cartridges. Use the original cartridge
bolts and washers to fix them into the fork bot-
toms. Use cartridge tool (1797-02). See the work- Pull the shaft up and close the compression valve,
shop manual of the motorcycle for tightening so the shaft remains in upright position.
13 14 15 17
Fit the pre-load tube with the plastic guide fac- Fasten the pull-up rod (1765-02) to the shaft and Fit the top cap assembly to the shaft. Use a 14 Refit the fork legs to the motorcycle and refit
ing upwards. Fit the spring and the retainer. depress the spring until a 19 mm open ended mm key. Tighten to a torque of 40 Nm. the wheel, the fender and the brake calipers.
spanner can be inserted through the retainer on See the work shop manual of the motorcycle
to the rod nut. CAUTION for procedures.
Retainer To avoid damages of the needle open the rebound 18
valve adjuster fully before fitting the top cap.
Adjust the rebound and compression clickers and
Spring spring pre-load according to the specification

Pull-up 19 mm key Make sure that all bolts are tightened to the correct
rod torque and that nothing fouls or restricts movement
13 of the shock absorber when the suspension is
being fully compressed or extended.

40 Nm
Guide 19 mm key

14 mm key

Fit the top cap into the fork leg. Tighten gently.

Tighten by hand only. The top nut will be fixed in
position, when the upper triple clamp is tightened.


rod 19 mm