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School Year 2018 – 2019
Major/Final Expected
Program/Projects Objectives Strategies Target Clientele Time Frame Source of Fund
Output Outcome
A. Student Environmental Disciplined
Development Police To promote -Warnings, students who are
discipline to each Violations, Students June-March Not Required responsible for
student for the Community (Grade 7-12) their actions
betterment of the Service within the school
school - parameters.

Ecological Solid -Compliance

Waste among the
Management To maintain the -Through posting students
Program cleanliness of the ESWMP regarding the
school and to Tarpaulins and Students June-March Not Required proper waste
promote the trash bins (Grade 7-12) segregation.
proper way of - Regular -Application of the
segregating monitoring by proper
wastes among grade level segregation not
fellow students representatives of only at school but
the club also outside the
May Pera sa -Regular
Basura checking by 2-4
To maintain the officers of the -Maintained the
cleanliness and club cleanliness and
proper segregation - Collection and Students June-March Not Required the proper way of
among fellow selling of PET (Grade 7-10) segregation
students Bottles that will within the school
be source of premises.
additional fund

Science, To promote the

Technology, interest of Improved peer
Engineering and students in the Science Quiz relationships
Agricultural field of Science, Bee, Agricultural and scientific
Fair Technology Awareness poster abilities and
Engineering and making contest, Students Science Week YES-O and knowledge, and
Agriculture Technology and (Grade 7-10) September 25-28 STARS Fund increase in
and improve Engineering the interest of
scientific abilities Contest and students in
and peer others Science,
relationships Technology,
through various Engineering and
competitions Agriculture.
EnviRUNment Strong and
To provide fun Promoting in unforgettable
experience and each classroom bonding within
bonding to and through the Students Foundation Day Students through the participants
students with their use of social (Grade 7-12) February registration fees through
families and media promoting clean
teachers and green
RocKalikasan To raise -Students should Increase
(In partnership awareness about create a band -Bands’ awareness on
with the Music environmental with 5-8 members Students registration fee environmental
Club) issues through of any grade level (Grade 7-12) December 14 -students’ issues through
music -One of their song entrance fee producing music
should raise
awareness about
Science Camp To promote
scientific interest, New relationships
improve the Team building between
relationship activities, Students September 28-29 Students’ students and
between students performances registration fee extended
and improve and seminars knowledge about
scientific abilities Science and
through outdoor the environment.
Monthly Increase in the
Club For the club Communication members’
Meetings members able to and setting knowledge about
know what will be different agendas the club’s
the projects and each meeting to Club Members June-March Not Required progress and
the progress of hold the officers’ better relationship
their club has enthusiasm. between
been made members. And for
the club to gain
trust and loyalty.
B. Physical Hydraesthetics To promote water Posting fun and Awareness
Development conservation catchy comics regarding water
through fun and with amazing conservation at
catchy comics graphics near Students 3rd week of July YES-O Fund all time through
posted near faucet comfort rooms (Grade 7-12) the use of
rooms and comfort about water exciting art and
rooms conservation graphics.
Gulayan sa -Planting the
Saytek To promote leftover seeds Greener
greener last school year environment in
environment in the beside the Students 3rd week of July YES- O Fund school and
school premises. building of SHS (Grades 7-10) awareness about
-Maintain the plants through
plants and experience
monitor regularly
Hanging Gardens -The bottles
in Saytek which were not
use last year
would be the
alternative pot for Experience of
the seeds planting even the
-It will be simplest seeds so
To produce an designated Students 3rd week of July YES-O Fund that the students
eco-friendly beside the walls (Grade 7-12) would also
decoration within of gulayan. practice
the school -Each grade level becoming
premises would have 3 responsible by
bottles where helping the seeds
they would plant blossom.
their chosen
seeds and should
maintain it at the
end of the s.year.
C. Special Envi-Paper - To put together
Programs and papers from used -Students can
Projects notebooks and donate their old Not only to help
sew them once notebooks. Students September – YES-O Fund mother earth but
more to create (Grade7-12) October also to donate to
recycled -Club members 2018 chosen charity
notebooks. can collect any through recycling
- To be notebooks old notebooks.
and papers to a
chosen charity.
ChariT-Shirt or To be able to sell -Designing and A helpful way to
any YES-O our creative selling raise funds that
Merchandise shirts/merchandise merchandise in Students September- Payment of the will be used for
and also to raise school and (Grades 7-12) March students the betterment of
funds for the future through social our school and
projects of the club media in an future projects.
affordable price

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Youth for Environment in Schools Organization, Representative Youth for Environment in Schools Organization, Club Adviser

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Principal IV

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