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Competency 2


Placement #:   
Student Name:     Anthony Andrews

Reflect on your placement, and give yourself a mark for each of these attitudes and behaviours

Job Task A B C D Comments

Punctuality B I was there most of the time I was sick

(always on time, rarely late, parts of the time. I was late a few
often late, always late) times the rest of the time their.

Attendance B During 6th week I couldn’t work a lot

(Never absent, a few absences because of my swimming and was my
but informs employer, last week to Quebec City. I’d never
occasionally absent but does missed a lot of days I stayed working
not inform, frequently absent - hard.
does not inform)

Relations with Supervior B I got along with everyone we didn’t

(Always shows respect, relates have any mean things to say I
well to supervisor, has difficulty respected everyone and nobody
with authority, is disrespectful) borered anyone.

Relations with Customers B I had a very good additude I’d never

(Deals with customers with disrespected anyone all the customers
ease, accommodates customer were super nice not picky
needs, has some difficulty
dealing with customers, is

Following Directions B C While following directions I was kind of

(Listens carefully and follows lost sometimes what I forget to do but
directions accurately, follows they wanted me to know the routine to
directions but needs correction, work
has some difficulty, instructions
must be repeated frequently)

Interest in Work A I was very Interested In working In a

(Exceptionally interested, busy environment I like staying busy
interested in most aspects, as long as I want to I loved everyone
interested in specific aspect, not who worked with me they were
interested awesome.

Productivity B I would always complete my work task

(Very energetic and exceptional never forget any small things I get it
amount of work done, done before the busy times. I’d never
completes tasks within worked at the cashier because I didn’t
expected time limits, often tires have the skills to communicate I’m still
and completes minimal work, progressing by time I want to get
completes little work) better at everything.

Initiative B I always felt Initiative at work

(Shows initiative regularly, sometimes I come to work and get it
shows sometimes, has not done I showed a lot while working I
shown, shows no interest in didn’t need anyone to tell me a lot I
taking initiative) sometimes ask the my supervisor If I
have any problems but went very well.

Motivation B When I started working I had the

(Very motivated and goes motivation to work I just come in and
above and beyond, motivated to get to work, also while I get started I
follow expectations, needs need people to encourage me and
encouragement to stay really get me the energy because
motivated, shows little while at work I don’t

Communication B C When I communicate during the day I

(Communicates fluently in don’t frequencly speak a lot I usually
language of the workplace, just give small talk to people to show
communicates adequately, I’m not a freak, or weirdo I try my best
sometimes has difficulty with while people speak to me In French It
the language, has serious wasn’t that bad.

Overall Appreciation B Overall while working at

(Good employee and would Winners/HomeSense they wanted me
be hired, meets expectations to stay and allpy online If I had the
asked of student, needs chance to get hired I would try my best
improvement, would be fired) and work hard.

What went well:

A few things that went down during working at Winners/Homesense was to help unwrap boxes every
morning pick up’s I was responsible for taking tables, mirrors, glass, and more I needed to finish at a
certain time before the next truck. My Supervisor was Inpress about my actitude really wanted me to
workhard. I got along with everyone they all wish I was back to get the job.

Even Better If:

If I would speak a bitt of French some people that worked there were only French didn’t know how to
speak English but I helped a few people to learn English and went well for six weeks. I would needed
to speed my process during work almost every morning my supervisor showed me how fast should I
work If It was a really busy day there like Fridays It would cost more Co-workers to come even so I did
very well I wish I had the chance to get hire to work par-time.