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Department of Education

Region III
Division of City Schools
Angeles Elementary School
Angeles City


At the end of the lesson, the students are expected to:
define what is cause and effect relationship;
differentiate the cause and effect relationship; and
appreciate the value of cause and effect relationship in a sentence.

II. Subject Matter:

CAUSE AND EFFECT relationship


1. Motivation
The teacher will present to the students some
vocabulary words taken from the story that they going
to watch. And After that the teacher will play the story
entitled control your anger. And after that the teacher
will take a sample sentences from the story.

2. Presentation
I have here a sample sentences taken from the story
that you watched.

The teacher will paste on the board the sample

sentences taken from the story.

The students will going to read the following sentences

Okay class read the following sentences in the board.
presented by the teacher.

Rick parents and teacher often lectured him because of

his behavior,

Rick’s dad compares himself to rick because he want to

inspire his child.

So based from the sentences that you’ve read may I

Rick often lectured by his parents and teachers.
ask one student to determine what happen to rick in the
first sentence?

And from the other sentence may I ask one student

because he want to inspire rick
again to tell me why dads rick always compare himself
to his child?

Okay class based on the said examples do you have

Yes teacher!
any idea what our topic is all about?

cause and effect relationship

So what it is? (the teacher will point one student)
Yes, that’s correct! Our lesson for today is cause and
effect relationship.
3. Discussion
(the teacher will discuss the meaning of cause and

Okay class a cause is why something happens. And

also it happens before an effect and it can also have
more than one effect.

for example: in the story

Rick’s dad compares himself to rick because he want
to inspire his child.

So why ricks dad always compare himself to his child? because he want to inspire rick
very good

Then the phrase “because he want to inspire rick” is the

cause in the sentence.

Did you understand class? Yes teacher!

And when we say effect it is what really happens in the

story. And it may also have more than one causes.

for example: rick parents and teacher often lectured him

because of his behavior,

So what do you think is the reason why rick parents and because of his behavior
teacher often lectured him?

Very good so the phrase “because of his behavior” is

the effect in the story.

And always remember class that sometimes a sentence

has a clue word such as because, so, or, and since that
signals the cause and effect relationship.

c. Generalization .
Once again class what is cause? cause is why something happens
Very good

And what is an effect? effect is what something happens.

Very good again class

So it seems that you really understand our lesson for


So let us proceed to our group activity

D. Application
(the teacher will group the class into five)
Each group will be given a printed questions for them to
determine what is the cause and the effect in the said

E. Evaluation

Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

Jose drank two glasses of ice-cold water. What is the cause in the sentence?
a. Because he had nothing else to do
b. Because he was extremely hot and thirsty
c. Because he was going out with his friends.
d. Because he was feeling cold
Carla was promoted to a better-paying position. What is the cause in the sentence?
a. Because she was an excellent worker.
b. Because she was often late or absent.
c. Because she went on vacation to Europe.
d. Because she ask for help so often.
Angela worked hard all day at her job so? What is the effect?\
A. She had nothing to do at home.
B. She worked in a law office.
C. She liked to work long hours.
D. She was very tired in the evening.
Terry trained well for the track meet; therefore, what is the effect?
a. He decided not to run in the race.
b. He became hungry, ate too much, and got sick.
c. He won the 50 yard dash.
d. He had never train so well before.
People run for their cars. What is the cost?
a. Because the sun just came out.
b. Because it had suddenly begun to rain heavily.
c. Because everyone like their car.
d. Because it was time for dinner.
King George III of England raised taxes in the colonies so, what is the effect?
a. The American colonists were glad to pay.
b. The American colonists rebelled against the taxes.
c. The American colonists liked him.
d. The American colonists didn’t know about him.
Because so many people have to come to Arizona to live, what is the effect?
a. The Grand Canyon is in Arizona.
b. Arizona has always been a beautiful state in which to live.
c. Many new housing developments are being built.
d. People have stopped coming to our state.
Consumer buying is on the rise. What is the cause?
a. Because no one has much money.
b. Because everyone is very worried about the economy.
c. Because everyone rides the train.
d. Because peoples salaries are higher.
Because Jane’s car wouldn’t start on the morning of her important meeting, what is the effect?
a. She called a garage to have someone come and fix it.
b. She went back to bed so she could sleep longer.
c. She went to his neighbor’s house and they chatted.
d. The car had flat tire.
Judy got an A on her Math test, what is the cause?
a. Because she watched television after school.
b. Because she went to the mall for several hours.
c. Because she studied hard for the exam.
d. Because she didn’t understand the questions.

F. Assignment:

Underline the Cause and encircle the Effect

Chelsea slipped on a drink someone spilled on the floor.
Brett called a tow truck after his car broke down.
Drake passed the test after spending his evening studying
The baby cried when his mother took his pacifier away from him.
Our cat rans in circle every time it thunders outside.
The roses planted by mom are blooming now.
Jake fell down and broke his arm.
My sister left her homework in the car, so the teacher gave her a conduct mark.
Chase fell off of his bike and scraped his knee.
Since our class behaved during the assembly we were given ten minutes of extra recess.