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— Maueice 1. gt? {LeFou grabs Gaston's leg. and Gaston drags him offstage ) lGib BELLE Papa, are you sure youre atl ight? MAURICE Lim fing. yt | can't for the Illa of me figura out why that henner Piece of. (He leact up and Keke it) dt (t that ien't the ctubbomest MAURICE om BELLE Papa! . MAURICE Im about ready (0 give up on this hunk of junk! BELLE Oh, you alnays say that MAURICE | mean it this time! I'm never gonna get this bone-headed contraption to work! BELLE “Yes, you will Ain! you'l win frst prige at the Fale tomorrow. MAURICE (sulking) Henmp OrLic ‘And become @ world famous inventor. MAURICE You really think sa? BELLE ‘You know | do, | aways have. MAURICE Wall then, we'd better got eracking, This thing's not going to fix self. Now let me vee, what did | do with my dog-legged clencher? BELLE Papal {Belle picks up a funny-looking part and helds it out to him helpfully He takes it from Balla and uses if to work on the invention, turning bwieting, tkering.) MAURICE ANI So...ell me, did you hava @ gaod tima in town today? BELLE Chi, | got a new Book. MAURICE You! en love. your hooks, BELLE ‘They take me away to wonderful places where Ihere's advemture and mystery and romance ang..nappy endings. (a bea) Papa. 728/95 MAURICE En? BELLE Ie ask you somettng, will you answer me nonestly? MAURICE Dont | alwaye? BELLE Do you thine I'm. cad? MAURICE My daughtedt Oae? {Ha mappears vith a silly icokng werk helmet with goggles) MAURICE Where would you get an ides like that? BELLE | don't know. it just that - well..people talk. (Ha takes the goggles off, concerned about his daughter) nqurice i) They taIk abou Me we ¢ MUSICAL NUMBER: “NO MATTER WHA MAURICE NOI NOT OOD - NOR YOU NO FAMILY EVER SANER. EXCEPT ONE UNCLE WHO - WELL, MAYBE LET THAT PASS IN ALL YOU SAY OR BO YOU GOULONT MAKE IT PLANER, YOU ARE YOUR MOTHER'S DAUGHTER THEREFORE YOU ARE CLASS. BELLE $01 SHOULD JUST ACCEPT 1M SIMPLY NOT LIKE THEM? MAURICE THEY ARE THE COMMON HERD AND YOU CAN TAKE MY WORD YOU ARE UNIQUE: CREME DE LA CREME NO MATTER WHAT YoU 00 TM On YOUR SIDE, AND IF MY POINT OF VIEW 1S SOMEWHAT MISTY-EYI THERE'S NOTHING CLEARER IN MY LIFF THAN WHAT I WISH AND FEEL FOR YOU AND THATS A LOT NO MATTER WRAT BELLE NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY YOU MAKE MZ PROUD | LOVE THE FUNNY WAY, YOU STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD 728195 2 of, 16 siner — nave. © (auRice Bof IG (haatd thatt | know suneone is here and Ml thank you te stzp out where | can see you! (Lumiere stops out, hls face nght in Mauriaa's) LUMIERE Alito! MAURICE AHL (Startled, Mounee jumps back.) SOGSWORTH ‘And good-bye! (Coneworh starts pushing him toward the door) MAURICE Oh ne. =9, no, no! Wait, you'e 4 uock! Ard youre taking! COCSWORTH Astorvehing, ian? #? And quite Inaxplicable. Good-bye (He continues pushing him toward the door) LUMIERE Cogsworth! rim surprised at you, Where are yaur manners...? cogsworTh We've gat fo get him cut of here before the Master finds 01 MAURICE, ‘This is Meredible! How is ths accomplished? (He pokes snd prods Cogswaitn curiously.) cagsworTH Really sir. if you'd just... (Maurice pokes him in the eye.) Ow! (He alleratas betwesn arger and laughter as Maurice ‘investigates nim.) ‘coGsWwoRTH Please stop that! Hee-hee...5top it..stop il | say! (Maurice opens the pendulum door on Cogsworth's costume.) COGSWORTH Really, sirl..co you ring? (He slams the doors shut. Meurica stops his investigation and soratches hie head.) MAURICE ‘Welt, I's stumped. Oh perhaps its some kind of new COGSWORTH ngled, solentife gadget, 1.sir..am not a gadget! 7726185