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PBIS Plan for Improvement

Beginning such an improvement plan for a number of reasons, this could include PBIS

being new to a building, a new administrators desire to assess the current reality of PBIS

implementation in a building, or a buildings desire to self assess where they are in their

implementation in order to determine next steps. This is valuable for a leader to think through so

that they support buildings as they undergo shifts, whether this be in students, staff, leadership or

any other changes in the community.

Depending on the driving reason for engaging in this work, some of these steps and

resources may or may not be needed. More important than using all of the resources gathered,

it’s thinking through how to build this work in a systemic regard. This work cuts into the very

heart of a building to provide insights into locally held norms and the culture of the building or

even community.

PBIS is an important system, which has implications for all students. In identifying steps

to take, a leader needs to consider feedback from the community, current research, site based

data that has been gathered, as well as other available resources that could support learning and

thinking. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, these resources will give leaders multiple entry

points in order to get this important work started. Certainly continuing to refine and seek out

additional resources will be needed as this work unfolds. It is essential to be reflective and

responsive to the needs of the community in this endeavor.

Steps and Resources to Support the School-side Work Around PBIS

1. Watch the ​“What is PBIS?​” video with Building Leadership Team and discuss how these

overview aligns with the current reality (mission, vision, culture, etc.) in the building

a. Consider ​“The Second Year Itch: Why Does Implementation Fail?”​, if early on in


b. Consider ​“Debunking the Top 10 PBIS Myths”​, if additional conversation and

support about the belief in PBIS is needed

2. Read this overview​ of school wide PBIS with the Building Leadership Team and

determine what systems, data, and practices are currently in place

a. Consider using this ​“School-wide Benchmarks of Quality”​ to support the

conversation; this could be completely individually or collectively

3. Review the ​“School-wide Evaluation Tool”​. Also, consider using this ​“Implementers’

Blueprint and Self-Assessment”​.

a. Determine opportunities that exist to improve the the systems, data, and practices

b. Identify if additional information is needed from the entire staff, students or

community in order to better assess the current reality or in determining next steps

c. Articulate measurable goals in going forward to enhance the school-wide PBIS;

determine when these goals will be reviewed

d. Consider if an analysis of the function of behaviors is needed, refer to ​this


4. Identify follow up communication that is needed to all stakeholders (i.e., students, staff,