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What is anticipatory parenting ?

Anticipatory parenting™ is a series of strategies Resilience
based on evidence-based practices and
By understanding key aspects of child development
and their own goals, parents can make choices Boundaries
today that create opportunities in the future.

UpNext Journal presents strategies, advice, and relevant ideas Of all the gifts we give children,
supporting their emotional
to parents through our weekly subscription. The information
growth and developing their
you receive is directly targeted to your child's age, letting you
boundaries may be the most
focus on what's important right now. Here are some of the crucial for lifelong happiness
topics that most interest our families: and satisfaction.

UpNext Journal sifts through

high-quality research studies
Sleep Screens and expert advice to bring
UpNext Journal walks parents We're unapologetically anti- parents the strategies and
through setting up a daily screens, and we give families techniques that make
newborn cycle that supports the tools and structures to developing boundaries and
later sleep skill development. make this approach work. emotional skills accessible at
each age.
Each family's needs differ, and The many downsides to passive
we show you how to adapt the entertainment motivate us to This topic becomes particularly
initial cycle and later sleep share workable alternatives-- relevant around 6-9 months,
schedules to fit your situation. without guilt when you do use when families need to transition
screens. to helping babies build self-
Above all, we see sleep as a key regulation skills. Many parents
ingredient in family well-being We do support a weekly screen wait longer to engage children's
and baby's healthy growth and tradition for over-threes, and abilities. We let you take good
development. will walk you through it all! advantage of each opportunity!

Learning Executive Function Sensory

Our founder, Kate Hill, realized These key skills facilitate Sensory abilities include smell,
when talking with fellow learning and development, help touch, vision, hearing, balance,
parents that having an toddlers and children transition proprioception (awareness of
education background from one task or setting to the body in space), vestibular
dramatically increases parents' another, and support (balance), and taste.
confidence. independence.
Babies and children use these
UpNext Journal sends parents Our emails include specific skills to navigate the world.
the details they need on literacy strategies parents can use at Understanding sensory function
development, math readiness, each stage of development to lets parents support growth.
and overall school skills that make the most of children's Our expert advisory panel
help children be ready to learn. natural growth. For example, lap includes occupational therapist
Just as important, we also let games are hugely important, so Cristina Septien, who gives great
you know when not to worry! we explain how and why. advice on sensory development!