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Unit Plan Template

Saliha Çelebi
Nigan Eroğlu

Reading Integrated Art Whole Group Outdoor Activity

Animals- Activity Name: Birds Feeder & Nest Craft

Grade Level [ASSURE (Analyze Learners)]
60-72 Months
1 Lesson Hour
Prerequisites [ASSURE (Analyze Learners)]
Cognitive Development Domain
Children who are 60-72 months of age group pay attention to the event and explain in detail, observe and
compare objects or events.
Motor Development Domain
Children who are 60-72 months of age binds materials in different ways, and combines them to form new
Instructional Materials & Media
Wasted materials (toilet paper rolls, milk box, cotton, rope, feather), Scissors, Peanut butter,
Bird seed, Abeslang, Twine, Acrylic Paint and paint brushes, Glue

Learning Teaching Methods

Child-centered, demonstrating

Teaching Activities

In this activity, the teacher prepares nest in order to develop small muscles skills.


The seating arrangement is adjusted before children come to class by placing the cushions in
a semicircular form. Children are met with cardboard containing the information and pictures
of a chosen bird (prepared before by the teacher) when they enter the classroom. While
children looking at the cardboard, teacher asks some question in order to take their attention.

After the students are seated, the teacher takes the card and sits in front of the children. The
chat environment is created by asking these questions. After the student's answer, the teacher
begins to explain why s/he choose the bird.When the teacher’ explanation finish, by saying “I
wonder which birds you have chosen” children are asked to introduce their own cardboard
(which they have prepared with their parent at home and brought to the class). After all the
children have finished their explanation, their work is hung on the board in the classroom.
Teacher talk about nest. With some questions, children are encouraged to think and prepared
for the activity of reading books. All children's answers are listened and noted. the teacher
shows "The Best Nest and read. After reading activity have finished, the question "who
remembers what materials the birds collected?" is asked. Children are expected to remember
and say the materials in the book.

Teacher with an exciting tone says "Can you imagine just for now you are a busy bird who
try to make a nest. Yees a bird Hooray!! Flap, flap your wings and you can fly higher and
higher, hop hop in the backyard." With this direction, children are allowed to move away
from their places and walk around by acting like a bird. This allows them to collect their
energy and activate them after reading activity. Teacher says, “Little birds, now we're flying
into the backyard to make a nest for ourselves. You must collect the materials we count in
class for these nests. Remember, we need to collect hard materials such as cotton, yarn, and
branches.” The children are asked to walk (fly) into the backyard. they all go to the garden
with a song “Kuşlar var”. (Garden arrangement: the teacher pre-arranges the tables in the
garden for artistic activity. They divide the tables into two different groups and place the
materials necessary for the event. The first table places the materials necessary for nesting.
The other table places the materials related to the construction of bird feed.) When the
children go out to the garden, teacher want them to collect waste material in order to prepare
their nest. Children are allowed to collect materials in the garden for a period of time. After
everyone put the stuff they collected on the table, teacher show other waste materials. During
the activity, the teacher observes children and helps them when they need. After the nesting
activity is over, the teacher will show the other table. How to do it first is shown by
demonstrating and the children are expected to do it. After everyone has prepared their bird
feed, children are let to clean the tables and go to the toilet for hand washing. After the hands
are washed and returned to the classroom, the evaluation section of the day is passed.

Descriptive question: What were the birds doing in the book we read? What were the
materials in the book and the materials we collected? How did we use these materials?

Objectives question: What have we learned about birds? Where do the birds live? What are
they eating?

Daily life question: What birds do you see around you? Have you ever fed a bird? Do you
have any memories of birds?
Sensual question: How did you feel when you presented your information cardboard? Was it
good to make a presentation about the bird you choose? Why/not? How did it feel to make
birds nest and feeder?

Measurement & Assessment Activities for Individual Performance

Each child prepare their nest.

Measurement & Assessment Activities for Group Performance

They play and learn as a whole group.


The teacher asks families to prepare information cards about birds and take pictures of the
birds around them. S/he wants them to send the necessary cards and photos by Monday