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UC Davis Health, Volunteer Services

2420 Stockton Blvd., Suite 2000

Sacramento, CA 95817
(916) 734-2401

Dear Employer,

I am writing to you about any open volunteer position with in

your volunteer program. I would like a position that would allow me
to work with kids. I heard about your volunteer program from my
mom when she did volunteer work in the Women’s Pavilion of the UC
Davis medical center. A position as a part time volunteer for UC Davis
Medical Center Hospital will allow me to develop my skill in
professional communication, time management and bedside manner.
This position will help me with my future career as a nurse, due to
these skills being especially needed to be a successful in my career

I have done many internships and volunteer work throughout

NATALIE my high school years. All my internships have been focused on

interacting with the public and children. I did a one year internship
working for the Sacramento Zoo in their Zoo Teen program. I was in
charge of activities about specific animals to help teach children

HARO about animal conservation and animal awareness. During this

internship I was also held responsible for the safety of the guest, by
making sure they follow zoo rules. Another internship that allowed
me to develop skills to make me qualified is my work with the
MOSAIC Children’s Museum in woodland. I held the position of teen
co-chair for their volunteer program for two years. I was in charge of
helping to manage events and interacting with guest during
fundraisers making sure they had everything they needed to have a
CONTACT joyful experience. I was awarded student of the month at my school
because I completed over 100 hours in four months when the hour
PHONE: requirement was only 45 hours. These two main internships have
helped me to improve my professionalism and management skills. I
(530) 903-1785 have learned how to time manage and communicate with individuals
ADDRESS: in a professional manner.

3316 Cutter Place Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and giving me
an opportunity to present my skills and qualifications. I will continue
Davis, CA 95616 to reach out in the future by email to stay up to date with your
program and any positions available. The best way to reach me for
an interview or any additional questions you have.
EMAIL: Natalie Haro