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Assessment Details 6/2/19, 6(16 PM

Assessment Details

3.8 Sanders, Jaliah Traniece

SUBMITTED 2019-05-29 11:44:07

ASSESSED 2019-05-30 16:27:51 Results Seen 2019-06-02 17:45:33

ASSESSOR Carr, Lauren (external)

TYPE Manual

TOC n/a

INSTRUMENT Spring 2019 Field Placement Evaluation - Guiding Teacher

OVERALL COMMENT: Jaliah was an amazing student teacher. She has amazing ideas, she is
creative and dedicated to giving students the best education possible. I believe she will be an asset
to any school! I hope she learned as much from me as I learned from her!

Assessed Criteria
Criterion Description Score Comments
1: Engaging 1.1 Applies knowledge of Jaliah's lesson are
and students (ex. Interests, 1.0 4.0 always engaging
Supporting All backgrounds) to engage them and culturally
Students in in learning relevant. She is
Learning 1.3 Connects subject matter to flexible and
real-life contexts, structures makes sure the
active learning experiences students needs
are put first.
1.4 Uses a variety of
appropriate instructional
1.5 Implements activities that
promote critical/creative
1.6 Provides a supportive
environment for students’ first
and/or second language

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Assessment Details 6/2/19, 6(16 PM

1.8 Monitors student learning
and adjusts instruction to
maintain student engagement
2: Creating 2: Creating and Maintaining
and Effective Environments for 1.0 4.0
Maintaining Student Learning
2.1 Fosters a caring community
and promotes students’ social-
for Student
emotional growth
2.2 Creates a culturally
responsive productive learning
environment, encourages
positive interactions
2.3 Establishes, maintains and
monitors an inclusive, safe
environment for all students
2.5 Maintain high expectations
for learning with appropriate
support for all students
2.6 Establishes and maintains
clear expectations for positive
classroom behavior
3: 3: Understanding and
Understanding Organizing Subject Matter for 1.0 4.0
and Student Learning
Organizing 3.1 Demonstrates knowledge
Subject Matter of the subject, CA state
for Student standards, and curriculum
Learning frameworks
3.2 Accommodates/modifies as
needed to promote student
access to curriculum
3.3 Uses subject-specific
pedagogy in the content area
and cross-disciplinary learning
3.4 Utilizes multiple means to
facilitate students
demonstration of knowledge
3.5 Adapts subject matter to
support acquisition/use of
academic language for all
3.6 Uses resources,
instructional materials, and
technology for equitable
access to curriculum

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Assessment Details 6/2/19, 6(16 PM

3.7 Models and develops digital

literacy by using technology to
engage and support learning
3.8 Shows knowledge of
effective pedagogies aligned
with internationally recognized
tech standards
4: Planning 4: Planning Instruction and
Instruction Designing Learning 1.0 4.0
and Designing Experiences for All Students
Learning 4.3 As applicable, implements
Experiences subject area
for All instruction/assessment
Students reflective of interconnected
4.4 Effectively uses
instructional time to maximize
learning opportunities for all
4.7 Plans instruction that
promotes a range of
communication strategies and
activity modes
4.8 Utilizes technology across
learning environments as
appropriate to engage students
5: Assessing 5: Assessing Student Learning
1.0 4.0
Student 5.1 Shows appropriate
Learning use/knowledge of a variety of
assessments (ex. diagnostic,
informal, formal, progress-
monitoring, formative,
summative and performance)
to design and administer
5.2 Collect and analyze
assessment data from multiple
measures and sources to plan
and modify instruction and
document students’ learning
over time
5.3 Involve all students in self-
assessment and reflection on
their learning goals and
progress and provide students
with opportunities to revise or
reframe their work based on
assessment feedback
5.8 Uses assessment data to
establish learning goals and

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Assessment Details 6/2/19, 6(16 PM

plans for instruction

6: Developing 6: Developing as a Professional Jaliah is
as a Educator 1.0 4.0 professional, hard
Professional working and
6.1 Reflective of teaching
Educator polite.
practice to plan instruction
that can improve student
6.2 Recognizes their own
values/biases, exhibits positive
dispositions of caring toward
all students
6.5 Demonstrates
professionalism, integrity, and
models ethical conduct for
themselves and others
6.6 Enacts professional
roles/responsibilities as a
mandated reporter and
compliant with all laws
concerning professional
responsibilities, professional
conduct, and moral fitness

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