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AWARENESS​: Social Media today is used as a Lack of Privacy ​:​Social networks have opened
platform to help bring awareness on specific up a new avenue of communication for millions of
topics about to the public. ​Social media brings a people around the world. The major attraction of
new dimension to health care as it offers a this technology is the ease with which people can
medium to be used by the public, patients, and share their personal information with their friends.
health professionals to communicate about health Social networks are facilitated by web technology
issues with the possibility of potentially improving that allows several users to publish content freely
health outcomes. Social media is a powerful tool, on any subject for use by friends and others. Such
which offers collaboration between users and is a sites allow users to create personal profiles visible
social interaction mechanism for a range of to the people they allow. However, privacy is
individuals. There are several benefits to the use greatly ignored as shown through the releasing of
of social media for health communication. information on Facebook. Social media takes our
Communication is key to our society, it is information and makes it accessible to all this
necessary to communicate with individuals both could even contribute to crimes such as identity
directly and indirectly. However, one may not be theft.
able to reach this information in their area or in an
efficient manner. Bringing about awareness will
allow more individuals to seek the help they need
and even allow people to be more open. S. Srinivasan, Lack of Privacy, ISACA Journal ,
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CAREER​: ​ The emergence of online social Addiction​: Social media use is prevalent in
networking sites have given a new impetus to today's society and has contributed to problems
building and exploiting connections for career with social media ​addiction​. Social Media has
management. While professionals acknowledge been shown to make people more narcissistic.
that social networking is essential for business and Only fear of missing out predicted social media
development, new graduates coming into the addiction. ​Attachment anxiety and avoidance
corporate world are not equipped with the predicted social media addiction, but this
uptodate skill set. Social Media and networking relationship was no longer significant after the
sites have been shown to be a reliable source to addition of FOMO.
help undergraduates find employment, for an
example linkedin. Being connected helps!
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Self- Concept/Family​ ​Communication​: social Cyberbullying​: Cyberbullying on social media is

media phenomenon is continuing to grow at a fast linked to depression in teenagers, according to
pace, it is important to understand the effects it new research that analyzed multiple studies of the
has on personal communication. Social media online phenomenon. Cyberbullying can contribute
networks offer a straightforward way to converse to the number of suicides today. Before social
with peers and get peer feedback, as well, which media and the accessibility to phones
may influence a young adult’s self-esteem. The cyberbullying wasn’t as prevalent.
research done shows how social media builds the
relationship between college students and their
families when they are aware for them, as well as, Pappas, Stephanie Pappas, Live Science Contributor,
the positive effects that social media has on an Cyberbullying linked to Teen Depression
individual's esteem. https://www.livescience.com/51294-cyberbullying-s
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Journal of Technology Research.

24​/​7​ ​availability​: Social media is always Esteem​: ​Social media invites us to compare
accessible to the individual as long as they have a ourselves with others. For people with self-esteem
phone. That way if someone needed to check on issues and insecurities, hearing about other
something they had the ability to do so. Social people’s happiness and successes can deepen
Media and other technologies allow an individual feelings of inferiority. It’s easy to forget that
to stay connected without having to get a novel, social media posts, can present an idealized,
etc because the latest news is normally posted on heavily edited version of what’s actually going on.
some networking site. In addition, some determine their self-worth based
on their number of Facebook friends or how many
Social Media Pros and Cons, likes, shares, or other interactions they receive.
https://carrierclinic.org/resources/good-bad-in-bet Social Media Pros and Cons,
ween-of-social-media/ https://carrierclinic.org/resources/good-bad-in-bet

No geographic limitations: ​Location can be an Face to Face Communication​: Social Media has
obstacle to participating in traditional support brought about a lack in face to face
groups that require physical attendance. Online communication because so many people are
groups pull members from all over and can host attached to their phone or feel more confident
larger numbers of people, adding to the pool of speaking through their phone than in person. It is
knowledge and experience. apparent because today people are unable to hold

Social Media Pros and Cons,

Social Media Pros and Cons,