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PSL I & PSL II Early Childhood Education Lesson Plan

Name: Alisha Kozin Period: ​ 3

Theme: Jungle Week Presentation Date: March 26, 27, & 28th

Learning Center: Developmental Area: ​Circle the developmental area(is) this activity focuses upon.
PA Early Learning Standard: ( Cognitive, Physical, Communication, Creative )
-Standard Area 16.1:
Self-Awareness and
Self-Management Creative
-Standard Area 9.1V:
Production and Performance –
Visual Arts

Name of Activity:
Paper snakes

Concept(s): ​(What specific concepts/ideas will the children learn from completing this activity? Concepts learned may be directly related to the theme, as
well as indirectly teaching something else.)

​ Participate in teacher-guided visual arts activities.

-Use a variety of materials. (e.g., chalk, paint, crayons, pencils, markers, wood, play dough)

Objective(s): ​(Remember to include all three parts for each objective: what the children will be given, what they will do with what they’re given, and to
what level they’ll be able to complete the activity.)

They will be given a variety of materials to make the paper snakes for example, markers,
glitter glue, eye balls etc. They will make paper snakes and design them the way they want.
Once they are done they put them on the drying rack
Materials Needed to Complete This Activity


Student Will Supply:


Teacher Will Supply:

Googly eyes
Paper plates

Preparation: ​(What do you need to do to prepare for this activity BEFORE the children arrive?)

Come in for enhancement and set up whatever color table I am at for the day. Cut the paper plates into
a swirl to make it look like a snake. Put a cut paper plate in front of all the chairs for all the children.
Pour paint into dixie cups or bowls along with markers and the googly eyes so they can decorate!
Procedures: ​(In great detail, explain how to complete the activity. Your instructions should be good enough for someone else to teach the activity if
you are not here.)

I will sit the kids down infront of all the snakes. I will let the
kids paint/or draw on the snakes they get to decorate. At the
end tell the kids to put the googly eyes on the snakes to
complete the activity.

Closure/Transition: ​(How will you end this activity?)

Put the snakes on the dryer and ask the kids what they liked
most about the activity

Sample Attached, if sample needed: ( Yes / ​No​ )

Total Planning Points: 25/25

Grading Rubric for ECE Lesson Plan

Lesson 1–5 6–10 11–15 16–20 21–25

Plans Lesson plans are Lesson plans are Lesson plans Lesson plans are Innovative,
incomplete​ and somewhat complete are somewhat complete and show interesting and
0–25 points 0
developmentally and complete and multiple​ evidence creative lesson plans
inappropriate indicate indicate of the show a ​depth​ of
minimal basic​ knowledge of understanding of understanding of
understanding of lesson planning and lesson planning and lesson planning and
developmentally developmentally developmentally
lesson planning and appropriate practice appropriate practice appropriate practice
appropriate practice

Lesson Plan Implementation Evaluation

Student Evaluation​ (3 points)

1.​ ​Did you fulfill your objective(s)? ​ ​ / ​ Yes ​ ​ No


Yes I did, the kids focused well and took their time with the activity

2. What went well during the activity?

The kids loved the glitter glue the best and loved decorating it. They wanted to
decorate it a certain way and did not rush it
3. In what way could you improve the activity?

Put out paint too as a option for the snakes

Student/Teacher Evaluation

Evaluation of Performance in the Lab Student Teacher

A. The lesson plan was turned in on time. 1/1 /1

B. The activity was ready to go and set up on time. 2/2 /2

C. The activity followed the lesson plan. 1/1 /1

D. The student actively interacted/talked with the preschoolers. 2/2 /2

E. The student followed appropriate guidance techniques. 2/2 /2

F. The student exhibited a professional attitude and appearance. 2/2 /2

G. The student cleaned the area after use. 2/2 /2

Performance Evaluation Points 12/12 /12

Average of student/teacher performance evaluation points 12 /12

Total Evaluation Points: /15

Teacher Comments: