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Fedorov's Dictionary of Synonyms

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What is Fedorov’s Dictionary of Synonyms?

This dictionary offers a reader numerous alternatives in order to substitute everyday words and
diversify their speech. It contains 675 everyday words and upwards of 1800 synonyms which should
be deemed as 100% synonyms for those words (if not, a word is accompanied with additional
information in brackets). All the words are listed in alphabetical order.
All the synonyms and idioms (see bonus) have been carefully selected from various sources - that is,
from songs, movies, and TV series.
Movies include "Bloodsucking Bastards", "Felon", "Fifty Shades of Grey", "Get Hard", "Green
Street Hooligans", "Hancock", "Identity", "Inspiration 1, 2", "Law Abiding Citizen", "8 Mile",
"Oblivion", "Priest", "Repo Men", "Riddick", "Shutter Island", "The Girl Next Door", "Tomorrow:
When the War Began", "Tron: Legacy", "Underworld 1, 2 & 3", and "We are the Millers."
And TV series are as follows: "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer", "Grey's Anatomy", "Mind Your
Language", "Prison Break", and "The Originals."
It is safe to say that it is not a regular dictionary where it would be absolutely fruitless to learn each
word. Here, it is the different case, for the purpose of this dictionary is to help readers understand
100% of words from any videos they watch. That is why it is highly recommended to learn

Who is Fedorov’s Dictionary of Synonyms for?

This dictionary is meant for English language teachers and learners, who intend to watch different
videos in English without looking up words each and every time.
For teachers
This tutorial will help you answer most of your students' random questions concerning vocabulary at
and after the lesson, like "Teacher, I read an article this morning and there was this expression
'contribute to the yellow press.' I didn't know what the word 'contribute' meant so I checked it with
my dictionary but I found nothing. Can you tell me what it means?"
For learners
If you aim to know every single word people could only pronounce, you might want to learn each
word you see in this tutorial - that is, starting with the letter A and ending with the letter Y.


At the end of this dictionary you will find a list of everyday idioms (with explanation). This list
includes 244 idioms. Plus, there is also a short list of nationalities, meaning how to say them
differently. However, you might not want to use them in a daily conversation because they are
considered to be exceedingly offensive. This list includes 14 nationalities.

& - and
adj. – adjective
adv. - adverb
atten. - attentively
fig. - figurative (meaning)
from d.l.i.u - from demons living inside us
e.g. - for example
esp. - especially
etc. - et cetera
ger. - gerund
inver. - inversion
iron. - ironically
lit. - literal (meaning)
n. - noun
neg. - negative (meaning)
offens. - offensive
passion. - passionately
p.a.t. - politically appropriate term
p.b. - personal belongings
pl. – plural
pos. - positive (meaning)
p.t. – past tense
reluct. - reluctantly
sg. - singular
smb - somebody
smn - someone
smth - something
v. - verb
A - argue
A big number of – a big amount of, a big quota of, an avalanche of, a great deal of, a pile of, a
wilderness of
Absorb – imbibe
Absurd – preposterous
A bunch of smn/smth – a cluster of smn/smth
Accommodation – abode, lodging
Accomplice – abettor
Accuse (of) – impeach (for), indict (for)
Achievable – attainable, doable, feasible, obtainable, reachable, viable
Addicted – (be) strung out, junky
Admirer – suitor
Agree – consent, condescend (reluct.)
A hidden interest – angle
Alas – lackaday
Almost – nearly, virtually
Amorous – amative, susceptible
Amulet – charm, mojo, talisman
Anatomize – cut up, dismember, dissect
Anger – ire, malice, paddy, rage, spite, wrath
Angry – cranky, pissed off, resent, vexed
Annoying – everlasting (adj.), nudge (n.), nuisance (n.), pesky (adj.)
Apparent – conspicuous, obvious, plain
Appear – show up, turn up
Argument – wrangle, squabble, bicker (over)
Argue – bicker (about), have a tiff (with), have a run-in (with), quarrel (about), squabble, tackle,
wrangle (about)
Arrest – apprehend, detain, drag, run in
Arrive – show up, turn up
Arrogance – hubris, loftiness, haughtiness
Arrogant – hoity-toity, haughty, overconfident, presumptuous, self-assertive, self-conceit, self-
opinionated, self-righteous, smug, vain
Arse – booty, bum, butt, rump, tush
A small number of – a handful of, a lick of, a small amount of, a shred of, a small quota of, a
spot of
At a later point in time – at a later time
At full speed – at a hell of a lick, at full throttle, scorch (down the road, etc.), whoosh (down the
road, etc)
Atmosphere (fig.) – vibe
At the beginning of – at the head of
Atheist – infidel, pagan
At the foot of a mountain – at the base of a mountain
Attach – affix
Attract – beguile, bewitch, captivate, enchant, entrance
Avoid – dodge (paying taxes, etc.), elude (love, truth, etc.), evade (difficulties, grasp, law,
paying taxes, pursuit, responsibility, troubles), put smn off
Awesome – cancerous, colossal, epic, ligit, nifty, rattling (story, time, etc.), terrific, top, vicious
B - boring
Bait – decoy
Bark a lot – mouthy (dog)
Be amazed – be astonished, gape, stare at smn with one's mouth open wide
Beautiful – a bit of a crumpet, adorable, appealing, attractive, beguiling, bewitching, comely,
cute, delightful, doll, dollsome, easy-on-the-eyes, endearing, exquisite, neat, look ravishing, look
stellar, lovely
Because of – due to, for the sake of, on account of
Bed – bunk, cot
Beg – beseech, implore, plead, solicit
Behavior – conduct, demeanor
Be in a bad mood – be (all) bad moody
Be in love with – be daft about, dote on smb, be enamored of, be infatuated with, be into, be
lovestruck with, be smitten with, be strung out over, have the hots for
Believe (in) – confide (in)
Bend down – crouch down, lean over, scooch down, squat down, stoop down
Best friend – fast friend, staunch friend, true friend
Bin – trash barrel, trash can
Body – cadaver, corpse
Boredom – tedium
Boring – tedious, tiresome
Bottle (small) – vial
Boy – bloke, geezer, guy, lad
Blade – shiv (term used in prison), shank (term used in prison)
Blameworthy – culpable, reprehensible
Bloody – gory
Blow job – dome, head
Brave – audacious, bold, dauntless
Bravery – audacity, dauntlessness
Breakdown – meltdown
Break up (relationships) – be done (relationships, waiting, etc.), be through (relationships,
waiting, etc.), chuck, split up
Breast – assets, boobs, bosom, bust, credentials, hooters, tits, titties
Bribe – gravy
Bring up – drag up (very badly)
Bright – vibrant (colors), vivid (description, flash of lightening, glow, person, etc.)
Burnt down – (fire) devoured
Bush – shrub
Busy – occupied, tied up
By the way – by the by
C - cheerful
Cabin – bat cave, flophouse, hideout, hovel, hut
Calm down – chillax, chill out, cool down, settle down
Cancel – call off
Candidate – contender
Cannot decide – (be) ambivalent about, oscillate (between 2 things)
Capricious – peevish, whimsical
Careful – discreet, prudent, take every precautions
Carpet – rug
Carve (out of wood) – engrave (stone, metal), incise, whittle (wood)
Castrate – alter, doctor, geld spay (female animal)
Certainly not – by no means
Chances – the odds
Challenge – defy, take on, throw a challenge
Chastise – thrash
Cheerful – buoyant, corky, exuberant, facetious, frolicsome, jocose, jovial, perky, resilient
Cheer up – buck up, look up, perk up
Clean – disembowel, eviscerate, gut
Clock – timepiece, watch
Closed space – confined space
Clothe – clad (in), cover (with), dress (in)
Clothes – attire, garments, outfit, threads
Clumsy – klutz
Collect – garner (anecdotes, evidence, good favor, fortune, etc.), gather (evidence, etc.)
Come back – circle back, get back
Come into place (law, etc.) – go into effect (law, etc.)
Compensate – pay up (fig. & lit.), recoup, recompense, reimburse, repay
Complaint – grievance, lamentation
Compliant – acquiescent, docile, malleable, pliable, pliant, tractable
Condition – plight
Confident – self-assured
Confused – bemused, baffled, perplexed
Conspire – be in league with, be plotting against smn, collude
Consequences – implications, ramifications
Consider – deem (as), figure someone for smb’s smth/smn, reckon, regard (as)
Consolation prize – booby prize, runner-up prize
Contradict – disprove, refute
Corner - nook
Correct - castigate, do some tweaking, rectify
Country music – honky-tonk
Courteous – civil, gracious, well-bred
Cough out – expectorate, hawk
Creative – savvy, dexterous, ingenious, resourceful
Criminal – felon, fugitive (fleeing from prison), offender, villain
Criminal (violent) – gangster, goon, mobster
Criticize (severely) – chastise, castigate, excoriate, rebuke
Cross-eyed – squint
Cross out – strike out
Crowd – flock, gaggle (very noisy), mob, rabble
Crowded – packed, replenished
Cry – blubber, sob, weep, whine, whimper
Cultivate – husband, knock about, till
Curse – cuss, swear
Cut – gaping wound, gash, slash
Cuttings – trimmings
D - die out
Damage – deteriorate (friendship, relationships, etc.), excoriate (some tissue or skin), mar
(friendship, relationships, truce, etc.)
Dangerous – hazardous, perilous, precarious, risky
Dark – solemn, somber
Dear – ren, stag
Death – beyond, demise, parting (obsolete)
Deceitful – duplicitous
Decent – decorous
Deception – hoax, humbug
Decide – determine
Decorate – adorn, embellish, furnish, ornament
Decrease – diminish, dwindle, lessen, recede
Defeat – conquer, subdue, vanquish
Defeated – (be) bested, (be) subdued
Deign – condescend
Delay – postpone, put off (paying bills, wedding, etc.)/put smn off
Deliberately – willfully
Deliberate murder – premeditated murder, willful murder
Demand – call for, exact (of smn), require, solicit
Dense – luxuriant
Depend on – bank on, count on, lean on, rely on
Desperate times – troubled times
Destroy – devastate, obliterate, ruin
Die – kick in, perish
Die out – become extinct, be eradicated (from), be killed off, wipe out
Differentiate – discriminate, distinguish
Difficult (task, work) – arduous, grueling (day), nagging (problem, etc.), ticklish (problem),
uphill (task, work)
Dinner party – soiree
Dirty – filthy, muddy, miry, sordid, squalid
Disappear – evaporate, vanish
Disappoint – deflate
Discuss – talk (things) over, talk (this) out
Disgusting – abominable, corny, damnable, heinous, odious, objectionable, obnoxious, offensive
(odor, smell etc.), opprobrious (demeanor), putrid (odor, smell etc.), repugnant, vile
Dishes – crockery, implement, utensil
Dislocate – put out, wrench
Disobedient (child, to orders, etc.) – defiant (of authority), handful, insubordinate, mischievous
(child, dog, etc.), restless, rogue (dog, etc.), troublesome
Disposable – throwaway
Distraction – diversion
Downfall – undoing
Dreadlocks – cornrows, matted locks, wedlocks
Drink – beverage, libation
Drink (alcohol) – imbibe (iron.)
Driver – motorist
Drunk – intoxicated, hammered (totally), lit up, lumpy, lushy, stiff, tipsy (slightly), wasted
(totally), whacked out
Duck – drake
Dump (a pollutant) into (waters) – discharge (a pollutant) into (waters)
E - enemy
Earn – make money, shovel
Eat – binge on smth, consume, devour, shovel
Effective (law) – effectual (treatment), efficacious (law, treatment), efficient (treatment)
Eject (phlegm or another matter) from (the mouth, the throat, lungs) – discharge (phlegm or
another matter) from (the mouth, the throat, lungs)
Embed (in) – implant (in), rub (into)
Embellish – sugarcoat, sell the benefits, upsell
End up – wind up
Enemy – adversary, fiend, foe, nemesis
Engraved (in/on) – ingrain (in), imprinted (on)
Enjoy – savor
Entrap – drive, lure smn/smth into (back to somewhere)
Entrust – appoint, confide, delegate
Erase – expunge (criminal records, smth from memory, etc.), obliterate (smth from memory,
Escalate into – degenerate into
Essence (of life, etc.) – purport, savor
Establishment - facility, institution, honky-tonk (cheap bars, night clubs)
Evict (from one’s house, flat, etc.) – ask to vacate, bar (from one’s native land, etc.), boot out
of (a town, etc.), cast out, eject, exile (from one’s native land, etc.), oust (from power, place),
pitch out of (country), uproot from
Eternal – everlasting (adj. & adv.), never-ending, permanent, perpetual
Evidence – proof, testimony
Evolve – differentiate (into), metamorphose (insects, fish, etc.), transform (into)
Exaggerate – magnify, overstate
Excruciating pain – agony, anguish, grievous pain, keen pain, shrewd pain, wretched pain
Excuse – pretense, pretext
Exhausted – dead beat, peaky, wipe out
Exonerate (from blame, charges) – absolve (from), acquit (of charges), exculpate, vindicate
Experimental – tentative
Expert – adept, professional
Explain – vindicate
Extreme – undue
Extremely – exceedingly
F - French fries
Fade – wither
Fake (adj. & n.) – counterfeit (adj. & n.), forgery (n.), spurious (adj.)
Fall – topple, tumble
Far-sighted – astute, sagacious, shrewd
Fat – chubby, corpulent, heavyset (p.a.t), hefty, obese, overweight, thickness
Feed – nourish, give nourishment
Feel – sense, spot
Feel dizzy – feel giddy, reel, spin, swirl
Fire – boot, discard, dismiss, eject, oust, remove, sack
Flair – scent
Flat – apartment, row, condo
Flood – run-off
Flow over (the banks) – exceed, overrun
Foamy (clouds, flowers, sea, waves, etc) - frothy (coffee, milk, etc.), spumous (sea, etc.),
spumy (waves, etc.)
Folk music – hillbilly music
Follow smb – flock after smb
Follow someone's advice – defer to someone's advice
Fondness (for) – penchant (for)
Food – eatables, nurture
Forever – for good
Foster – nurture
Fragile – brash, frail
Frank – genuine, heartfelt, sincere, solemn (promise, etc.), unfeigned
Free (v.) – break out (from), liberate (from)
Free (of something) – unencumbered (by), unfettered (by)
French fries – pommes frites
Fried (very, very) – charred
Friend – bud, buddy, chum, old acquaintance, pal, sidekick
Frightening – chilling, horrifying, petrifying. terrifying
From the very beginning – from smth's inception, from the very outset
Fuck – bang, ball, boink, fornicate, get laid, have one's oats, hook up, hump, knock smn up,
make out, screw
Fun – festivity, gaiety, merriment, mirth
Funny – hilarious, humorous, jocular, waggish
G - get better
Gadget – gizmo
Gather – assemble, convene
Generosity – clemency, grace, leniency, magnanimity
Generously – handsomely, lavishly, liberally
Get – gain (access, insight, etc.), obtain (results, etc.)
Get angry – (someone's temper) blazed up, (someone's temper) flamed out, (someone's temper)
flamed up
Get better – be convalescent/enjoy convalescing, recuperate, regain
Get involved with smn – get mixed up with smn, knock about with smn, tangle with smn
Gifted – have a flair for smth, (art) prodigy, talented
Give in – cave in
Give up (on smth) – forgo (customs, some activities)
Glad – delighted (adj. & adv.)
Globe-trot – knock about
Gloomy (people, buildings, etc.) – dismal, dusky, mope (n. & v.), morose, solemn (gaze, mood,
etc.), somber (gaze, mood, etc.)
Go – head (home, to work, etc.)
Go beyond a limit – exceed, overrun
Good-bye – farewell, toodle-(l)oo
Go off well – pass off without incident
Grace (essay, etc.) – respite (payment, punishment), reprieve (capital offence)
Grasp at (work, etc.) – buckle down (to), knuckle down (to), pitch in, tackle, take on
Grievance – bygone, grudge
Groundless – precarious, ungrounded, unfounded, unwarranted
Grumpy (old man, etc.) – grumble, misery, nagging (shrew, etc.), snarling
Gush out – spurt out/over
Gutter child – throwaway
H - hungry
Habit – custom
Hairstyle – hairdo
Handle – cope
Happen – turn up
Happy – exultant, jubilant
Hard work – toil
Hard-working – diligent, industrious, laborious
Hate – abhor, despise, scorn, loathe
Hear – make out
Heat – ardor, fervor
Hell – blazes
Help – aid
Hide – conceal, stash
Hit – bash (people, etc.), batter, club (people, etc.), swat (people, etc.), strike (with/against),
swing (at), swipe, thrash about
Hobby – pastime
Homeless – bum (offens.), hobo (offens.), outcast (adj. & n.) tramp (offens.)
Honest – straightforward, upfront, upright
Horrible – atrocious, awful, blatant (lie), brazen (lie), cancerous, cheesy, diabolical, egregious
(fool, etc.), formidable, grievous (mistake, etc.), gruesome, horrendous, horrific, infamous, lame,
lousy, mediocre, unspeakable, wretched (pain, day, etc.)
Huge – behemoth, colossal, enormous, formidable, gargantuan, humongous, immense,
tremendous, whopper
Hungry – (be) famished, (be) hollow, (be) peckish, (be) ravenous
Hurt – ache, smart
Hypocrite – opportunist
I - it is important
Idiot – chump, clunk, crock, daft, deadbeat, dingbat, dingus, dull (person, knife), dummy, dupe,
imbecile, mug, Neanderthal, schmuck, spastic, twit
Illegal – unwarranted
Ill – afflict with, be stricken with (a disease), catch a flu bug, go down with (a (high) fever, the
flu), indisposed, feel under the weather, feel queer, have colds
Illegitimate child – bastard, spurious child
Illness – affliction, sickness
Imaginary (person) – fictitious (person, etc.), invented (story, etc.), made up (person, story,
etc.), manufactured (story, etc.)
Imagine – conceive
Immediately – stat
Impartial – candid, disinterested, nonchalant, unbiased
Impressive – formidable
Imprison – incarcerate
Inappropriate – unbecoming, unseemly
Inaudibly – faintly, indistinctly
Incoherent (speech) – delirious (speech), incomprehensible (speech), rambling (speech,
In comparison with – beside, compared to
Incomprehensible – elusive, fugitive, unintelligible
Incorrect – awry, wrong
Incurable (disease, cancer, etc.) – fatal, lethal, pertinacious, terminal
Increase (rapidly) – multiply, proliferate
In detail – at length, minutely
Indifferent – lackadaisical, lethargic, sluggish
Indulge – cosset, pamper
Infirmary – sick quarters
Influence – make an impact (on), sway
Intelligent – keen (boy, girl, etc.), sagacious (dog, etc.)
Interfere – meddle (in), pry (into)
Intestines – entrails, guts, innards
Ignore – defy, disregard, slur over
In fear – in agony, in anguish, in apprehension
In result – in the upshot
Insane – basket-case, demented, deranged, loony, lunatic, nuts, psycho, spaz, wack
Insolent – audacious, brash, cheeky (of smb to/to smb), impertinent, impudent, perky
Instead of – in lieu of
Instruments – implements, tools
Insulting – opprobrious (language, speech, words), vituperative
In the same way – in kind
Isolated space – confined space
It depends on you – it is for you to decide, it is up to you to decide
It is not (his) fault – (He) is not at fault
It is important – it is essential, it is vital, it is significant
It is a pity – it is a shame, it is scathe, it is too bad
J - join the conversation
Jobless (adj.) – hobo, be on the tramp
Join (the conversation) – chip in, weigh in
Jump – cavort, hop, leap, prance (horses), skip, spring
K – kindness
Keenness – ardor, committedness, eagerness, fervor, passion, zeal
Keep away – fend off, ward off
Kick out – eject from
Kidnap – abduct, snatch
Kill – eviscerate, ghost, gun down, martyr (religious or other beliefs involved), murder, put smn
down, take smn down, take out smn
Kindness – benevolence, goodwill
Kind – benevolent
Kingpin – big shot smn, big-time smn, heavy hitter, swell
Kiss – have a smooch/smooches, smush
L - lazy
Lair – den
Land on – alight on (birds & insects), perch on (birds & insects)
Lavish (with) – profuse in
Laugh – chuckle (n. & v.), giggle (n. & v.)
Laughingstock – (object of) derision, mockery, ridicule, scoff
Lazy – bum, deadbeat, hobo, slacker, vagabond
Lectures – sermons
Lesbian – dike, gay
Lie (blatant) – whopper
Lie down – couch (in), recline (in bed/for rest, sleep)
Lighthouse – beacon (lit. & fig.)
Litter – garbage, outcast
Live – dwell, hut, make one’s abode, reside
Lively (children, discussion, etc.) – animated (crowd, discussion, etc.), energetic, frisky
(performance, etc.), full of live, vibrant (city, streets, etc.), vivid (interest, memories)
Living room – parlor room
Loitering – bash, binge, drinking session, high-jinks
Long way – long haul
Look alike – be spitting image of, resemble, take after (appearance or character)
Look for – delve (through court records, etc.), feel (in one's bag, etc.), rummage (for food,
through garbage for smth, etc.), scavenge (for food/info from newspapers, etc.)
Loser – misfit
Low price – bargain price
M - more than
Make friends – befriend, friendenize, hit it off
Make fun of smn - banter (n., pos.), deride smn (v., neg.), mock at (v., neg.), redicule, scoff
at (v., neg.), taunt at (v., neg.)
Malicious – evil, gloating, malevolent
Malignant (tumor) - cancerous, malign
Manage – contrive
Many - abundant, profuse
Marriage - conjugality, matrimony, wedlock
Massacre - feud, bloodshed, carnage, slaughter
Maybe – perchance, perhaps, probably, prolly
Meal – repast
Meet (the requirements, etc.) – fulfill
Memorize – retain
Merchandiser – huckster, merchant
Merciless – relentless, ruthless, inexorable
Mischievous (habit, influence) – baneful (habit, influence), pernicious (habit, influence)
Mispresent (words, the facts) – wrench/distort (words), pervert (the facts)
Mistreat – wrong
Molest – harass, pester
Monstrous – despicable (actions, crime, etc.), detestable (acts, violence, etc.), unspeakable
(crime, tragedy, etc.)
More than – upwards of, well over
Mosque – masjid
Mosquito – gnat
Movie – film, flick, celluloid
Muddy waters – troubled waters
Mudslide – landslide
Mutual – consensual
N - nervous
Narrow-minded – one-track mind
Nail down – pin down
Neighborhood – hood
Nervous – (be) on edge, get rubbed, get strung out, jittery, jumpy
Next to – beside
Nit – git, stinker
Nit-picky – fussy, meticulous
Noise – din, racket, ruckus
Noisy – riotous (very, very)
Nonsense – baloney, bull, bullocks, gibberish, humbug, rot, rubbish, wack
Not helpful – counterproductive
Nullify – annul, rescind, revoke
O - outdated
Obscene – bawdy, indecent, ribald, scurrilous, smutty
Obsessed with – hell-bent on, queer for
Obstinate – formidable
Obvious (adv.) – clear (adv.), evident (adv.), palpable (adv.), plain (adv.)
Offended – resentful, ticklish
Ointment – unguent, liniment
On holiday – on vacation, on furlough, on leave
On the verge of (a) – on the brick of (a), on the point of (a)
Orchard – grove
Ordinary – down-to-earth, generic, mediocre, mundane, unremarkable
Outdated – archaic, obsolete
Out of reach – in a dead zone, lose reception, no cell service, no signal, out of (cell) range
Out of respect – for someone's sake, out of regard
Outstanding (work, etc.) – conspicuous (scientist, etc.), eminent (scientist, etc.), prominent
(scientist, etc.), stand-out (scientist, etc.) stellar (performance, work, etc.)
P – play
Pain – (gastric, etc.) distress, misery (in one's left/right side, etc.)
Party – festivity, jamboree, jollity, shindig
Pass – ace, fare
Pass out – black out, collapse
Patronize – be snobbish to smn, condescend to smn, speak haughtily to smn
Pee – take a leak, take a pee, take a piss
Penis – cock, credentials, dick, goods, wiener
Perfect – first-rate, top-flight
Perfectly – famously, first-rate
Persuade – convince (not to do smth), discourage (from), dissuade (from)
Pig – hog
Pitch in (some money to help smn) – chip in
Plan – be intent on
Play – frolic (on the sand, etc.), jam (musical instruments)
Playful (person or animal) – frisky, vivid
Plead – solicit
Poisonous – tart
Poverty – distress, misery
Predicament – nuisance, bummer
Predict – forecast, foresee, prophesy
Predictable – foreseeable
Pregnant – lumpy, preggo
Prepare – ready (v.), whip up (food, speech, etc.)
Pretend – assume, feign, pass off (as), sham
Prevent – avert, deter, pre-empt
Prison – crowbar, hotel, jail, nick, pen, slammer
Produce – manufacture, proliferate (in big numbers)
Promise – be pledged to
Pronounce – enunciate (clearly)
Prostitute – call girl, hooker, tart, tramp, working girl
Protrude – stick out
Provided – granted
Psychiatrist – shrink
Punish – castigate, chastise, reprove
Put a curse – put a hex, put a jinx
Q - quite
Quench (thirst) – fend off (hunger)
Quite – rather, downright
Quick-tempered – edgy, fiery, impetuous, petulant, touchy, turbulent
Quickly – lickety-split, promptly, rapidly, swiftly
Question – examine, interrogate
Outraged – whacked out
Quit (the job) – drop, dump, resign, tender one's resignation, walk away (from), walk out on
R - rascal
Ransack (someone's apartment, house, etc.) – frisk, scour
Rascal – scoundrel, wicked, wretch
Read – binge on (passion.), devour (passion.), make out, peruse (atten.)
Real – authentic, genuine, original
Reasonable – judicious, sensible
Rebellion – disturbances (only pl.), insurrection, mutiny, riot, turmoil, upheaval
Rebuke (v.) – (issue a) reprimand (n. & v.)
Recently – lately, of late
Redneck – hillbilly
Refrain (from) – abstain (from), forbear (from)
Refresh one’s memory – jog one’s memory, rub smn on smth
Remember – recall, recollect
Renounce – abandon (a child, an experiment, a thought), abdicate (right, a child), abjure
(opinion, faith), discard (faith, habit, views), disown (a person, etc.), forsake (at the altar, etc.),
repudiate (the imputation), waive (right, rules, etc.)
Rent – lodge
Repel – put off
Replace – oust, supersede
Replaceable (people, etc.) – expendable (people, etc)
Replenished with – packed with
Representative – proxy
Rescue – redeem (from d.l.i.u, etc.), retrieve, salvage (arm, leg, etc.)
Respect – have (little, huge) regard for smth, revere
Respectable – estimable, honorable, reputable
Responsible – accountable, liable (for)
Reveal (some information to others) – divulge, promulgate, publish (fig.)
Ridges – humps
Riffraff (sg.) – motley horde (pl.), mob (pl.), the rabble (pl.)
Rivers of waters – gush of tears
Rob – ransack, tip over
Robbery – larceny
Root out – pin down
Rude – discourteous, ill-bred
Run – bolt
Run away - flee, scoot
Run (the business, etc.) - tend
S - sing
Savageness – ferocity, fierceness
Save (money) – accumulate (goods, information, etc.), pile up (money, weaponry, etc.),
stockpile (goods, weaponry, etc.)
Scary – eerie
Scathing (criticism, invectives, jokes, look, remarks, words, etc.) - scornful, spiteful, tart,
Scissors – snips (metal), shears (pruning)
Seasoning – condiment, dressing (liquid)
Secret – hedge, sensitive
Secret meeting – conclave
See – discern (no difference, etc.), distinguish, make out, spot
Seem – by far
Self-confident – self-assured
Sent – relay
Sentence – condemn
Sentimental – cheesy, mawkish, melodramatic, over-emotional
Serious – earnest, solemn (expression on one's face, moment, voice, etc.)
Shake – agitate, churn
Shift – relay
Should – behoove
Shy – bashful, milquetoast, timid
Sing – warble (birds, people), chant
Singer – warbler
Simple (fraction, language, task, words, etc.) – plain (facts, meals, etc.)
Sissy (girl) – doormat. weakling, wuss
Slave – bondman, chattel, servant
Sleep – slumber
Slum – fixer-upper
Smash – batter up, crash up, pile up, wipe out
Smell – scent
Sneak (into) – infiltrate
Snivel – snot
Snowslide – avalanche
Solve – tackle
Song – dirge (in a funeral)
Spade – shovel
Spell – mojo
Spicy – fiery, savory
Spineless – wimpish, weak-willed
Spit – saliva
Sportsman – jock
Stand out – set apart, stick out
Start – break out (suddenly), set in, kick in
Stash – garner
Steak – porterhouse steak
Steal – fence, loot, pinch, rip off, strip off , swipe
Still – so far (used in broader sense), thus far (used in broader sense)
Strict – austere, rigorous
Strike – stoppage
Strong – vigorous
Strong language – abusive language, foul language, offensive language, opprobrious language
Strong (and cold) wind – impetuous wind, keen wind, shrewd wind
Stubborn – obstinate, peevish, pertinacious, willful, self-willed
Study – analyze, delve into, dissect, do one's research, scrutinize
Stumble on – trip on
Successful – viable
Suck up – cringe, fawn, grovel
Suffering – anguish, distress, infliction
Supervise – oversee, superintend
Support – patronage
Suppress – quell (feeling, riot), subdue (feeling, riot, temperature)
Survive (something) – weather
Suspicious – dodgy, dubious, equivocal (success, luxury, people), precarious, shady, sketchy
(success, luxury, people)
Swallow – clunk (with no chewing), gurgle (water), hog (with no chewing), ingest
Swimsuit – bathing suit, speedo, swimwear
Swollen - distended, puffy
Symbol – seal, sigil (magical symbol), sign (fig. & lit.)
T - thirsty
Take photos – capture, snap
Take hostage – hold captive
Take off – desert
Take someone's life – claim someone's life
Take smth back – reclaim (lands, real state), retract (words), retreat (words), retrieve (p.b)
Talkative – garrulous, glib (neg.), loquacious, mouthy
Tank-top – jersey, vest
Tasteless – savorless, unsavory
Teach – edify, educate, profess
Teem with – riotous (with)
Tell – recount
Tell off – burn up, strip off
Tend – inclined (to), liable (to), prone (to), squint (towards)
Tenant – boarder
Terminate – abolish, abort
That – lest
That (big, high) – yay (big, high)
Thief – con artist, fraud, swindler
Think – contemplate, digest, ponder, mull (over)
Things (p.b.) – stuff, gear
Thirsty – (be) parched
Thoughtless – heedless, inconsiderate
Throw – chuck, toss
Throw out – eject
Throw up – get motion sick, hurl, puke over, upchuck in, vomit
Tiny – pixie, teensy
Toilet – bog, john, lavatory, loo, restroom
Tolerant – lenient
Tolerate – brook (insults, misbehavior, etc.), condone (misbehavior, violence, etc.), endure
(misbehavior, pain, etc.)
Touched – moved
Trace – trail, scent
Traitor – renegade, turncoat
Traffic jam – congestion
Treat smn very badly – abusive relationship (child, spouse, etc.), batter (about), knock about
Tremble – quiver, shake, vibrant (voice, with anger, with fear, etc.)
Trick – ploy, wile
Trustful – credulous, gullible
Try – attempt, bash, endeavor
Turn off the lights – black out
Turn over – bowl over, knock over, overturn, tip over, tump over
Tutelage – gurdianship
Twisted (river, roads, story, etc.) – convoluted (roads, sentence, story, etc.), dodgy (evidence,
roads, story, etc.)
U - use
Use – exploit, harness, pump someone for, utilize
Unacceptable – inadmissible
Unbearable – immoderate, insufferable (people, etc.), intense, intolerable (people, etc.)
Unbeatable – invulnerable, invincible, impregnable, bulletproof
Uncertainty – turmoil
Unclear – ambiguous, dodgy, equivocal, evasive
Uncontrolled – immoderate, unbridled, unrestrained
Unconvincing – feeble, not conclusive
Undecorated – plain, solemn
Under control – at bay, in check
Under no circumstances – on no account (inver.)
Understand – catch, comprehend, follow, grasp, latch on, sink in
Understandable – comprehensible, intelligible/austere (text, speech), legible (hand-writing,
text), plain (hand-writing)
Undoctored – intact (animals)
Undoubtedly – by far, far and away
Unfettered (by) – unencumbered (by)
Unforgettable – haunting
Unfriendly – bad-tempered (to), disagreeable
Ungraspable – fugitive, elusive
Unharmed – unscathed
Unlucky – hapless, unfortunate, ill-fated
Unpleasant – disagreeable (odor, etc.), distasteful (behavior, odor, etc.), execrable (person, etc.),
repellent (person, etc.), repulsive (person, etc.), unsavory
Unpredictable – unforeseen, whimsical
Unreal – not feasible, surreal
Unserious – corky, glib, frivolous
Unsolicited – without recompense
Unstable - precarious (piece, truce, etc.), tentative (piece, truce, etc.)
Unsure - doubtful, dubious, uncertain, unsettled
Untimely – premature (birth, child, death)
Untouched - intact (bank accounts, etc.)
Unwise – ill-advised, ill-conceived, ill-thought-out, impolitic, imprudent, not sensible
Upbringing – nurturing
Upper hand, the - the odds
Upset – agitated, distraught, distressed, it grieves (me) to
Urgent - exigent
Useless - fruitless, futile, idle, meaningless, pointless, riffraff, unavailing
Usually – would (p.t. only)
V - village
Vagina - cooch, pussy
Vengeful - vindictive
Versatile - miscellaneous
Very funny - very droll, very uplifting
Viable (animals, people, skin grafts, etc.) - vigorous (animals, plants)
Village - hamlet
Vulnerable - sensitive, susceptible, touchy
W - write smb home
Walk smb home – conduct smb home
Wanderer – drifter, hobo, rolling stone, tramp, vagabond
Want – intend (ger.)
Warn – alert smn to smth, inform about, notify smth to smn, tip smn off about
Warning – heads up
Weaponry – armament, arms
Weird – funny, peculiar, queer, quirky, whimsical (coincidence, ornamentation, etc.)
Wickedness – atrocity
Wit – repartee
Within – in less than, inside of (a week, one day, etc.)
With the intention of doing smth – in (high) hopes of doing smth
Whistling wind – whooshing wind
Whore – cunt, ho(e), slut, two-bob
Wood (small) – copse, coppice
Worried – alarmed, anxious (night, etc.), apprehensive, disturbed (night, etc.), in suspense,
restless (night, etc.), suspenful, uneasy (night, etc.)
Wreck (n.) – crock up (v.)
Write an article for – contribute to
Y - yellow press
Yawn – gape
Yellow press – gutter press
Abase oneself by doing smth – condescend to doing smth/stoop to doing smth
Abase oneself so far as to do smth reprehensible – see abase oneself by doing smth
A far cry from smth – vastly different from smth
All hands on deck – everyone's tied up
Around the clock – 24/7
At one fell swoop – in a single incident (fig.)/as a single event
At one's disposal – at one's service
At some point – (1) on one day (past tense); (2) someday/sooner or later (future tense)
Attach a stigma on somebody/something – besmirch/malign one's name, reputation, etc.
Be a big draw – attract a lot of attention
Be alive and kicking – be fine
Be all ears – (I'm) listening to you attentively
Be at odds with smn – be in conflict with smn
Beat a dead horse – do smth in vain
Beat the odds – succeed despite not having good chances to make through smth
Be carried away – get super excited about smth and lose control of oneself
Be down to one's last dime – be broke
Bend one's ear – monopolize someone's attention (and talk about thing at tedious length)
Be no stranger to smth – be familiar with smth very well
Be of good cheer – see be alive and kicking
Be of the good – see be alive and kicking
Be on one's best behavior – behave very well
Be on the chopping block – be at stake
Be out of market – be in relationships with smn
Be plain with smb – be straightforward with smb
Be quick to laugh – one is delighted easily and enjoys humor and fun
Born and bred here – a place you were born and brought up
Break your leg – good luck
Bring disgrace upon (family name, town, etc.) – see attach a stigma on somebody/something
Bring a slur on somebody – see attach a stigma on somebody/something
Bring smth up – mention smth
Burn the midnight oil – work very late into the night
By false pretenses – making untrue statements/tricking people
Call (all) the shots – be in charge of something
Call it a day/night – stop doing smth
Call the quits – see call it a day/night
Catch a glimpse of smn/smth – discern smth
(Catch smn) off guard – be not ready for something (such as surprise or difficulty)
Catch a sight of smn/smth – see catch a glimpse of smn/smth
Catch up with smn later – meet up with smn again at a later point in time
Chasing rainbows – going after or seeking smth virtually impossible to obtain
Come to a halt – come to a stop
Cry me a river – shut up because I don't care
Death toll – the number of deaths occurred after some major deadly event (e.g., road accident,
natural disaster, etc.)
Didn’t see that coming – didn’t expect that that would happen
Dock someone's pay/salary/wages – reduce the amount of money one pays someone as a
Do one's time (at a job, in army, in jail) – serve a certain period of time that is required of one
Do someone's biddings – do what someone tells you or asks you to do
Don’t take any notice – don’t think about it
Draw the short stick/straw – be the member of a group who has to do an unpleasant job
Drop the ball – (1) make a mistake; (2) fail to perform smth
Each and every time – all the time
Ease back on smth – slow down on smth
Every now and again/then – occasionally
Every once in a while – see every now and then
Every so often – see every now and then
Fare against smth – perform or function at a level comparable with that of something or
someone else
Fly off the handle – get mad
Fly the coop – scoot; elope
Follow smn’s lead – do smth as someone else does
For that matter – (1) at that; (2) as such
Get ahold of somebody – (1) talk to; (2) tell
Get a hold of yourself – settle down and don't fall apart
Get at each other's throat – have a whopper wrangle
Get back to smn – talk to smn at a later time or date
(Get) caught up in smth – become completely involved in smth
Get hold of smth – procure smth
Get into line – follow somebody's rules, obey and behave
Get off on the wrong foot – begin doing smth in a way that is likely to fail
Get one’s hands on smth – see get hold of smth
Get out of (my) deck/face – rebound
Get out of (my) shoes – stop speaking on (my) behalf
Get out of topic – digress
Get the message across – divulge
Get too big for one's britches – be presumptuous
Give or take – plus or minus a small amount
Give somebody a cold shoulder – ignore
Give somebody a devil's eye – stare at someone angrily
Give somebody a hand - help someone
Give somebody a heads up – warn smn
Give somebody a mouthful - shout smth angry at smn, using offensive language
Give somebody lip – sass, diss
Give somebody sack – give somebody additional freedom in doing smth
Give smth a lick of a paint – paint smth
Give up hope of smth – stop believing that one can succeed
Good call – smart decision/choice/advice
Go on the sands – go to the beach
Go out on a limb – risk
Go with it – face your adversities or your lot
Grind to a halt – see come to a halt
Have a bit of a row with smn – argue with smn
Have a hard time doing smth – have difficulty/trouble doing smth
Have a lot on one's plate – have a lot of work/things to do
Have a nerve (to do smth) – have the gall, have the guts
Have at it – go ahead
Have a word – see get ahold of
Have designs on smn – have plans for smn
Have one’s hands full – be busy
Have the full house – there's no room for someone else
Heart sinks – see give up hope of
High as a kite – drink to excess/liberally
Hit the bricks – (1) keep walking, come on!; (2) go into the streets
Hit the spots – be exactly what is needed or wanted
Hold on to smth (fig. & lit.) – keep one's hands/arms tightly around smth
Hold smn up to ridicule – make fun of smb
Hold smth over someone’s head – remind smn continuously of smth (esp. of a misstep or
defeat, etc.)
If it weren’t for smb/smth – the situation would have been different without smn/smth
If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen – if you can't cope, you should leave the
work to someone who can
In hock to smn – owing money to smn
In the middle of nowhere – in a very remote place
In tow – following or going along under smn's control
(It) rings any bells? – have you begun to remember?
(It) went awry – it went wrong
(It) went bust – see it went awry
(It) went haywire – see it went awry
(It) went pear-shaped – see it went awry
It went sideways – it didn't go according to the plan
Joined at the hip – be always together
Jump in the deep end – begin doing smth (usually very complex or unfamiliar in nature)
without any preparation and guidance
Keep it together – see get a hold of yourself
Keep (smn’s) morale up – keep (smn’s) spirits up
Kick the bucket – die
Kiss somebody good-bye – toodle-(l)oo
Knock smb sideways – make smn very upset, excited, or confused
Knock smn for a loop – confuse or shock smn
Know one’s way around – be familiar with area/subject/procedure
Labor for mere pennies – work for meaning wage
Land on one's feet – to succeed at smth after having a few setbacks.
Lash yourself to the mast – see hang on to yourself.
Lay waste to smn/smth – devastate
Lay off of smn – leave smn alone
Lay off smth – leave smth alone
Lean on smn – exert pressure on smn, press on smn, put pressure on smn
Leave a blot on somebody's name – see attach a stigma on somebody/something
Little did (they) know – (they) didn't know
Live up to smth – (1) meet standards/someone's expectations; (2) keep one's word/promise; (3)
prove one's reputation
Look down on smn – be snobbish to smn
Look down one's nose at smb – see look down on smn
Look the other way – ignore that something wrong going on (on purpose); look around, "wake
Lose heart – see give up hope of
Lose one's touch – lose one's skill to do smth well
Make a run for it – run fast to get away or get somewhere
Make do with smth – manage to live without things one so craved for
Make ends meet – have enough money to pay for your basic needs/expenses.
Make light of smth – make the best out of a bad
Make one’s case to smn – present one’s arguments or reasons to smn
Make one's hair curl – (smth) terrifies (smn)
Make one's hair stand on end – see make one's hair curl
Make smb gape – amaze smn
Measure up to – see live up to smth (1)
Mend bridges – make amends
My foot lives in my mouth – I always say some stupid stuff
Need a hand – need some help
Nobody lays a finger on her/him – nobody touches her/him
Not hold out much hope – have little faith that smth will happen
Off base on smth – be wrong about smth
Off key – pitched higher or lower than correct notes of a melody
Off the books – without being included on official records, like in hospital’s records
Off the clock – (1) do smth (as some work) for free; (2) not at work
Off you go – see have at it
On and off – occasionally, from time-to-time
On a whim – (do smth or go somewhere) without giving a proper thought to it
On short notice – immediately
On spur of the moment – impulsively, spontaneously, suddenly, without any planning
On the shady side of (40) – be older than (40)
On the wrong side of smn/smth – be no longer friends
Out of favor with someone/smth – see on the wrong side of smn; smth that is no longer
Out of picture – no longer relevant to a situation/departed/dead; not to be involved in smth
Overlay one’s hand – do more than you should
Pay a top dollar for smth – pay a hefty price for smth
Pay homage to smb – venerate
Pay tribute to smb – see pay homage to smb
Penny for your thought – I wish you could tell me what's on your mind
Pin smn down – hold smn by force (e.g., shooting, etc.) so that one cannot move
Pledge one’s allegiance to smb – swear one’s loyalty to smb
Preach to the choir – talk about smth to smn who is already friendly to your issues
Press one's luck – risk losing the good favor or fortune by pushing it
Pro bono (lawyers' word) – for free
Pull a few strings – use your influence over important people in order to get smth done
Pull one’s punches – hold back in smth
Put a different complexion on the matter - make something look different
Put an end to smth – put a stop to smth
Put on the waterworks – begin to cry
Reach out for smn – look for smn to do smth (e.g., to talk, etc.)
Reach out to smn – (1) call; (2) email; (3) help; (4) seek someone's help or support; (5) talk
Regain one's footing – recuperate
Return a favor – repay
Rest one's eyes – sleep
Run an errand/a few errands – make a short trip to do a specific thing
Run smth with an iron fist – tend smth rigorously
Save your breath – do not say anything/refrain from explaining
Say a mouthful – say what needs to be said (something meaningful, etc.)
Search high and low – search everywhere
Send a chill/chills up one's spine – see make one's hair curl
Set smn free – liberate
See smth deteriorate – something's getting worse
Set oneself/smn for disappointment – let smn down in the long run (set one’s expectations so
high that they will inevitably be disappointed by the outcome)
Set one's eyes on smn/smth - see smn/smth for the first time
Set smn up with smn – introduce smn to smn
Shake in one's boots – be afraid of
Shoot the breeze with smn – talk to smn about little nothings of life
Slow down (your) roll – slow down/relax
Someone’s as good as dead – someone’s dying
Something got all botched up – see it went awry
Something's looking up (for smn) – something's getting better
So you've said – it is your opinion
Spare me (the details, your complaints, etc.) – I don't want to hear (whatever you're saying)
Spot (one's name or reputation) – see attach a stigma on somebody/something
Stay clear of smn/smth – stay away from smn/smth.
Stay one's hand – don't do whatever you've planned.
Stay put – stand still and don't do anything
Step on smb’s toes – say or do smth that could hurt someone else
Summon the courage/strength – make a great effort to be dauntless or vigorous enough to
perform what needs to be performed
Sweet tooth – a great penchant for sweet-tasting foods
Take a spill – have a fall/tip over
Take a/its toll – have an adverse effect on smth
Take it away – see have at it
Take it on smn – show one's anger in a demonstrative way
Tell me about it – absolutely
The final straw – the last in a series of unpleasant events that makes you feel that you cannot go
on like that and you're done with that.
The other way around – vice versa
There is a catch/rub – there is a condition
Think long and hard – think very carefully about smth before making a decision
Throw a party (for smn) – arrange a party
Throw smn a curve – see knock smn for a loop
Throw smn for a loop – see knock smn for a loop
Throw smn into a tizzy – see knock smb sideways
Throw smth into the mix – add a new element to smth
Tilting at windmills – confront imaginary problems or fight fictitious foes
To a fare-thee-well – famously
Tough it/smth out – see go with it
Tread on smb’s toes – see step on smb’s toes
Turn on the waterworks – see put on the waterworks
Turn over a new leaf – start with a clean slate
Twist smn around one's little finger – manipulate and control smn
Under false pretenses – see by false pretenses
Under wraps – under secret
Walking side to side – inability to walk straight
Water under the bridge – the past
We are in the same car – we are on the same boat
When push comes to shove – in the critical situation
Wrap smn around one's little finger – see twist smn around one's little finger
You can say it again – see tell me about it
You must be having a bubble – you must be kidding
American - yank(ee)
Asian - gook
Chinese – chink, oriental
German - kraut
French - frog
English - mick, pommy
Irish - paddy
Italian - wop
Japanese - jap
Jewish - kike, jew, yid
Mexican - wetback
Romany - gypsy
Scottish - jock
Welshman - taffy

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