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Dear Governor Cuomo and members of the New York State Legislature,

Creating a standard driver’s license accessible to all immigrants will help to improve public
safety in the state. In areas of New York where driving is a necessity, people risk driving on our
public roads without having demonstrated proof of fitness to drive. Roads are safer when all
drivers can be tested, licensed and insured. Research has shown that undocumented
immigrants are particularly careful drivers, and are even safer when they have a state-issued
driver’s license. Additionally, having a lawful ID would make more immigrants comfortable with
asking for help from or cooperating with public safety officers and government officials

Undocumented immigrants had access to drivers licenses in New York State up until 2002 when
there were administrative changes made by the DMV that rendered them unable to renew.
New York state should expand access to the standard license allowing people who are not able
to obtain a social security number submit a signed affidavit. Additionally, A03675 and S01747
build in protections to safeguard the information, and protect all licensed drivers from

As immigrant New Yorkers face increased scrutiny as to their activities by federal agencies, the
ability for the state to protect its residents against unlawful or over-reaching inquiries and
discrimination is critical. Subsequently, two critical components of this legislation include:
--protection of a standard license applicant’s information unless by judicial subpoena or judicial
warrant--protection against discrimination for using a standard license vs. another type of

Lastly, expanding access to the standard driver’s license will generate millions of dollars for the
state and actually save New York motorists money. A 2017 report by the Fiscal Policy Institute
determined that costs associated with implementing a standard license would be outweighed
by revenues generated by application fees and that licensing undocumented immigrant drivers
will help lower insurance premiums for all drivers.

We, the undersigned local elected officials from New York State, hereby ask our representatives
in the state legislature to support state legislative bill numbers A03675 and S01747 and ask that
as lawmakers, you support our immigrant communities in every corner of the Empire State. We
further ask that Governor Andrew Cuomo sign said bill into law.


Hannah Black​, Dutchess County Legislator Deborah Dawson,​ Tompkins County

Catherine Borgia,​ Westchester County
Legislator Rebecca Edwards​, Dutchess County
Doug Bullock,​ Albany County Legislator
Samuel Fein, ​Albany County Legislator Karen Mejia​, Newburgh Councilmember

Beau Harbin​, Cortland County Legislator Carlos Menchaca​, NYC Councilmember*

Christopher Johnson​, Westchester County Ramona Montverde​, Newburgh

Legislator Councilmember

Anna Kelles​, Tompkins County Legislator Terry Nelson,​ Beacon Councilmember

Kevindaryan Lujan​, Orange County Keith Powers​, NYC Councilmember*

Antonio Reynoso​, NYC Councilmember*
Nick Page​, Dutchess County Legislator
Donovan Richards,​ NYC Councilmember*
William Reinhardt,​ Albany County
Carlina Rivera,​ NYC Councilmember*
Helen Rosenthal,​ NYC Councilmember*
Frits Zernike,​ Dutchess County Legislator
Ezra Scott​, Jr. Niagara Falls Councilmember
Michael Chamedies,​ Columbia County
Supervisor Jimmy Van Bramer​, NYC Councilmember*
Tara Gaston​, Saratoga County Supervisor Neil Bettez​, New Paltz Supervisor
Steve Noble​, Kingston Mayor Daniel Torres​, New Paltz Deputy Supervisor
Anthony Eramo​, Long Beach Council Maureen Cunningham​, Bethlehem Town
President Councilmember
Ben Kallos​, Co-Chair of the NY CIty Council Sarah Lister​, Potsdam Town
Progressive Caucus Councilmember
Kathie Talbot​, Peekskill Deputy Mayor Karen Rigney,​ DeWitt Town
George McGonigal​, Ithaca Alder
Stephanie Townsend,​ Pittsford Town
Kamal Johnson​, Hudson Alder
Ducson Nguyen​, Ithaca Alder
Robin Wilt,​ Brighton Town Councilmember
Sparrow Tobin,​ Middletown Alder
Sam Young​, DeWitt Town Councilmember
Vanessa Agudelo,​ Peekskill Councilmember
Quantel Bazemore,​ Ossining Village Trustee
Dorcey Applyrs,​ Albany Councilmember
Omar Herrera,​ Ossining Village Trustee
Sarah Brannen​, Poughkeepsie
Carmen Pineyro​, Freeport Village Trustee
Sean O’Brien​, Canton Village Trustee
Molly Clifford,​ Rochester Councilmember
Jennifer Mecozzi,​ Buffalo City School
Amanda Grant,​ Beacon Councilmember
District Board Member
Anthony Grice​, Newburgh Councilmember
* denotes Councilmember as member of the
Brad Lander,​ NYC Councilmember* NYC Council Progressive Caucus

Stephen Levin,​ NYC Councilmember*

Local Progress NY is a network of local elected officials across New York State united by our
commitment to shared prosperity, equal justice under law, livable and sustainable communities, and
good government that serves the public interest.