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1.Why is Science more dangerous than magic?

The two ideas of science and magic being similar in that they are able to function as an alternative
religion in their encouragement of a lack of skepticism, and in their quest for power.

Though sharing the similarities, Science in the other hand is more dangerous than magic because our
society rejects magic for it unrealistic idea… and where magic has failed science has “prevailed”. The
success of science makes it easier for us to fall victim to its abuses like the use of sciences for political
ends to control a society at large scale. C.S. Lewis even recognized that the developments in Nazi
Germany materialized from abuses in the scientific method, and many people died and were harmed as
a result and lastly unlike magic, in science there is no such thing is sacred, not even human life.

2. What do we need for sciences to be good?

We must understand that we’re not just blind matter in motion; C.S. Lewis contends that we need to
have some kind of protection from science- a control mechanism, a kind of ethical basis not dictated by
science, A regenerated science that respects human rights and honors human dignity. That was true in
lewis day, and it’s still true today. Such skepticism and critical thinking is exactly what we must resort to,
and we need to promote an environment where our children learn this as well.

3. what constitute a good life?

Living the good life means to strive for self-mastery, exploration and the improvement of the world
around you. It is a worthwhile life that sets you free. A life that is in balance and fully satisfies and fulfills
you. But the good life is not just a life that adds happiness, joy and pleasure, but it also desires to attain
mastery over the self. The good life therefore is not a life spend by the never-ending pursuit of personal
desires. Instead, it seeks to reign in your passions by attaining self-control. The one who is living the good
life also contributes to the betterment of this world and adds value to it.

4. What is the progress of science and technology a movement towards a good life?

Science and technology work hand in hand to improve the quality of human life and if you look around
you, you'll notice that technology has grown so fast through the years that the results are quite
overwhelming, its progression resulted into more powerful technologies which have made their way into
households and offices.

There is direct proportion between the increase in scientific knowledge and the quality of life by means
of transportation, production, access to emergency service and faster communication which makes our
lives simplier, high- tech machines and equipments gives less work for us humans and our job can be
done faster and it makes us feel comfortable and easy to live. In conclusion the science and technology
merely acts as a tool and it's progression allows us to live easier and with self-control it can lead us to a
good life.

5. After viewing the documentary film how do production and consumption of sugar affect your journey
towards the good life?

That Sugar Film tells the story of a two-month–long experiment in self-destructive eating by the
comsumption of granola bars, breakfast drinks, something called “fruit bites,” and so on. (These contain
enough sugar, in aggregate, to reach a 40-teaspoon daily dose.) The Actor Damon Gameau's binge leaves
his brain and body in a shambles. He puts on 19 pounds, and adds 4 inches to his waist. His skin breaks
out in pimples. He grows moody and lethargic. But the turning point, he says, came just 18 days into the
project, by which point he’d developed fatty liver disease. “Sugar isn’t evil,” the film concludes, “but life
is so much better when you get rid of it.”

That Sugar Film serves as my eye opener that not all pleasurable and self rewarding treats are good
specially sweets. We must go back to the a “good life,” that one must be positively stable in every aspect
of his life emotionally, spitually, mentally and physically and by taking care of our body and having a
balanced lifestyle constitute a “good life.” One’s lifestyle is made up of everything he does for example,
work, school, social life, and of course personal time and we should balance all of this by avoiding
extremes and practice moderation never the less have self mastery