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Many people want to learn English language because English is an

international language. We have many countries with different languages. Many
people wanted to learn English language and other they don’t because they said
English language is difficult. But for me, it is only hard if they don’t study it.

The advantages of learning English language are the following:

First, If you want to go to other country or place you can converse to other
people because you know how to speak English. And most people are using this
language on their daily living. You can communicate with people from other
countries. In my province, not everyone knows how to speak English, so if they
know how to speak English this is an advantage for them because this is their
edge from other people. For instance, based on my experienced in the AIEP, it
was difficult because it was my first time to study in this institution together with
other individuals from different counties. I have had a lot of experience in AIEP. I
met a lot of friends.

Second, If you want to invest money with other people from other
countries you should know how to speak English Language. And if you want to
build a business you converse to other people to expand business knowledge. You
need some advices from a professional businessman. For instance, my father is a
businessman, and he needs to communicate to other businessman because he
wants to gain knowledge from them. Hence, he learned that having a deep
knowledge about English Language is an edge from others. That’s why my father
wants me to learn more about English because for him it is really helpful for my

Third, you can read and listen English language compared to other people
who don’t know how to read and speak English. Being intelligent in English
proficiency lacks the avenue of ignorance. If you speak English a lot, you will be
able to teach other people who want to also learn English. Many people watch
English movie but not all of them understand the movie because their English
proficiency is not yet developed. For instance, you and your friends want to watch
an English Movie, and you know yourself that you aren’t good with that. Do you
think you are able to comprehend what’s the movie all about? So, stop being
impotent face what you have afraid off.

Therefore, I conclude that those advantages in learning English Language

leads us to communicate very well whoever the people we meet. Regarding to
the investment, English Language is used as means of instructions, so better yet
to have a deep knowledge about this language. Aside from those advantages,
there are so many advantages in learning English Language. A lot of people want
to study English Language but because of lack of financial support, they’re still
uneducated and illiterate.

Having a learning experience in AIEP is considered as a meaningful one. I

can say that my mental power has changed for a better. I have now courage to
converse for those who want to deal with me. I am not saying that I am excellent,
what I’m trying to say is, I am now equipped and ready to be the best as I can.

Thank you AEIP, my deepest gratitude to you!