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Counselling (PGDC), Bioinformatics (PGDBI) Advanced Scientific

Interfacing (PGDASI), Operations Research (PGDOR), Statistics and

PG DIPLOMA Softwares (PGDSS) Insurance and Risk Management (PGDIRM), Industrial
Safety (PGDIS), Journalism and Mass Communication (PGDJMC)

French Advanced Medical Lab Technology (DMLT),

Bio Analytical Techniques (DBAT) Child Focussed Community
Development (DCFCD), Analytical Techniques in Chemistry, Paper and
Pulp Technology, Solar Energy Technology, English Communication

Bakery and Confectionery Journalism (Tamil), French, Hindi, Naturopathy

and Traditional Healthcare, LA'T'EX, Calligraphy, R Programme, General
Aptitude, Web Designing, Programming in Android, Cloud Computing,
CERTIFICATE Programme in Python, Platform Application Development using Ionic, Data
Science and Analytics, Linux, Microsoft Technology Associate, MTA in
Software Development, MTA in Database Administration, MTA in
Networking, Tourism and Travel Management, Library and Information
Science, Entreprenership Management