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A charity enterprise from Austria uses

virtualization solutions from VMware and Open-E

The ‘Protected Workshop’ St. Pölten needed a flexible IT infrastructure for its broad range
of products and services.

OPEN-E The ‘Protected Workshop’ St. Pölten is a medium- The existing 2-Gb/sec Fibre Channel solution,
The storage solution, Open-E iSCSI-R3, is a pre- sized non-profit enterprise. It offers pallets of the Hewlett-Packard EVA4000, was no longer
installed, pre-configured operating system which products, along with related services, which span sufficient for the variety of applications,
quickly converts a PC or server system into an from wage manufacturing to component and and the virtualization environment, that
efficient network storage device. The combination system production, in a variety of end-customer needed to be run. The decision was made to
of enterprise functions with a simple, intuitive, web markets. upgrade the storage infrastructure to a more
supported user interface makes iSCSI-R3 an optimal The enterprise employs about 460 people, economical, easy-to-use and scalable iSCSI-
storage solution for medium-sized enterprises. The approximately 65 per cent of which are based solution. Before choosing a new storage
high performance software offers fast data transfer handicapped. Production spans from industrial solution, the company evaluated an upgrade
rates and response times, through either iSCSI or components manufacturing to the assembly of the existing HP system. However, the costs,
Fibre Channel network connections, supported by of complete systems. Additionally, customer not to mention the effort and time required
up to 32 CPUs. Medium-sized enterprises benefit advisory and consulting services are offered of the IT department, ruled out this option.
from the advanced storage management functions during all phases of development and production. Open-E iSCSI-R3, running on an industry-
of Open-E iSCSI-R3, including multiple-snapshots, As of 2006, the enterprise has grown to almost standard Intel-based server, was chosen as
support for IP Sec security protocols and advanced 34 million Euros. This was made possible the storage solution. The abilitiy to quickly,
provisioning capabilities. through intensive and trusting cooperation with and easily, provision the pre-installed system
customers which range from small businesses to were the primary factors for this decision.
Highlights Open-E iSCSI-R3 multi-national corporations such as Siemens, Within 30 minutes, the IT department had
High data transfer rate with optimized storage Schindler and Cincinnati. These customers the system running. The IT staff were able
software, support of 10-Gb Ethernet cards, Intel I/O all appreciate the high production quality, on- to provision the system via the intuitive, and
Acceleration Technology, Fibre Channel (Initiator) time deliveries and the overall flexibility of St. reliable management console. The existing
and multi-CPUs Pölten. The employees work on 170 State-of- server hardware consists of the Hewlett
Cluster support for additional security, IP Sec the-art workstations, managed and supported by Packard 25p Blade Server, using two dual core
protocol, with time control, application and an internal IT department. The IT team which AMD Operton processors. The company uses
operating system on USB DOM, minimized consists of three employees and is managed terminal and file servers, running applications
downtimes, CHAP authentication and support of by Claus Pfleger, leader of the Information that include database, and ERP solutions. The
network UPS, copy of the operating system Technology and Telephony department, VMware ESX server is used as a host Operating
High flexibility with support for all major SCSI, struggles like many other IT departments with a System, upon which a variety of Windows and
SAS, SATA and IDE controllers, FC-HBAs, network growing number of responsibilities and demands Linux versions run as guest operating systems.
boards, iSCSI HBAs and software initiators on their time. Their work must be managed Business-critical applications are run on these
Simple administration through a web supported, through intelligent, scalable solutions, capable servers, and uptime and server availability is
password-protected user interface, console tool and of increasing the output of the IT team with flat critical. Of course, uptime and data availability
integrated volume manager headcount. is also critical for the storage solution. The
Open-E iSCSI-R3 storage system, running on
VMware ESX Server The Challenge Intel-based storage servers, stores data from
VMware ESX Server is a software solution Due to the steadily increasing requirements of business-critical applications, along with the
that enables virtual infrastructures for large IT the IT department, and limited IT budgets and images of the virtual machines (Flat VMDK
environments. It offers efficient consolidation and available resources, the company decided not system and data disks). In the future, this
management of resources in large IT environments. only to update its IT virtualization environment, Austrian enterprise also seeks to add mirroring
VMware ESX server simplifies and optimizes the but also to upgrade its antiquated storage capability and off-site data replication for
partition and consolidation of network, storage and resources. The challenge was not to accomplish Disaster Recovery purposes with it’s IP-based
server components. The platform is very scalable and this update without any impact to already storage solution from Open-E. This would
cost effective. VMware ESX server is an ideal solution strained IT envinroment. complete its migration from the original
for medium-sized enterprise datacenters. Enterprise HP-based Fibre Channel storage solution to
resources are used more efficiently, capacity scale IT infrastructure an Open-E-based iSCSI-R3 solution using
better, server management is optimized and the total All expansion and upgrades had to be integrated industry-standard server hardware
cost of ownership (TCO) of the IT infrastructure is seamlessly into the existing IT infrastructure,
reduced. so that the upgrade process did not interfere RESULT
with the normal, daily business operations. The Claus Pfleger, the IT manager summarizes
Highlights of the VMware ESX IT department accounted for this during the the quality of the Open-E iSCSI-R3 storage
server planning phase of the upgrade, and developed solution as follows: “The storage solution of
Improved hardware utilization and considerable an application and data migration plan, as well. Open-E combines all requirements one can
reduction in infrastructure investment. Operating The plan included carrying out the upgrades, have for an optimal storage solution in today’s
costs have also decreased because hardware resources gradually, during periods of low activity and IT environment: Simple, easy-to-use, feature-
are shared by a large number of virtual machines, server usage. rich, not to mention very cost-effective, which
run on the same server. is very important in these days of tight IT
Increase in service levels and uptime for even the Solution budgets, make it Open-E an easy choice”.
most resource-intensive applications through extended In addition to upgrading VMware Server ESX The ‘Protected Workshop’ St. Pölten is well
resource management, high availability and security 2 to ESX 3.0, the ‘Protected Workshop’ of St. equipped for growth over the next several years
functions. Pölten selected Open-E’s feature-rich, yet cost- and can now focus on its core business without
effective, storage management solution, worrying if their IT infrastructure can meet
iSCSI-R3. the growing data and server traffic needs of the