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AS TABLED IN THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY ABIL entitea ELECTRICITY AMENDMENT ACT 2019 WHEREAS i i expedient to amend the Blectricity Act 2016 to expand the equzement for granting consent to the transfer oF aasignment of eens, ‘eit enacted by The Queen's Most Excelent Majesty, by and with the edvie and consent ofthe Senate and the House of Aesembly of Bermuda, end by he aor ofthe ‘ne, a follows: citation 1 "This Act whieh amend the Hectreity Ae 2016 fhe “principal Act, may be ced othe Blecaty Amendment et 2010 2 Section 30 ofthe principal Act is amended by inserting after subsection (3}— 18) The Authority (©) shal not give consent under mubecton (1) ble a Integrated Reanuree Pan es been approved under secon 48) end Dubbed under seetion 45; and (&) shat! have cue regard to the Iterated Reanurce Plan when ‘aking its deisan as to whether or wot tafe comer (5) te Authority Intends to give consent under subsection (1) 1 the transferor assipiment ofthe T&R Licance oral Generation Lie tl first conn the Minster and obtain hs prove. (6) TheMinister may refuse ope hi approval under subsection (9), bt only if he is satisfied thatthe Authority's intended consent to the Unser oF {sectonn end 9" ELECTRICITY AMENDMENT BILL 2019 “hia sek to amend the Hlectsety Act 2016 "the Act" 0 expand the requirements for granting consent tothe tanale or assignment of leencea ‘Clase 1 a setbexplanatary. Clouse 2 amends section 30 of the Act A new subecetion () provides that the Autheriiyscontet shal ot be piven unless an fntepated Resource Plan CTR) has ben ‘Sppened under section 447} and published unde seeton 46 ofthe Act anda de regard {had tothe IR when te Authority makes its dein whether oF not tog eansent A ‘Bow sloeetion (3) requtes the Author to consul the Minister en obtain his approval ‘before i consent tothe tanterosusgnment ofthe TD&k Licence or «Bulk Generation cence Anew subsection 6] protdes tha the Maser may fetuoe his approval, but only {fhe antfed thatthe Author's intended consent tothe taser or assent 9 Hot inacrondance with Ministerial lection,