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Good morning teachers! Hello everyone! I’m Như from class 8a2.

I’m so delighted to be here

to talk to you about one of the most common topics- family. Family is a gift that God gives us
yet some of us take it for granted. But have you ever wondered that why God gave us
family? Or have you known “What is family?” or how it means to us ? Today, I will share my
idea about it.

Family is defined as a group of people who share common ancestors or a basic social unit
including parents and their children. It is a known fact, though, that our family experiences
influence us well past childhood. The experiences with our family have formed the very basic
and core belief about "who we are and how we behave". However, the concept of family
does not stop there. Family is where we are loved, where happiness is found and received.
Family is where we share, we love, we laugh and sometime we fight for better
understanding among members. Its concept is basic but also complicated to express. It’s as
simple as that when you go home, there is always your beloved who wait for you, cook you a
delicious meal. If you fall down or feel hopeless, family is willing to give you a hug to comfort
you. Don’t worry when you can’t do anything, family are always by your side to support you.
With each child, family plays an important role in their life. Parents give birth to us, mom and
dad are the first words we say. They are beside us when we learn how to stand, how to eat,
etc. Parents are the people who bring us up. They are our first teachers, they teach us how
to behave well, teach the life skills and tell us about the world outside. Sister, brother is the
one who we can have an interesting talk about some interesting things and have fun with
them. Family is the starting point for all and they still follow us until the end of the life and
their love for us will never fade. Society poses obstacles to our life that can make us more
mature but it's cruel and not biased for anyone. In contrast, family gives us unconditional
love so it is surely the place to go when we are outcasted. Family is a big tree which parents
are roots, children are fruit and the branches are the connection among them. Each of the
family member need to water affection, share love to make the tree stronger, help it more

For me, my family is very important. I have a lot of unforgettable memories with my family or
have received a lot of love from them. For instance, my mother always cares about my
feelings. Sometimes when I busy with studying, my mother often brings me a glass of milk
and remind me to sleep early. My father is the breadwinner of my family. Although my father
doesn’t show out his feelings, I can ensure he loves us deep from bottom of his heart and I
know that he has to work hard everyday to bring home a bacon to raise us. Finally ,my
younger brother is very naughty. Sometimes he makes me crazy but after that, he often
make me happy again so I can’t hate him. In short, in my family we give love to each other
and also receive love, sharing and happiness.

I really like this saying by Michael J. Fox –a film producer: “ Family is not an important thing.
It’s everything.” You can only have one family in your life. Family is the best thing you could
ever wish for . They are there for you during the ups and downs and love you
unconditionally. So don’t ask what family can bring us, it’s the time you asked yourself
“What should I do for my family?”

Thank you for your listening.

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