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Analitycal expotion

a.Purpose of Hortatory Exposition

Hortatory exposition is used to persuade the reader or listener that something should pr should
not be the case.

b. Generic Structure of Hortatory exposition Text

# Thesis : Thesis is the announcement of issue concern.
# Arguments : Argument is reason for concern, leading to recommendation.
# Recommendation : Recommendation is statement of what ought or ought to happen.

c.The Characteristics / Language Feature of Hortatory exposition Text:

– Focusing on the writer
– Using abstract noun; policy, advantage, etc
– Using action verb
– Using thinking verb
– Using modal adverb; certainly, surely, etc
– Using temporal connective; firstly, secondly, etc
– Using evaluative words; important, valuable, trustworthy, etc
– Using passive voice
– Using simple present tense

Hortatory Exposition – Tourism Benefit on Local People
What is the benefit of tourism for local people? Well, Tourism is now a huge contributor to the
economies of most countries. Tourism industries can bring money, job vacancy and advancement
especially to developing regions. However, this money often goes into the pockets of foreign
investors, and only rarely benefits for local people.

Tourism industries will not give much benefit for local people if, for example, multinational
hotel chains don’t care about the surrounding nature when they build new hotels. This can cause
many social, cultural and geographical problems. Some local people may get job and money from
that International hotel chain. However in case of missing that opportunity, some of them still have
their own environment.

Moreover, some facts show that tourists tend to go, visit and spend their money in restaurants,
bars and even luxury hotels of that multinational chains. They less go to such places; restaurant,
bar, hotel, shop which are owned by local people. This can prevent the local people’s business
from becoming even larger.
Most important thing, tours or excursions of tourism have little effect on nature. Even it can
disrupt or destroy ecosystems and environments, and if it does, the local people will get the risk.

So the local government policies should be put in place to ensure that tourism will make the
benefit spreading widely. The policies should guarantee that tourism will not cause any harm to
any local people or places.

Poetry is a literary work resulting from the expression of human thoughts and feelings whose
language is bound by rhythm, dimension, rhyme, compilation of lyrics and stanzas, and full of
meaning. Poetry prioritizes sound, form and also the meaning to be conveyed. A good poetry work
has deep meaning, meaning expressed by compressing all elements of language.
Example : Trees – Joyce Kilmer

I think that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest

Against the earth’s sweet flowing breast;

A tree that looks at God all day,

And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear

A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;

Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,

But only God can make a tree.

3.Passive voice
a. Passive voice is a type of sentence or clause in which the subject receives the action of the verb.
b. 1.The Present Tense,
The Present Tense, yang meliputi beberapa tense, antara lain:

-The Simple Present Tense

Subject + Verb 1 (es/s) + Object
Object + is/am/are + Past participle
-The Present Continuous Tense
Subject+ is/are/ am + Verb 1 (-ing) + Object
Object + is/am/are + being +Past participle
-The Present Perfect Tense
Subject + has/have + past participle + Object
Object + has/have + been + being + Past participle
-The Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Subject + has/have + been + verb 1 (-ing) + Object
Object + has/have + been + being+ Past participle

c. Passive or passive sentences describe activities that occur in the subject in a sentence. The verb
or verb used is called passive while the active sentence is opposite the passive sentence, the active
sentence describes the verb (verb) in a sentence

.a- Personal letter
Personal letters are a type of letter that contains personal needs which are usually written
privately and addressed to other people using non-standard language. Personal letters do not have
binding rules and personal letters can be written according to the tastes of each writer.
- Official letter
An official letter is a letter made by an agency, organization or certain company institution that
is addressed to someone or certain other institutions. The existence of these institutions,
institutions, organizations and companies is legally legalized. Examples of official letters are
official letters, commercial letters, and social letters.

b. 1. Your Address
2. Date
3. Salutation
4. Body Paragraphs
5. Closing
6. Signature

c-.personal letter
Jl.Bumi manti 3 no 80
Bandar Lampung
Hi my partner, how are you there? I trust you are great. I miss you on the grounds that we have not
met in quite a while. Do you miss me as well? On the off chance that you are out of town, I trust
you can visit Jogjakarta. I hope we can meet each other soon. I really missing you.

Ideally we can meet soon, my closest partner

Your Partner,


-Formal letter
123 Elm Ave.
Treesville, ON M1N 2P3
May 01, 2016

Mr. M. Leaf
Chief of Syrup Production
Old Sticky Pancake Company
456 Maple Lane
Forest, ON 7W8 9Y0

Dear Mr. Leaf:

Let me begin by thanking you for your past contributions to our Little League baseball team. Your
sponsorship aided in the purchase of ten full uniforms and several pieces of baseball equipment
for last year’s season.
Next month, our company is planning an employee appreciation pancake breakfast honoring
retired employees for their past years of service and present employees for their loyalty and
dedication in spite of the current difficult economic conditions.

We would like to place an order with your company for 25 pounds of pancake mix and five gallons
of maple syrup. We hope you will be able to provide these products in the bulk quantities we

As you are a committed corporate sponsor and long-time associate, we hope that you will be able
to join us for breakfast on May 22, 2016.

Respectfully yours,8