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Proposed Title: What teaching strategies will we use to scaffold the students’ use
of the English language during oral recitation (I wonder why some of my students
coming from public school have difficulty in using the English language during
oral recitation.)
Name of researcher: ______________________________________________
Position : _____________________________________________
Institution : ______________________________________________

A. Problem Identification

1. In my current position, I am concerned about the participation of my students

during oral recitation because they lack practice of the language use during their
stay in the public school; hence, they are hesitant to express their ideas in the
English language.

2. In order to prove my concern or issues, I needed to gather information or data

based on their performance checklist and oral recitations.

3. From my experience in using different tools and techniques, I found out that the
most important, urgent, the most doable and relevant problem or issue that I
needed to focus on is the hesitation of their use in the English language that
commonly results in a limited expression of ideas, ungrammatical construction of
sentences and code switching. Moreover, based from the following pieces of
evidence, I plan to prepare activities/ approaches that will scaffold their prior
knowledge in the English language.
4. I found the following as viable solutions to the problem or issue through
implementing the English only policy during English classes, sentence
completion activities, increasing grammar awareness through providing coaching
feedbacks and group discussions like reporting or oral recitations. In this way,
these strategies may improve their speech apprehension.

5. However, among the identified possible solutions, I decided to implement

providing coaching feedbacks because it gives students a quick evaluation of
their speaking performance and it prevents fossilization of misconception of
grammar usage.
B. Research Questions and Hypothesis/Assumptions

The problem of this action research is stated as follows:

 Students’ difficulty in using English language during oral recitation.

 Speech apprehension.

Provide a description of the identified problem. How did the researcher identify
the problem? Describe the persons/students who were affected and the possible
causes of the problem. What are the goals for improvement?
My tentative answers to the problem are the hesitation of using the English
language during oral recitation of students coming from public schools. The goal
of the research is to encourage the students to use the language during class
hours or at all times.

C. Purpose and Significance of the Study

This action research is conducted mainly to address the problems of students’

difficulty in using the English language during oral recitation.

This will benefit the following:


Because this will help the institution produce learners who are globally

D. Data Collection and Analysis

Discuss how will you collect and analyze the data.

You may use the sample template given as your guide.

E. Bibliography

Part II.
Action Plan

Activities Objectives Time Frame Person Place Verifiable Budget/

responsible Indicators Resources
Implementation Plan

Strategy Time Persons Data Source Instrument Verifiable

Frame responsible needed of Data Indicators
Template 2.