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JOB TITLE / AIM: Bituminous Coating of concrete foundations/columns on site


SUPERVISOR/ JSA LEADER: Jabir Khan/ Zakir Ali SCRIBE: Touseef Abro
PARTICIPANTS : M.Kashif, Muhammad Aamir Muhammad Latif,
Attach copies of any relevant documentation/ drawings.
Part 2: Job Safety Analysis
Job Steps:
1. Mobilization of Chemicals on site
2. Bituminous coating of concrete foundations

Part 3: Equipments / Tools to be used: Hand Tools

Part 4: Contingency Plans. Standard PPE’s: First aid kit must be present at work site and the HSE personnel will be the first response in case of
emergency, ERPs & Emergency contact numbers to be in placed at job location

Part 5:JSA Review Process. After the job has been completed, JSA leader should note: any hazards, which were identified in the original JSA? In
case of any new hazard indentified by any of the working team member during the job, JSA review process should be carried on.
JSA No: JOB TITLE: Bituminous Coating of concrete foundations/columns on site
Step Describe Job Step Potential Hazards Hazard Controls
1 Mobilization of Chemicals on  Mishandling of chemicals  Deliver awareness to workers about
site  Manual handling chemicals handling
 Chemicals with no proper  Ensure careful handling/storage of
containment chemicals
 Highly flammable/combustible  Use vehicle or wheel barrows while
transportation of chemicals on site
 Ensure use of appropriate PPE’s
 All chemicals should in proper
containment with its labelling
 Place fire extinguisher at site
2 Bituminous coating of concrete  Skin contact with chemicals  Ensure use of appropriate PPE’s
foundations  Fire/explosion  Remove combustible material from
 Improper storage on site site, secure loose objects at platform
 Spillage  Store chemicals at ventilated places
 Awkward access (slip, trip)  Do not keep chemicals un attendant
 Keep access always clear from any
kind of obstructions
 Ensure availability of fresh water on
 Disposed of empty cans properly

Prepared By: Hafeez Ullah Khan Approved By: _____________________