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Solid Figures Worksheets Education Worksheets

Figures Worksheets
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Solid Figures Worksheets

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Solid Figures ZALORA

Nets for Solid Figures

crystalline solid and amorphous


Solid Figures Worksheets

a solid solution
Page 1
amorphous solid
 1.  The shape of the earth can be described as __________.
characteristics of solid

metallic solid
a. a sphere
b. a cylinder
Properties of a Solid c. a cone
properties of solid d. a rectangular prism

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Solid Sphere

what are the properties of solids  2.  Which figure is of a rectangular prism?

what is a crystalline solid

what is an ionic solid

Figuring Percentages

Pentagon Figure

Significant Figure
a. Figure 2
significant figures
b. Figure 3
3 facts about solids c. Figure 1
about solid liquid and gas d. Figure 4
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Education Formulas
 3.  Identify the solid that has a circular base and a circular top.
Math Formulas
a. cube
Physics Formulas
b. cone
Chemistry Formulas c. cylinder
d. sphere
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Education Calculators
Math Calculators
 4.  Anna stores her toys in a box. The box looks like the solid
Physics Calculators
shown. Name the solid.

Chemistry Calculators

a. cylinder
b. pyramid
c. cube
d. sphere
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 5.  Ed is taking apple juice in a cylindrical shaped object.

Which one of the following could that be?

a. spoon
b. plate
c. glass
d. bowl
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 6.  The shape of a die having six faces is a ___________.

a. cylinder
b. pyramid
c. cube
d. prism

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 7.  Which solid figure has a polygonal base and triangular


a. cone
b. pyramid
c. cylinder
d. rectangular prism
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 8.  A ________ has no flat faces.

a. sphere
b. rectangular prism
c. cube
d. pyramid

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 9.  The shape of a solid with six congruent faces is


a. pyramid
b. cube
c. prism
d. cone

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A solid with a circular mouth and a tapering tip used by the

ice-cream vendor to fill ice-cream is _________.
a. a cylinder
b. a bucket
c. a cone
d. a sphere
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