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Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat

Senior High School Mastery Test
Practical Research 1

Name: __________________________________ Date: _____________________

Strand & Section: _________________ Score: _____________________

Directions: Name the type of qualitative research best suited for the following topics.

1. The Mangyans’ Burial Practices __________________________________________.

2. Relatives of Typhoon Victims ____________________________________________.
3. The Effectiveness of the K–12 Curriculum___________________________________.
4. Spiderman: The Very First Film in the 21st Century ___________________________.
5. Philippines’ Political Party System: Then and Now ____________________________.
6. Filipino Caregivers in Japan ______________________________________________.
7. Travails of Senior Citizens at the LRT/MRT Stations __________________________.
8. The Lone Grade VI Speed Reader of UST High School ________________________.
9. Grade 11 Science Textbook ______________________________________________.
10. Student Activism since the Marcos Era ____________________________________.

11 – 14. According to Calmorin, research is a scientific investigation of phenomena, which includes

___________________, ____________________, ________________, and ________________ of facts
that link man’s speculation with reality.
___________________15. What characteristic of qualitative research allows you to use different ways
of collecting and interpreting data?
___________________16. This type of qualitative research takes place when you find new theory that is
connected to your study at the time you are gathering your data.
___________________17. This type of qualitative research aims to find grounds behind any events. It
takes a long time to finish and it usually takes place in soft sciences.
___________________18. This characteristic of research aims to study people’s abstract aspect rather
the concrete one.
___________________19. When you help people handle their own lives decently you are most probably
doing what kind of qualitative research.
___________________20. It starts with a bit of information/data or concept to a bigger and complex
thought. This refers to what characteristic of qualitative research?

21 – 25. Enumerate 5 soft sciences qualitative research takes place.

26 – 31. Enumerate the types of qualitative research.
32 – 37. Give 3 strength of qualitative research. (2 points each)
38 – 43. Enumerate 6 characteristics of a qualitative research.
44 – 49. Enumerate the characteristics of research.
50 – 53. Give 3 weaknesses of qualitative research. (2 points each)

Directions: Write T if the statement is TRUE and write F if the statement is FALSE.
____54. One of the objectives of research is to provide useful information in the form of verifiable data.
____55. Qualitative research uses an objective method of measuring the variable.
____56. Quantitative research analyses event, condition, or behavior subjectively.
____57. Qualitative research uses an objective method of measuring the variable.
____58. Systematic. It must take place in an orderly manner.
____59. Clarity. It must succeed in expressing its cardinal points or discoveries by using simple, direct
and correct language.
____60. One of the strength of qualitative research is that, it adopts an ideal approach to its subject

61 – 65. Can all research methods be used in one research study? Give reasons for your answer.
66 – 68. Pretend you are the subject of a phenomenological study, how will the researcher obtain data
through you?
69 – 71. How is grounded theory different from other qualitative research methods?
72 – 75. Differentiate Qualitative to Quantitative research.

76 – 80. Write the Processes in Research (5 points)