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Kaye Marie B.


12 ABM-A Mother of Christ

Performance Task in Business Finance

Financing Vs. Accounting

The two fields aren’t a world apart, but there are important differences that are

worth knowing.

FINANCING is a broader
term for the management
on the day-to-day flow of
of assets and liabilities
money in and out of a
and planning of future
company or institution.
If you think in a longer time, in terms of choice you will be happier in choosing

finance than in accounting. Financing is about expecting or to look forward and

growing a pot of money or mitigating loses. Whereas in Accounting you can

expect to understand the accurate reporting of what has happened and

compliance with laws and standards.

Financial Management Vs. Marketing Management

process of planning, process of making
organizing, controlling startegies and planning
and monitoring financial for product or services,
resources with a view to promotions, sales to
achieve oraginzational meet customers
goals and objectives. expectations
Marketing management is more exposed than financial management. The

activities in marketing management are more focused to know customers wants

and needs and sell the products where we can see many advertisements and

commercial post. Whereas financial management activities ideal are more on

controlling the financial activities of an organizations, funds risk assessment and

every other thing related to money.

Financial Analyst Vs. Accountant

macroeconomic and
professionals who are
micro economic
tracking and reporting
condtions along with
company fundamnetlas flows of money and
to make business, sector ensuring compiliance
with best practices.
and industry

Working as an analyst is also hard, for they must be aware of the current

developments in their specialist fields to be involved in preparing financial

models to predict future economic conditions, and making all those important

recommendations and conclusions. Whereas the accountants are relying on

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and they are likely to be

friends with the revenue code which it is the section of the tax code that covers “

General Rules for methods of accounting”.

Financial Manager Vs. Controller

individuals who has the
FINANCIAL MANAGER are responsibility for all
responsible for the accounting related
financial health of a activities, including hig-
level accounting,
company or organiization.
managerial accounting
and finance activities
within a company.

The most active in terms of summarizing their work for me is the financial

manager. They monitor the day-to=day financial operations within the company,

such as payroll and other transactions. They research and analyze financial

reports, provide insightful information, review financial data and prepare

monthly and annual reports. They also stay up to date with the advance of

technologies for financial purposes and lastly to present financial reports to

clients , board members, executives in formal meeting. Whereas the controller

prepares some budgeting schedules for the company. This joins the collections,

analysis and confirmation of financial data. They summarizes trends, and to solve

problems related to the budget losses. The similarities between them are that

they require skills in public speaking, problem solving, research skills, critical

thinking and multi-tasking skills.