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The Big Hairy List of Medieval Titles, Positions, and Classes,

from Peasant to Pontif

I was hunting around for alternate names/positions for "Sheriff", as the government
in a small medieval village, when I realized what a wealth of information is out there
but who doesn't love a good link farm? Besides, we need more stuff for /u/PivotSs to
cram into the Wiki archives!

Shall we?

Saucey-sauce in bold

• A massive list of titles and jobs in a medieval setting by Shawn Vincent

• A large list of jobs, some differences from the above list at Medieval Life and

• Lists and a Generator of medieval names, fantasy types included at All Things

Anything else we can add?

http://dankoboldt.com/feudal-nobility-guide/ by dankoboldt

Here are a couple of others that may help:

• Character Occupations List by James Young

• Medieval Occupations by AncientFortresses.org

• Obscure Old English Census Occupations by Michael and Janet Wood

• Medieval Demographics Made Easy by S. John Ross

• Backgrounds & Occupations by Walt Ciechanowski and Gareth-Michael Skarka.

• Professions List by /u/dino572

I really like that James Young list. Definitely saving that one. Thanks!

If you're like me, and try to mix some other cultures and languages into your
kitchen sink, this link is pretty useful for rough translations.

However, as the main country in my world is an Empire heavily inspired by Rome, I

also use websites to flesh out the titles and positions of the Imperial Army and
bureaucracy. Accuracy not guaranteed.

http://www.tribunesandtriumphs.org/roman-empire/ is a good starting place, lots of

basic information.

http://sp88k.home.xs4all.nl/Coin/Traveler/General/Roman%20Titles.htm for ranks

and titles.

The translation link is really nice. :-)

Just a head's up: feudalism as it is imaged by the majority of people did

not exist. I.e. your first link is pure BS, dreamed up by writers starting during the
renaissance. If you want to learn more about this, go to /r/askhistorians

However for most players it sounds real enough for a DM to get

away with.