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1 In a floating body upward acting due to its pressure called as

a) Gravity force b) Buyoncy force

c) Pressure force d) surface tension

2 Which engineer suitable for automobile industry

a) Electrical Engineer b) Mechanical Engineer
c) Civil Engineer d) Instrumentation Engineer

3 Moving tyre possess which of following

a) Kinetic energy in rotation b) Potential energy in translation
c) Kinetic energy in translation d) Kinetic energy in translation & kinetic energy in rotation

4 Classification of fire alarm according to NFPA -72

a) Household b) Protected Premises
c) Supervisory d) All of the above

5 Audible sound level of fire alarm for private offices according to NFPA -72
a) 24 decible in ambient pressure and 20 decible in Max pressure
b) 60 decible in ambient pressure and 30decible in max. pressure
c) values are don’t kow
d) values are don’t kow
I don’t know exact answer but slected answer B

6 What is coeffient of performance in regfrigration

a) Compressor work/cooling load and it is less than 1
b) Compressor work/cooling load and it is greater than 1
c) Cooling load / Compressor work and it is less than 1
d) Cooling load / Compressor work and it is greater 1

7 If delay of a particular activity does not affect the overall project schedule then it is called as
a) Free slack b) Project float
c) Total float d) Lag

8 Highest hierarchical in a work breakdown structure

a) Project b) Deliverables
c) Work Package d) Su-deliverables

9 HVAC Fan and Speed relation - Power , Speed , Discharge and some irrelevant data are given .
If increase in power of fan what will be the new speed . Useful relation P1/P2 = (N1/N2)^2

Hint : Should not apply directly given data . Carefully read the data and answer

10 Calculate Drag coefficient. Density of two medium are given in lb/ft^3, Velocity is given in in/s,
Dia of sphere is given in inches. Acceleration due to gravity value is not given
drag coefficent formula is given and asked to calculate the value Cd= 4Dg(Ps-Pm)/PmV2

Hint : Acceleration due to gravity in ft/s^2 is 32.17

Convert Diameter and velocity value in ft and apply & calculate the value

11 Velocity and kinematic viscoty value is given and asked to find the type of flow
a) laminar b) Transition
c) Turbulant d) none of the above

Hint : I was getting 20,000 value. I am not sure wheter it is turbulant and none of the above
It has to be checked
12 According to the Goodman equation from the below diagram which point will have definite life

variable stress 1

mean stress
a) Point 5
b) Point 4
c) Ponit 2 &5
d) point 2

13 Stress -strain curve is given and asked to find the residual elongation for the given load

14 Viscocity of fluid is depends which of followings

a) Pressure b) Temeparture
c) Pressure and Density d) Temperatiure , ambinet pressure and density

15 Pump power calculation. Operating Head in Psi, Flow in GPM and some of irrelevant information like
Vapour pressure,Viscocity is given and asked to calculate the power in HP

Hint : Formula is not given

Power in HP = QP/1714
Q flowrate in GPM
P operating pressure in PSI ( Please don’t add vapour pressure )
16 Definition of strength of materials
a) Internal resistance which resist the applied load
b) Internal resistance which resist the deformation
c) Ablity to store energy in deformation
d) Ability to resist the fracture

17 Definition of System
a) A control volume which has one input and one output
b) A component which will do useful work
c) A control volume which input and output are unknown

18 How to increase the efficiency of central airconditioning system

a) Using variable frequency drives
b) Controlling air leaks inside the room
c) Increasing the room temperatur to reasonable level
d) All of the above

19 If superheating of refrigrant before the compressor and subcooling before enetering in the expansion valve
Which will delimits from the below to calcalute the refriration effect
a) Superheating of enthalphy to subcooling of enthalphy
b) Saturated vapour enthalphy to subcooled enthalphy
c) superheated vapour enthalphy to subcooled water enthalphy
d) superheated vapour enthalphy to saturated water enthalphy

20 Arranging documents in such away that it will not be missed out while doing test cases
a) Tracablity matrix b) Test bed
c) Checklist d) Test matrix
I don't know the exact answer but I seletec ans. B
21 Mach number is 0.85 , Pressure 50 Psi and temperature is 30 degree celcius asked to calculate velocity of aeroplane

22 Network diagram table is given asked find the duration of project