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Daily Routines

Objectives Objetivos

By the end of this unit you will be able to… Al fin de esta unidad, serás capaz de…
1. Follow classroom instructions 1. Seguir las instrucciones de tu facilitador
2. Ask for help when you are confused 2. Pedir ayuda cuando estés confundido(a)
3. Describe your daily routines 3. Describir tus rutinas diarias

de trabajo
Unit 2 Daily Routines
Times of day*
Lesson 1

Match each word with the correct image.

Haz coincidir cada palabra con la imagen correcta.

1.___ morning 2. ___ noon 3. ___ afternoon 4. ___ evening 5. ___ night 6. ___ midnight

A. B. C. D. E. F.
Daily Routines
Lesson 1

Put these daily routines in the order you do them. You do not need to use them all.
Pon estas rutinas diarias en el orden en que tú las haces, no es necesario utilizar todas.

eat dinner eat lunch go to school or class take a shower make lunch go to sleep

take a bath get dressed brush my teeth eat breakfast make breakfast go to work

wake up make dinner go home from work go home from school

1._______________________ 5._______________________ 9._______________________ 13._______________________

2._______________________ 6._______________________ 10._______________________ 14._______________________
3._______________________ 7._______________________ 11._______________________ 15._______________________
4._______________________ 8._______________________ 12._______________________ 16._______________________

Unit 2 Daily Routines
Lesson 1

Check the box next to the activities YOU like.

Marca la casilla junto a los pasatiempos que te gustan.

Read a book Study and do homework Go to the gym and exercise Talk on the phone

Watch T.V. Listen to music Check email Play video games Go shopping

Classroom Instructions
Lesson 1

Write the correct word under each image.

Escribe la palabra correcta abajo de cada imagen.

Word Bank
Read Circle Open Listen Turn on/off Work in a group Close
your book
Write Underline your book Repeat Talk to a partner Check your answers

______________ ______________ ___________ ___________ __________ ____________



______________ ______________ ______________ ______________ ___________ ______________

Unit 2 Daily Routines
Classroom Language
Lesson 1

Write the definition for each expression.

Escribe la definición de cada expresión.

Please be quiet. What does ___ mean? Can you help me? Can you say that again?
_______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________

Help your partner. Practice together. How do you spell ___? May I come in?
_______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________

May I go to the bathroom? I have a question. I am confused. I don´t understand.

_______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________

I don´t know. I understand! I know! Do you understand?

_______________________ _______________________ _______________________ _______________________

How do you say __ in English? Can you speak more slowly? Can you write it on the board?
______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________

Adverbs of Frequency
Lesson 1

Complete the sentences below with how often YOU do the following activities.
Completa las oraciones dependiendo de qué tan frecuentemente realizas las actividades.
I _______________________ brush my teeth at night.
rarely often
I _______________________ go to the movies.
25 75 I _______________________ cook dinner.
I _______________________ go to school or work.
never always I _______________________ play video games.

Unit 2 Daily Routines
The future*
Lesson 2

There are two ways to talk about the future, you can either use ¨will¨ or ¨let´s.¨
Complete the table below. Use the example to help you.
Hay dos maneras de hablar sobre el futuro, puede usar ¨will¨ o ¨let´s.¨
Completa la tabla de abajo. Usa el ejemplo.

I will cook We will cook I ____________ We ____________

Let´s cook Let´s ___________
You will cook You will cook You _________ You ____________

He will cook They will cook He __________ They ___________

She will cook She _________

Conversation partners: the future imperative*

Lesson 2

Talk with a partner. Change ¨we will¨ to ¨let´s¨ in each sentence.

Habla con un compañero. Cambia ¨we will¨ a ¨let´s¨ en cada oración.

Student 1: We will go shopping. Student 2: Yes, let’s go shopping!
1. We will listen to music. 1. Yes, _____________________.
2. We will go to the store. 2. Yes, _____________________.
3. We will eat breakfast. 3. Yes, _____________________.
4. We will speak English. 4. Yes, _____________________.
5. We will cook dinner. 5. Yes, _____________________.

When and how often

Lesson 2

The term when asks about the time or the time of day that you do an activity. The term how often asks about
the frequency with which you do an activity.
La palabra when se utiliza sobre a qué hora realizas tus actividades. La frase how often se utiliza sobre qué tan
frecuente realizas las actividades

Talk with a partner. Ask and answer the questions below.

Habla con un compañero. Pregúntale y contestale las preguntas abajos.

• When do you do your English homework?

• How often do you do your English homework?
• When do you make dinner?
• How often do you check your email?

Unit 2 Daily Routines
Comprehension Challenge: David´s Day*
Lesson 2

Listen to the announcers as they describe David´s daily activities. Fill in the blanks using the words from the
word bank.
Escucha a los locutores que están describiendo el día de David. Llena los espacios en blanco con la palabra
correcta del banco de palabras.

Word Bank Miss Martinez: Now students, please check that your
nervous Has he studied Congratulations cell phones are turned off. Read the instructions
carefully and circle the correct answers. Also,
alarm Good luck eggs
please check your answers before you turn in
Healthy choice announcers science test your test.

Mike: Good morning, my name is Mike. Spike: Wow, everyone looks so (7)________________ !
Spike: And I’m Spike; we will be your (1) _____________ Mike: Now Ms. Martinez is passing out the test, oh and
this morning. she gives David his test.
Mike: Today we will see David’s daily routine, and boy,
will he have an important day. David has a Spike: (8)__________________David! You can do it!
(2) ____________________ at school!
Spike: (3) _______________________for his test? Spike: David has left school and is home.
Mike: We will see, so don’t go away! Mike: There is his mom Mary again.

Spike: Oh, here we go. His (4) ____________ just went off. Mary: Hey David, how was your day?
Mike: Will he keep sleeping? Will he wake up? David: My day was fine, I think I did well on my test
Spike: He is up! He quickly turns off his alarm and heads Mary: (9) ________________ ! Do you have homework to
to the bathroom. do before bed?
David: No mom, I finished it already.
Mike: Wow, look at him go! Now he walks to the kitchen.
Spike: Oh, and there is his mom, Mary. Mike: Nice work, David!
Mike: What is she doing? Spike: What will he do before bed now?
Spike: It looks like she is cooking something…what is it? Mike: He picks up a book and starts reading,
great choice.
Mary: David, would you like to have some Spike: He looks very tired. I think he needs to go to bed.
(5)______________ for breakfast? Mike: He just closed his book; maybe he is done.
David: Yes, please. Thanks, mom. Spike: I think you are right. David walks to
the bathroom... and starts brushing his teeth.
Spike: Nice work, David! (6) __________________! Spike: He is definitely tired. He deserves to go to bed
and sleep.
Mike: Ok, now here he is in science class. He looks Mike: Yeah, what a day! Great job, David.
nervous; I wonder how he will do on this test.
Spike: Oh, and here is his teacher, Ms. Martinez, and she
has the test in her hands.

Miss Martinez: Everyone please sit down. Lucy, can you

close the door please?

Unit 2 Daily Routines


Tony’s first day of English class is today. Fill in the blanks with the correct word or phrase from the word bank.
Hoy es el primer dia de la clase de inglés de Tony. Rellena los espacios con la palabra o frase correcta del word bank.

Word Bank
repeat What is your name Open May I come in Read
Write check your answers Can you help me How do you spell question

Tony: (1)__________________________?
Teacher: Yes, please come in. (2)__________________________?
Tony: My name is Tony.
Teacher: (3)________________________your name?
Tony: It is spelled T-O-N-Y.

Teacher: Ok, class. (4)______________________ your workbook to page 27.

(5)______________________ the instructions and work with a partner.
Tony: Can you (6______________________ the page number?
Teacher: Page 27. (7)______________________your answers. Then (8)______________ with your partner.
Tony: Hi, will you be my partner?
Jerry: Sure, but I am confused! Teacher, I have a (9)________________. (10)_________________?

Write the correct form of the verbs, using the Simple Future Tense. An example has been done for you.
Escribe la forma correcta de los verbos, usando el futuro.

We will eat lunch.

1._________________________ (to eat lunch, we) 7. ________________________ (to study, you)
2. ________________________ (to take a bath, she) 8. ________________________ (to listen to music, he)
3. ________________________ (to exercise, I) 9. ________________________ (make dinner, we)
4. ________________________ (to go to work, they) 10. ________________________ (watch T.V., they)
5. ________________________ (to go to class, you) 11. ________________________ (to brush teeth, I)
6. ________________________ (to read a book, she) 12. ________________________ (to brush teeth, he)

Unit 2 Daily Routines
Answer Key
1. D 2. E 3. F 4. B 5. A 6. C
I will read We will read
1. Yes, let’s listen to music. 2. Yes, let’s go to the store. He will read You will read
3. Yes, let’s eat breakfast. 4. Yes, let’s speak English. She will read They will read
5. Yes, let’s cook dinner.


1. announcers 2. science test 3. Has he studied 4. alarm 5. eggs 6. Healthy choice
7. nervous 8. Good luck 9. Congratulations


1. May I come in 2. What is your name 3. How do you spell 4. Open 5. Read
6. repeat 7. Write 8. check your answers 9. question 10. Can you help me

1. We will eat lunch. 2. She will take a bath. 3. I will exercise. 4. They will go to work.
5. You will go to class. 6. She will read a book. 7. You will study. 8. He will listen to music.
9. We will make dinner. 10. They will watch T.V. 11. I will brush my teeth. 12. He will brush his teeth.

Unit 2 Notes

Unit 2 Notes

I Can …

Follow classroom instructions
Ask for help in the classroom
Describe my daily routines