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John the Baptist Parochial School

Sumulong St. Brgy. San Isidro, Taytay, Rizal
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“Preparing the way”

Curriculum Map
Academic Year 2019-2020

Beauty Care Services
Content Standard:The learners demonstrates understanding on basic concept and principles in basic manicuring.
Performance Standard: The learners will ensures that cosmetics, equipment, and materials in manicuring are ready to
Qt. Topics/ Lessons Integration: Essential Competencies/ Learning Activities/ Pr
Core Values Questions/ Skills Performance Task/ Asse
Gospel Enduring
Subject(s) Understanding
UNIT I: Basic Essential
1st Concepts in Beauty CV: Charity; Questions: • Identifies • Hands-on activity
Care Service (Nail the basic (Manicure
Care) Perseverance • How do concepts of Pedicure)
you check beauty care • Narrative reports
• Explains Academic: and service • Summative Test
the basic Analytical analyse • Distinguish
concepts, Thinking hand nail the career
relevance -Critical structure? opportunitie
and Thinking s in beauty
opportuniti (Evaluation) care.
es in beauty -Creating
services Subject(s)

and Personal
with God
UNIT II: Use of Subject(s) • Develop their  (Hands on- activity
Nail Care Tools 2. What will you owntechniques -Manicure
and Equipment Computer do if you in using care -Pedicure and tools
• Recognize the -Advertisement recognized a nail tools equipment
classification of (Output) disorder of yours? • Familiarization Performance Task
tools and In your costumer of equipment Rubrics in Manicur
equipment Filipino if you were a and cleaning
used in nail - Pagbuo ng manicurist? tools.
care. isang • Differentiate
makatotohana 3.How will you the uses of
• Perform the ng proyektong execute the proper different
functions of panturismo. use of tools and solution(Disinfe
nail care tools equipment in nail ction and
and equipment care? cleaning


1.Proper selection of tools

and supplies for nail
shaping and designing.
2.Usage of appropriate
tools and supplies for
care care.
application for
4. Observance of
safety/work habits
5.service time.
Total: 20%/20pnts.

Unit III: Practice Subject(s) • Dispose waste  Interview to the sal

of occupational 4. How will show products shops
Safety and Heath Science- your cleanliness including used  Reporting the outp
procedures Substance and before and after wax according student’s
• Keeping mixtures the nail care to OHSC and interview.
the process? Department of • Group sharing
workplace MAPEH Health • Blogging (salon sho
Clean and - Management Enduring requirements.
safety of Health and Understanding: • Clean, sanitize
services *Students will and store tools
( Puberty) understand that and equipment
knowledge in in work station
Math for the next
- Rules of checking and
treatments and
Integers analysing nail according to
structure and salon’s policies
condition plays a and procedures.
major role in • Apply nail
performing polish; top and
manicure seal coat in a
proper manner.
• Check and
according to the
clients nail
service and the
maintenance of
the client
• Removed excess
polish around
the cuticle nail

Content Standard: The learners demonstrate and understanding of Basic concepts and theories in Cookery.
Performance Standard: The learners will independently demonstrate common competencies in cookery as prescribed in the
Qt. Topics/ Lessons Integration: Essential Competencies/ Skills Learning Activities/
Core Values Questions/ Performance Task/ As
Gospel Enduring
Academic Understanding
UNIT I: Kitchen Essential • Demonstrate • Creating one dish m
2 Tools and Core Values: Questions: and heathy living
Equipment -Charity, understand • Procedures and gui
Omnipotence 1. How will you basic concepts dish meal
• Utilizing -Creative show the • Demonstrate • Creating nutritious
appropriate -Realistic proper use of and
kitchen kitchen tools? understanding
tools Academic one’s PECS,
Attributes: 2. How will Environment
• Storing and -Problem perform the and market in
stocking Solving/Data proper care in cookery
kitchen analysis storing kitchen • Demonstrate
tools and - (Inquiry tools and the use and
equipment investigation) equipment? maintenance in
-Evaluation cookery
-Creating • Perform
and calculation
in cookery.
UNIT II: Subject(s) • Creating Meal plan
Occupation Arts 1. How will you • Demonstrate • Identifying the haz
al Safety -Creating show the and using
and Menu planning proper use of understanding • Diorama making/ro
Procedures kitchen tools? the
MAPEH 2. How will interpretation Note: This will be t
• Utilizing -Nutrition perform the of diagrams, projects/performan
appropriate Guidelines; proper care in plans and
kitchen discuss ways of storing kitchen kitchen layouts
tools and preventing tools and • Demonstrate
equipment controlling equipment? an
• Storing and eating disorder 3. Can you understanding
stocking show it and the practice of
kitchen tool Filipino descripbe your occupational
• Interpreting -Suliraning kitchen plans? health and Rubrics in cooking and M
kitchen pangkapaliran 4. How will you safety
plans protect • Demonstrate
• Recognizing Science yourself when and
the import- - Identifying you are understand the
ance of the beneficial cooking and different
occupationa and Harmful cleaning factors that
l safety and Organism. kitchen tools influence the
health and business
procedures. equipment? environment.
• Identifying Enduring • Demonstrate Criteria Ind
hazards and Understanding and
risk in the : understanding
workplace – • KWL the knowledge,
egg and chart skills and
meat • 3:2:1 attitudes
cookery chart required in
kitchen tools,
equipment and 1.Cleanliness of 5
work premises. cooking areas.

2.Usage of 3
appropriate tools
and supplies for
3.Apprerance/taste/ 5
aroma of foods and
4. Observance of 4
safety/work habits
5.service time. 3
Total: 50% 50pnts. 20

Content Standard: The learners demonstrate and understanding of Basic concepts and theories in Caregiving.
Performance Standard: The learners are independently recognizes safety at home and first aid during emergencies clearly a
Training Regulation
Qt. Topics/ Lessons Integration: Essential Competenc
Core Values Questions:
Gospel Enduring
Academic Understanding
Attributes: :
UNIT 1: Using of tools and Core values: Essential • Demon
3rd equipment and maintenance of -Humility Questions: unders
tools -Charity ,Faith the use
-Hospitable and m
• Identifying and using tools, Enduring equipm
equipments Academic Attributes: Understanding paraph
• Performing after care -Analytical thinking : caregiv
activities for tools and -Critical Thinking (Evaluation) 1. How will you • Demon
equipment. -Creating identify tools in unders
Subject(s) caregiving? perfor
MUSIC- MAPEH 2. How will you caregiv
-Instrumental tools show proper • Demon
care of tools unders
and equipment the pra
in caregiving. occupa
UNIT II: Practice of Occupational Reading • Demon
Safety and Health procedures -Predicting outcomes unders
• Identifying hazards and 3.Can you the pra
risks Math-Work problems identify the occupa
• Evaluating and controlling hazards and health
Hazards and Risks C.L.E risk? How? proced
-Practice core caregiv
Values through spiritual activities 4. What are the • Compr
ways to control person
the hazards entrep
and risk in compe
health to being dimen
safe? charac
• Demon
Enduring unders
Understanding core co
: princip
-the students giving
are • Demon
independently unders
prepared and implem
show monito
hospitality at infecti
home and policie
being proced
Content Standard: (by unit or quarter)
Performance Standard: (by unit or quarter)
Q Topics/ Lessons Integration: Essential Competencies/ Skills Learning Activities/ Pro
t. Core Values Questions/ Performance Task/ Assess
Gospel Enduring
Academic Understanding
UNIT I: Personal Essential • Demonstrate • Making Business Plan
4 entrepreneurial Core Values: Questions: and • Defend their work s to
competencies and Humility, understandin critics
skills Faith and 1.What is g of one’s • Hands –on activities
Perseverance Entrepreneur? PECS in • Commercial business
• Defining an computer advertisements
entreprene Academic 2.What are the business
ur Attributes: characteristics through the
-Problem and traits of nature of
• Characteris Solving/Data the entrepreneur
tics and analysis entrepreneur? ship
traits (Inquiry • Comprehend
investigation) 3.What are the s Filipino
-Evaluation ways that the Values in
• Analysing -Creating entrepreneur “TaytayRizal
the nature are becoming ”
of Subject(s) success?
entreprene Music,MAPE
urship H

hope and

- Applying
UNIT II: 4. How will you  Analyse how  Commercial business
Environment and CV: Humility, analyse the factors influence advertisements
market Faith and business the business  Creating and applying
• Analyzing Perseverance environment? environment presentation
the  Relate  Blogging services
business Academic experience in (Advertisement)
environme Attributes: 5. What are the generating  Brochures and pamph
nt -Problem strategies when business ideas or business wavers
Solving/Data you selling identifying
• Identifying analysis business? business
selling (Inquiry opportunities
strategies investigation) 6. What are the  Demonstrate
-Evaluation ways and understanding
-Creating factors to the dimensions Note: This PT will serve as the
• Generating consider in and Projects and integration of the
marketing generating characteristics of teachers.
mix. market mix? PECS.

• Owners like
you and Rubrics Business plan
urs must
where to
and develop Criteria Ind.
strategies to
ensure the
success of

1.Clear content/Info. 5

2.Unique 4
3.Complete 5
4. Observance of 3
safety/work habits
5.Clean/Orderly. 3
Total: 50% 20%

Grading System: Written Works- 20%, Performance Task-60%,Quarterly Assesstment-20%

Prepared by: Mr. Kevin C. Seño
Checked by:
(T.L.E/ Computer Teacher: HS-Department)