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Nama : Baiti Rohmawati

Kelas : XII.6
Absen : 06
1. The Cyclist _______ he crossed the main street
(A) Looked with caution after. 9. Hares generally have longer ears and hind legs than
(B) Had looked cautiously before. rabbits and move by jumping __ running
(C) Was looked cautions when. (A) rather to be
(D) looks cautious when. (B) rather than
(C) are rather
2. The skiers would rather _______ through the (D) as rather
mountains than go by bus
(A) To travel on train. 10. The name “squirrel” is commonly used for those
(B) Traveled by train. forms of the family Sciuridae that live in
(C) Travel by train. trees, _____ it is equally accurate for ground
(D) Travelling by the train. dwelling types.
(A) whether
3. Mr. Duncan _______ his brother, who has a better (B) that
position. (C) although
(A) Twice as much as. (D) in spite of
(B) Twice more than.
(C) Twice as many as. 11. The Texas Legislature selected Vassar Miller _____
(D) Twice as more as. in 1982, and again in 1988.
(A) was the state’s poet laureate
4. The teacher suggested that her (B) as the state’s poet laureate
students _______ experiences with ESP. (C) the state’s poet laureate
(A) Write a composition on their. (D) become the state’s poet laureate
(B) To write composition about the.
(C) wrote some composition of his or her. 12. Oxygen and nutrients reach the body’s tissues ____
(D) Had written any composition for his. from the blood through the capillary wall.
(A) pass
5. Genetically, the chimpanzee is more similar to (B) by passing
humans _______. (C) to be passing
(A) are than any other animal (D) have passed
(B) than is any other animal
(C) any other animal is 13. Helium is not flammable and, next to hydrogen,
(D) and any other animal is is......
(A) known the lightest gas
6. ___to the United States House of Representatives in (B)lightest the known gas
1791, Nathaniel Macon remained in office until 1815. (C)the lightest gas known
(A) Election (D)the known gas lightest
(B) Why he was elected
(C) Elected 14. Just over two-thirds of Earth’s surface is covered by
(D) Who was elected water, ...... more than 98 percent of this water is
contained in the oceans.
7. Newspaper publishers in the united states have (A) with
estimated ___________reads a newspaper every day. (B) which
(A) nearly 80 percent of the adult population who (C) and
(B) it is nearly 80 percent of the adult population (D) resulting
(C) that nearly 80 percent of the adult population who
(D) that nearly 80 percent of the adult population 15. Adhesions are ....... formed within the body in
response to inflammation or injury.
8. Ohio, the center of __ the Hopewen culture, has the (A) that thin bands of scar tissue
greatest concentration of ancient burial mounds in the (B) they thin bands of scar tissue when
United States. (C) thin bands of scar tissue
(A) called (D) thin bands of scar tissue able to
(B) what is called
(C) that is called
(D) is called

1. B
2. C
3. A
4. A
5. B
6. C
7. D
8. B
9. B
10. C
11. C
12. B
13. C
14. C
15. C