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Rajesh K. Jha Ph.D. ‘Member Executive Council (EO) -_ University of Deihi (DU) ceuione eeu Ref. Date. .. Prof Yogesh Tyagi Vice Chancellor DU Sir, Sub: Drastic changes in the eligibility criteria of the admissions for UG ‘Courses (Academie Year 2019-2020) ~ reg We the following members of AC and EC wish to draw your attention towards the drastic changes in eligibility criteria for admissions in various UG courses. We are shocked to find these major changes in the basic criteria which are at Variance with the eligibility criteria being applied till the last academic session, This is important to note that these changes do not have sanction of the Academic Council. Even the Standing Committee constituted for this purpose does not have the proportional representation of different segments of the elected members. Some of the major deviations are as following: bility criteria 2019-20 S.No, | Course lig 1 | BCom(H) | L-Passing 1.50% or more marks in Mathematics/Business —__| mathematies/Business mathematics as mandatory | Mathematies requirement 2. An aggregate of 60% 2. An aggregate of 45% | with number of new marks in qualifying | conditionalities attached examinations i 2 BCom J An aggregate of 40% marks | An aggregate of 60% with ingualifying examinations | number of new, == conditionalities attached 3. (BAGH ‘An aggregate of 43% marks | An aggregate of different (except in qualifying examinations |% marks in qualifying languages) | examinations for different | subjects, for instance Rajdhani College, Raja Garden, New Deihi-110015 Economics -60% English, History. Political Science. Philosophy, Social Work, Geography, ste — $5% i. F |B A (H)] Noadditional evteria Mathematics made | Economics compulsory in the best 4 | | 4 subjects: 5 B Se (H)| Anaggregate of 45% marks | An aggregate of 60% | Maines ame in qualifying examinations | marks in qualifying with $0% in Maths: examinations with 60% in ‘Maths 6 B Se (H) 7 | BA (Prog) Min. 55% marks in the best 3 subj An of 40% marks in qualifying examinations Min 60% Marks in the best 3 subjects. An aggregate of 50% (marks or = more in qualifying examinations These changes are arbitrary. unwarranted and uncalled for as the admissions are finalised on the basis of merit as reflected in the cut off of the various courses and thus causing chaos among the students. As per the rules and regulations of our university, such major policy decisions must be taken in the Academic Council, which have far reaching adverse consequences. for SC, ST, OBC and EWS: students, The students have been caught unaware and they must be given sufficient time to adapt themselves to these changes, We request you to restore the carlier criteria for this academic session on urgent basis and for future, make the changes in admission policy following the due procedure. Thanking you Sincerely yours ( Seema Dao) Member AC € Pradoep Kumar) Hember AC