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Teacher Rieza Mahadeo

Subject Chemistry
Date 2015
Class 5
Period 5
Lesson duration 35 minutes 5

Topic Oxidation–Reduction (REDOX) Reactions

Textbook/reference/resources Chemistry: A Concise Revision Course for CSEC® (Anne Tindale)

Number of students in class 5

Number of students absent 5
Number of students present 5

Pre-knowledge  Writing chemical formulae

 Balancing equations

Objectives Methodology/Instructional activities

At the end of this lesson, students will be able to: 1. Video clip presented to students.
2. Definition and examples of oxidation and reduction in
 Define oxidation and reduction in terms of oxygen, terms of oxygen, hydrogen and electrons. Reference is
hydrogen, electrons and oxidation number. made to video clip.
3. Definition of oxidation and reduction in terms of
oxidation number
4. Given redox chemical equations, students will explain
which species is oxidised and reduced based on
oxidation number.
Set Induction Closure

Video clip: A summary given to conclude lesson.

Animation on rusting and its prevention.
Final Evaluation
Projector, laptop Students given several past paper questions to apply the
Video: redox concept learnt.