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Zonal Railway Training Institute, C. Rly.

, Bhusawal

The Railway Service (Conduct) Rules 1966 (21.03.1966)

The Railway servants are governed by the Railway Service Conduct Rules 1966, which
lays down the standard of conduct expected of every Railway Servants and member of
their family.

Rule 3 : General
1. Every Railway servants shall at all time
i. Maintain absolute integrity
ii. Maintain devotion to duty and
iii. Do nothing which is unbecoming of a Railway or Railway employee

2. i. Every Railway employee holding a supervisory post shall take all possible steps to
ensure the integrity and devotion to duty of Railway servant who are under this
ii. No Railway servant shall in the performance of his official duties or exercise of
powers conferred on him act otherwise than in his best judgement except when he is
acting under.
iii. The direction of his official. Superior and shall where he is acting under the such
direction, obtain the direction in writing wherever practicable and where it is not
possible he shall obtain confirmation.

3. (A) Promptness and courtesy.

No Railway servant shall
i. In performance of his official duties act in a discourteous manner.
ii. In his official dealing with the public or otherwise adopt dilatory tactics or will
fully cause delays in disposal of the work assigned to him.
3. (B) Observance of Govt’s policies
Every Railway servant shall at all times.
i. act in accordance with the Govt’s policies regarding age of marriage, preservation
of environment protection of wildlife and cultural heritage.
ii. Observe the Govt’s policies regarding prevention of crime against women.
3. (C) Prohibition of Sexual harassment of Working Women
i. No Govt. servant shall involve him self in any activity of sexual harassment of
any employee at the work place.
ii. Every Govt. servant holding supervisory post shall take all steps to prevent the
commission of such act of sexual harassment of women.
For this purpose it includes such unwelcome sexually determined behavior, whether
directly or by other ways i.e.
(a) Physical contacts and advances
(b) A demand or request for sexual favors
(c) Sexual colored remarks
(d) Showing pornography
(e) Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non verbal conduct of sexual nature.

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Zonal Railway Training Institute, C. Rly., Bhusawal

Rules 4 : Prohibition of Employment of near relatives :

No Railway servant shall use his official position or influence directly or indirectly to
secure employment for any member of his family in any company or firm having official
dealing with him.
No Railway servant shall in the discharge of his official duties deals with the matter or
give or sanction any contract to any company or firm or any other person if any member
of his family is employed in that company every such type of cases further shall be sent
to his supervisor authority.

Rule 5 : Taking part in Politics & Election :

No Railway employee shall be a member of or otherwise be associated with any political
party or any other organization.
It shall also be duty of every employee to endeavor to prevent any member of his family
to association in any way with such movement or activity.

Rule 6 : Joining of Association or Unions :

No Railway servant shall join or to be member of an association or union the object of
which are prejudicial to the interest of sovereignty, integrity and security of India.
When any staff is promoted to gazatted rank he shall resign the union of non-gazette staff
but in case joining such union is beneficent he may continue with such association
provided he satisfies the GM.

Rule 7 : Demonstration & Strike :

No Railway servant shall engage himself or participate in any demonstration which is
prejudicial to the interest of sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the state,
friendly relation with foreign state or which involves contempt of court defamation or
incitement of an office.

Rule 8 : Connecting with Press or any other Media :

No Railway servant shall except with the prior sanction of the Govt. connected with
press, Radio, TV editing a news paper or publishing a book and other media except in
literary, artistic and scientific matter.

Rule 9 : Criticism of Government :

No Railway servant shall in any radio broadcast or in any document published his own
name or any other name or any communication to press or any other media make any
statement of fact or opinion which has effect of an adverse criticism of any current policy
of Central/State Govt. or embarrassing the relation ship between Central and State Govt.

Rule 10 : Evidence before any Committee/Authority

No Railway employee shall except with the previous sanction of Govt. give evidences in
connection with any inquiry conducted by any person, committee or authority or in
course of giving such evidence not criticize the policy or any action of a Stage Govt.

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Zonal Railway Training Institute, C. Rly., Bhusawal

Rule 11 : Unauthorized commutation of Informatuion :

Communication of official information – Every Railway servant shall in performance of
his duties in good faith, communication formation to a person in accordance with the
right to information Act, 2005 (2) of 2005 and the rules made there under. (RBE No.

Rule 12 : Subscription :
No Railway servant shall except with the previous sanction of Govt. ask for or accept
contributions to raising of any funds or other collection in case or in kind in pursuance of
any object whatsoever.

Rule 13 : Gifts :
No Railway servant shall accept or permit any member of his family or any other person
on his behalf to accept any gift. Accepting lavish hospitality or frequent hospitality from
any individual having official dealing with him.
On following occasions Railway servant may accept gifts from his near relatives but he
shall where he accepts any such gift make a report of such acceptance to the Govt. if the
value of any gift exceeds.
Group A Group B Group C Group D
Weddings anniversaries 7000 4000 2000 1000
functions or religion
Other matter 1500 1500 500 500

Rule 13 (A) : Dowry :

No Railway servant shall give or take or abet the giving or taking of dowry or demand
directly or indirectly from the parents or guardian of a bride or bride groom.

Rule 14 : Public demonstration in honor of Public servant :

No Railway employee shall except with the previous sanction of Govt. receive any
complimentary or valedictory address or accept any testimonial or attend any meetings on
entertainment held in his honor.

Rule 15 : Private Trade & employment :

No Railway employee shall except with the previous sanction of the Govt. engage
directly or indirectly in any trade or business or any other employment.
A Railway employee may under take any honorary work of a social or charitable nature
or occasional work of a literary, artistic or scientific work.

Rule 15 (A) : Subletting & Vacation of Rly. Accommodation :

No Railway servant shall sub let, lease or otherwise allow occupation by any other person
of Govt. accommodation which has been allotted to him.
A Railway servant shall after the cancellation of his allotment of Govt. accommodation
vacate the same within the time limit prescribed by the allotting authority.

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Zonal Railway Training Institute, C. Rly., Bhusawal

Rule 16 : Investment Lending & borrowing :

No Railway employee shall speculate in any stock share or other investment.

No Railway employee shall make or permit any member of his family or any other
person acting on his behalf to make any investment, which is likely to embarrass or
influence him in the discharge of his official duties.

No Railway employee shall have in the ordinary course of business with a bank or public
limited company either him self or through any other person.
i. A. Lend or borrow or deposit money as a principal or an agent to or from or with any
person or firm, company with whom he is likely to have official dealing or
otherwise places him self under primary obligation to such person or firm or
private limited company.
B. Railway employee may give or take from a relative or any personal friend a
purely temporary loan free of interest.
ii. No Rly servant involved in the decision making process of fixing of IPO or follow-up
public offering of share of a Central public sector enterprises
( RBNo: E(D&A) 2009/GS 1-4 tdtd. 14.07.09 )

Rule 17 : Insolvency & Habitual indebtedness :

A Railway servant shall so manage his private affairs as to avoid habitual indebtedness or
insolvency. A Railway servant against whom any legal proceeding is initiated for the
recovery of any debt due from him or for adjudging him as an insolvent shall forth with
report the full fact of the legal proceeding to Govt.

Rule 18 : Movable & Immovable Property :

Every Railway employee shall on his first appointment submit a return of his assets and
liabilities in prescribed form.:
i. Group A and Group B officers shall submit an annual return in such form.
Supervisory staff who are working in PB-2 Rs.9300-34800 with GP 4600/- will also
now have to submit annual return of their immovable property
( RBNo: E(D&A)2007/GS1-1 dtd. 17.06.2009 )
ii. Commercial staff in all grades should besides submitting a property return at the time
of their every promotion.
iii. Where a Railway employee enter into a transaction of moveable property either in his
name or any other member of his family, shall submit the report with in one month
from the date of such transaction, if the value of such property exceeds Rs.20,000/-
for Group A and B, and Rs.15,000/- for Group C and D posts. (RBNo. 59/04).
As concern to receipt of gift by member of family of Rly. Servant in the form of
Stridhan, Gifts, inheritance etc, Rly. Servant is not required to give provision
knowledge or seek prior permission subject to provision of clause 13 of the said rule.
( RBNo: E(D&A)2007/GS1-2 dtd. 18.06.2009 )

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Zonal Railway Training Institute, C. Rly., Bhusawal

iv. No Railway servant shall except with the previous knowledge of the Govt. acquire or
dispose of any immovable property by lease, mortgage, purchase, sale, gift either in
his own name or in the name of any member of his family, if the transaction is
through reputed firm.
v. Otherwise previous permission of Govt. is required.
vi. A Railway employee can purchase share and debenture, security bond, mutual fund
upto Rs.50,000/- for Group A and B, and Rs.25,000/- for Group C & D without

Rule 18 (A) : Movable & Immovable Property outside India :

Prior sanction is required to purchase or sale of immovable property, outside India or
with foreigners.

Rule 19 : Vindication of Acts & Character of Govt. servants :

No Railway servant shall except with the prior sanction of Govt. have recourse to any
courts or to the press for vindication of any official act which has been subject matter of
adverse criticism or an attack of defamatory character.

Rule 20 : Canvassing of non-officials or other influence :

No Railway servant shall bring or attempt to bring any political or other influence to bear
upon any superior authority to further his interests in respect of matter pertaining to his
service under the Govt.

Rule 21 : Restriction regarding Marriage:

No Railway employee shall enter into, or contract a marriage with a person having
spouse living and having a living spouse shall enter into or contract a marriage with any
person, In other words it means that no Railway servant who has a wife/husband shall
contract another marriage without first obtaining the sanction of Govt.
- A Railway servant who has married or marriage a person other than of India shall
forthwith intimate the fact to Govt.
- Govt. may permit a railway servant to enter into or contract any such marriage is
permissible under the personal law and there are other grounds for so doing.

Rule 22 : Consumption of Intoxicating drinks & drugs :

A Railway servant shall strictly abide by the law relating to intoxicating drinks or drug in
force in any area in which he may happen to be for time being.
- A Railway servant shall not be under the influence of any intoxication drink or drug
during the course of his duties and shall also take due care that the performance of his
duties at any time is not affected in any way be the influence of such drink or drug.
- A Railway servant if he belongs to the running category (both Loco and Traffic) or is
directly connected with train passing duty have taken or used any intoxicating
drink/drug within eight hours of the commencement of duty or take such drinks or
drug during the course of duty.

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Zonal Railway Training Institute, C. Rly., Bhusawal

Rule 22 (A) : Child Labour employment :

No Railway servant shall employ to work a child below the age of 14 years.

Rule23 : Interpretation
If any question arises relating to the interpretation of these rules, it
shall be referred to the Government whose decision thereon shall be final.

Rule 24 ;Delegation of powers

The Government may, by general or special order, direct that any power exercisable by it
or any Head of Deptt. Under these rules ( except the powers under Rules 23 and this
Rule) shall, subject to such conditions, if any, as may be specified in the order, be
exercisable also by such officer or authority as may be specified in the order.

Rule 25 :Repeal and Saving

Any rules corresponding to these rules in force immediately before the commencement of
these rules and applicable to the Government servant to whom these rules apply, are
hereby repealed -
Provided that any order made or action taken under the rules so repealed shall be deemed
to have been made or taken under the corresponding provision of these rules.
Provided further that such repeal shall not affect the previous operation of the rules so
repealed and a contravention of any of the said rules shall be punishable as if it were a
contravention to these rules.

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