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ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT IN MATHEMATICS (SY 2015 - 2016) L INTRODUCTION Nowadays, teaching secondary Mathematics requires the craft and expertise of the teachers in order to address the needs of the students. It entails great responsibilities, enough attention, initiatives, commitment and dedication to enable the learners gain life skills and prepare them to face the demands and challenges of modern day living However, teaching mathematics is really a challenging task due to the fact that most of the students hate this subject. So, it is the real challenge for every mathematics teacher to develop a positive outlook among students towards this subject, It needs carefull attention and diligent planning that would really turn the attention and inclination of the students towards this subject to facilitate their understanding. ‘As a Mathematics teacher, it is therefore my task to provide quality instructions to my clientele to equip them with the core knowledge, base and skills that will enable them to adopt successfully in the future to a succession of changing jobs and environments that might require different specific skills. I always make sure that my students would be able to glean necessary skills and knowledge which will be useful in their future undertakings. IL ACTIVITIES DONE/ACCOMPLISHMENT The following are the activities I implemented and accomplished in teaching ‘mathematics: attended the mass training of grade 10 teachers of the k to 12 Basic Education Program on May 4 - 9, 2015 to make sure that I would be able to get new approaches in teaching and make my self prepared for the implementation of this new curriculum. I encouraged the parents of my students and other stakeholders to participate actively in the National Schools Maintenance Week or Brigada Eskwela on May 18-22, 2015 to iron out everything for the opening of the regular classes. Pre-test was administered to determine learners’ need. The result of the test was used to establish baseline data and to device a lesson that would truly answer the needs of the students 1 always prepared instructional materials or teaching aids for every skill and concept to be developed. I gave varied classroom activities to make class life exciting, memorable, and meaningful I designed activities suited to the general interest of the class to encourage each student to participate, I provided appropriate motivations and utilized the practical work approach (PWA) to ensure the acquisition of the essential skills of problem-solving manipulation and the attainment of an adequate understanding of concepts and processes through exploration and self-discovery. Drill exercises were provided for each lesson. Teamwork and cooperative learning are likewise developed by giving enough group activities. Peer mentoring and group games were utilized. Enrichment activities or homework always provided. I regularly conducted parent's forum to report learners’ progress.