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June 2017 Axis Bank

1. According to Code Compliance Rating of banks done None of These
by‚ Banking Codes and Standards Board of India (BCSBI) ( Ans - 3)
____________ is Only Bank out of 26 public sector banks
to Get‚ High Rating.
8 out of 17 private sector banks got‚ high‚ rating and 3 for- 6. _____________ conducted a mass-contact programme‚
eign banks (Citibank, HSBC and Standard Chartered Bank) Star Mahotsav,‚ to contacting every customer at their
Received High Rating. doorstep for several activities including recovery of bad
Code compliance rating is based on 5 parameters -‚ infor- loans, disbursement of loans such as housing and vehicle
mation dissemination, transparency, grievance redressal, loan, disbursement under MSME and agriculture etc. ?
customer-centricity, and customer feedback. Bank of India‚
IDBI Bank Bank of Baroda‚
State Bank of India Bank of Maharahstra
Bank of Baroda Vijaya Bank
Central Bank of India None of These
None of These ( Ans - 1)
( Ans - 1)

7. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved stra-

2. According to Reserve Bank of India (RBI),‚ India’s cur- tegic disinvestment of ________ and five of its subsidiar-
rent account deficit (net difference between inflows and ies ?
outflows of foreign currencies) narrowed during 2016-17 Coal India
to ______________ of the GDP, from 1.1% in 2015-16. Air India
CAD came down due to India's trade deficit narrowing SAIL
down to‚ $112.4 billion in 2016-17 from $130.1 billion in BHEL
2015-16. None of These
Net‚ FDI inflows in 2016-17‚ also got narrowed to‚ $35.6 bil- ( Ans - 2)
lion from $36 billion during 2015-16 ?
0.5% 8. ____________ inked Bancassurance pact with the‚ The
0.7% New India Assurance Company Ltd, to sell NIACL policies
0.9% through its branches. ?
None of These Canara Bank
( Ans - 3) SBI
3. According to UNCTAD’s World Investment‚ Report 2017, None of These
US, China and India are top 3 FDI Receiving Destinations.‚ ( Ans - 1)
FDI inflows into India remained USD ___________ ?
55 billion
33 billion 9. EPFO (__________________) signed MoU with Housing
22 billion and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) to enable
44 billion members of its housing scheme to avail subsidy and inter-
None of These est subvention under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana
( Ans - 4) (PMAY). Under housing scheme, EPFO allows its sub-
scribers for withdrawing up to 90 % of their EPF accumu-
lations to buy homes ?
4. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) approved Employees Provident Fund Organisation
____________ equity investment loan for India Infrastruc- Employers Provident Fund Organisation
ture Fund as AIIB’s‚ first equity investment‚ to fund private Employees Protective Fund Organisation
projects. IIIF will invest this amount in mid-cap infrastruc- Employees Provincial Fund Organisation
ture companies in India ? None of These
$300 million ( Ans - 1)
$100 million
$50 million
$250 million 10. European Union (EU) released final tranche of Euro
$150 million ____________ of its euro 80 million grant to the Indian
( Ans - 5) government’s Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and Rashtriya
Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA). ?
15 million
5. ____________ in association with Kochi Metro Rail Cor- 45 million
poration (KMRL) has launched KMRL Axis Bank‚ Kochi1 55 million
Card‚ as India's first open loop EMV contactless metro 25 million
card to make travel a convenient and hassle free ? None of These
ICICI Bank ( Ans - 4)


16. Government approved recommendations of 7th Central

11. Finance Ministry asked all ministries tasked with clear- Pay Commission (CPC) on allowances -
ing foreign‚ direct investment proposals in the 12 sectors After examining total _____________ allowances, 7th CPC
that require government’s nod to take a decision on such recommended that 53 allowances be abolished and 37 be
proposals within ___________. It is being done to speed subsumed in an existing or a newly proposed allowance.
up the FDI Process ? Government decided not to abolish 12 of 53 allowances
80 days which were recommended to be abolished by 7th CPC. It
20 days has also been decided that 3 of 37 allowances recom-
40 days mended to be subsumed by 7th CPC will continue as sep-
60 days arate identities.
None of These House Rent Allowance‚ - Currently paid @ 30% for X (pop-
( Ans - 4) ulation of Over 50 lakh), 20% for Y (5 - 50 lakh) and 10% for
Z (below 5 lakh) category of cities. 7th CPC recommended
reduction in existing rates to 24% for X, 16% for Y and 8%
12. GST Council constituted ______________ Sectoral for Z category of cities.
Groups representing various sectors of economy to en- 297
sure smooth implementation of GST by timely responding 157
to the issues and problems of the respective Sector. GST 197
Council also reduced the GST Rates of 66 items ? 227
16 None of These
18 ( Ans - 3)
None of These 17. Government has cut interest rates on farmers' loans by
( Ans - 2) 5 % (now ______________), on loan up to Rs 3 lakh. Farm-
ers who do not pay interest in time, will have to pay inter-
est at rate of 7 %. ?
13. Government approved Initial Public Offer of 3%
__________________________, for issuing 139000000 4%
fresh equity shares of Rs.10 each to The public ? 5%
HUDCO None of These
NHB ( Ans - 2)
( Ans - 5) 18. Government has made Aadhaar card mandatory for
government subsidy on purchase of Kerosene and bene-
fits of ______________ ?
14. Government approved Securities and Exchange Board Post Office Savibgs Schemes
of India (SEBI) to enter into 2 separate MoUs with Securi- Atal Pension Yojana
ties market regulators of the European Union and EPFO
_________ ? Bank Fixed Deposits
Iran None of These
Turkey ( Ans - 2)
None of These 19. Government made Aadhaar mandatory for Opening
( Ans - 1) bank accounts and Carrying out financial transactions
above of Rs ______________. All existing Bank accounts
are to be linked‚ to Aadhaar numbers by December 31,
15. Government approved introducing‚ _____________‚ 2017 ?
that will provide resolution framework for financial sector 300000
entities to deal with bankruptcy situation in banks, insur- 200000
ance companies, and other entities. 100000
It will also result in repealing of the Deposit Insurance and 50000
Credit Guarantee Corporation Act, 1961 to transfer the de- None of These
posit insurance powers and responsibilities to the Resolu- ( Ans - 4)
tion Corporation.
Financial Recursion and Deposit Insurance Bill 2017
Financial Resolution and Deposit Institutions Bill 2017 20. ______________ will impose new transaction charges
Financial Resolution and Dual Insurance Bill 2017 on all outward UPI transactions from July 10, 2017. Trans-
Financial Resolution and Deposit Insurance Bill 2017 actions from Rs 1 - 25000 will be charged Rs 3 and trans-
None of These actions above Rs 25,000 to 1 lakh will be charged Rs 5 ?
( Ans - 4) HDFC Bank
Axis Bank
Yes Bank


None of These to not have passed State GST, which is to be implemented

( Ans - 1) from July 01, 2017.
Telangana was first state to Pass State GST (on 9th April
21. HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) J&K
Predicted India's GDP Growth To Remain ___________ In Mizoram
2017-18. As per Official Data, India's GDP grew 6.1 % dur- Nagaland
ing January-March Quarter (Q4 2017) and GDP growth rate Haryana
for full year (2016-17 ) remained 7.1 % ? None of These
7.1 % ( Ans - 1)
7.3 %
7.5 %
7.7 % 27. Largest Indian Bank State Bank of India has cut inter-
None of These est rate on home loans above Rs 75 lakh by 10 basis
( Ans - 1) points (bps) to _________ (.05 % less For salaried women
borrowers) ?
9.60 %
22. India signed ____________Million Loan agreement with 8.60 %
Manila (Philippines) based Asian Development Bank (ADB) 7.60 %
for improving urban services in 64 small towns in State of 10.60 %
Madhya Pradesh ? None of These
$175 ( Ans - 2)
$575 28. Markets regulator SEBI has barred __________ Firm
None of These Cypress Money from acting as Investment Advisor as it
( Ans - 2) was found guilty of providing unauthorized trading tips to
investors. ?
23. India signed loan agreement of USD ____________ Germany
with World Bank for Assam State Public Financial Institu- USA
tional Reforms (ASPIRe) Project ? Russia
95 million None of These
65 million ( Ans - 3)
135 million
35 million
None of These 29. __________ approved merger of Wadhawan Family
( Ans - 4) Owned Entities Aadhar Housing Finance and DHFL Vysya
Housing Finance ?
24. Indian Overseas Bank (Lead Bank for Thiruvanantha- SEBI
puram district of ______________) has launched‚ Retail IRDAI
Mart‚ as a retail lending concept in Thiruvananthapuram. ? UIDAI
Gujarat NHB
Goa ( Ans - 5)
Kerala 30. National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) under Union
( Ans - 5) Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation re-
leased report‚ Key Indicators of Unincorporated Non-Agri-
cultural Enterprises (Excluding Construction) in India‚ -
25. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of In- Survey coveres non-agricultural enterprises which are not
dia (IRDAI) took over management of Sahara India Life In- incorporated or not registered under Companies Act,
surance Company as it was not acting in customer 1956. It Includes, proprietary and partnership enterprises
friendly manner. IRDAI appointed ________ as administra- (excluding limited liability partnerships), Self Help Groups
tor of Sahara India Life Insurance Company. ? (SHGs), Non-Profit Institutions (NPIs) and Trusts etc.
H R Khan Results are based on sample consisting of 8484 villages
Raghura Rajan and 7839 urban blocks spread over all States and Union
RK Sharma Territories.
Ajay Tyagi During 2015-16, __________ crore unincorporated non-ag-
None of These ricultural enterprises (excluding construction) were esti-
( Ans - 3) mated at all India level with 11.13 crore workers ?
26. Kerala Passed State State Goods and Services Tax 6.34
(SGST) Act, leaving ____________ as only remaining state 0.64
None of These


( Ans - 3) 36. RBI second bi-monthly monetary policy review of 2017

Only change in Monetary Policy is that RBI has cut Statu-
31. Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority tory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) by‚ 50 basis points to
(PFRDA) introduced “_________________” as a digital en- ______________ (To be applicable from June 24, 2017).
rolment processfor Atal Pension Yojana (APY). ? RBI reduced growth projection for the current fiscal to
APYONLINE 7.3% from 7.4%.
APYeNPS Monetary policy decision has been taken by the‚ 6 member
APY@NPS monetary policy committee headed by RBI Governor (Cur-
APY@eNPS rently Urjit Patel).
None of These 20 %
( Ans - 4) 15 %
25 %
22 %
32. Private‚ Bank DCB launched new services ‚œ India’s None of These
first Aadhaar based iris eye scan customer verification ( Ans - 1)
and fingerprint operated ATM in _______ ?
Andhra Pradesh
Telangana 37. Reliance Communications (RCom) and Aircel's Merged
Arunachal Pradesh entity will be called ______________, ro be one of India’s
Goa largest private sector companies with asset base of 65000
None of These crores and net worth of 35000 crores ?
( Ans - 2) Uniair
33. Private sector's Yes Bank partnered with mobile pay- Comair
ments switch‚ TerraPay‚ to enable real-time money trans- Aircom
fer to bank accounts in India. Yes Bank also tied up with ( Ans - 5)
messaging app ________________ for Launching In-app
Wallet ?
Hike 38. Reserve Bank of India will release new batch of Rs 500
WhatsApp currency notes whose design will be similar to Rs 500 ru-
Facebook pee banknotes of the Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series which
Instagram were released post demonetisation. New batch of Rs 500
None of These banknotes will have‚ inset letter “_____________” in both
( Ans - 1) the number panels ?
34. RBI extended scope of Banking Ombudsman Scheme L
by enabling customers to lodge a complaint against de- R
faulting bank for its non-adherence to RBI instructions None of These
with regard to mobile banking/ electronic banking ser- ( Ans - 1)
vices. Pecuniary jurisdiction of Banking Ombudsman to
pass an award has been also doubled to ________ rupees
? 39. SEBI asked Commodity derivatives exchanges to com-
1 crore pulsorily set up investor protection and service funds,
50 lakh along with separate bank accounts for maintaining corpus
5 lakh of IPF and‚ the ISF.
10 lakh ISF (_______________) - It is aimed at providing minimum
20 lakh facilities at various investor service centres. Initially, com-
( Ans - 5) modity exchange has to contribute at least Rs 10 lakh to-
wards ISF. Subsequently, commodity exchanges will be
required to transfer 1% of turnover fees‚ charged from its
35. RBI identified‚ ______________ bank accounts consti- members on monthly basis towards the‚ ISF.
tuting nearly‚ 25% of gross bad loans for immediate refer- Investor Protection Fund (IPF) - It must have maximum 5
ral and resolution under the bankruptcy law. Each of these trustees. IPF will comprise of all penalties levied and col-
identified accounts was having more than 5,000 crore ru- lected by the commodity exchanges except for the settle-
pees of outstanding loans. ? ment related penalties
15 Investor Safety Fund
12 Investor Service Fund
9 Institutional Service Fund
25 Internal Service Fund
None of These None of These
( Ans - 2) ( Ans - 2)


40. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) ap- of 15-59 will acquire skill training irrespective of their em-
proved Telenor India's Merger with ___________. The deal ployment status ?
is now pending final approval by other authorities such as 150 million
CCI (Competition Commission of India) ? 250 million
Vodafone 350 million
TATA 450 million
Idea None of These
Aircel ( Ans - 2)
Bharti Airtel
( Ans - 5)
46. World Bank's Global Economic Prospects (GEP) pro-
jected GDP growth rate of ______________ for India in
41. Software Firm ______________ launched‚ BaNCS App 2017-18 as against 6.8% growth in 2016-2017. World bank
Development Kit‚ (ADK), to enable banks to fast design also expects India’s growth rate to remain at 7.5% in 2018
and build their own apps and install it across devices and and 7.7%‚ in 2019. Global growth forecast in 2017 and 2018
desktops. Vision for ‘BaNCS ADK’ is to transfer flexibility at 2.7% and 2.9% respectively. ?
and increase speed of development in Banking ? 7.2%
Infosys 8.2%
TCS 7.8%
HCL 8.8%
WIPRO None of These
None of These ( Ans - 1)
( Ans - 2)
July 2017

42. ________ announced financing of solar rooftop pro- 1. 36th Foundation Day of ______________ and Silver Ju-
jects worth 400 crores, adding over 100 MW of solar roof- bilee of SHG Bank Linkage Programme held in New Delhi
top capacity. It is a significant step towards meeting In- ?
dia’s target for 40 GW of solar rooftop installations. National Bank For Agriculture & Rural Development (NAB-
________had earlier availed loan of USD 625 million from ARD)
World Bank for lending to Grid-Connected Rooftop Solar SEBI
PV (GRPV) projects. NHB
SBI None of These
HDFC Bank ( Ans - 1)
Axis Bank
None of These
( Ans - 2) 2. According to 2nd National Council of Applied Economic
Research (NCAER) State Investment Potential Index (N-
SIPI 2017) report -
43. ________ Government signed agreement with Asian __________ retained top position in list of 21 states and
Development Bank (ADB) for loan of 1950 crore rupees for UTs with most investment potential, followed by Delhi and
strengthening of roads in different districts ? Andhra Pradesh..
Uttar Pradesh Maharashtra
Rajasthan Goa
Haryana Gujarat
Himachal Pradesh Rajasthan
None of These None of These
( Ans - 1) ( Ans - 3)

44. ____________ developed 5 villages into Digital Villages 3. According to Asian Development Bank, India will
and plans to develop as many as 100 digital villages in achieve GDP growth rate of _____________ in 2017-18 and
various States. ? 7.6 % in 2018-19 ?
Bank of Baroda 8.4 %
Oriental Bank of Commerce 7.6 %
Bank of India 7.8 %
SBI 7.4 %
Vijaya bank None of These
( Ans - 5) ( Ans - 4)

45. World Bank approved USD __________ loan for Skill 4. According to BMI Research, India is expected to register
India mission, aimed at making‚ Indian youth more em- a growth of ______________ in financial year 2017-18.
ployable through reskilling. SIMO is a 6 year programme in While RBI predicted 7.3 % GDP Growth Rate for current
support of National Policy for Skill Development and En- fiscal year (2017-18). BMI Research was founded in 1984
trepreneurship (2017-23). Under this, persons in age group


by Business Monitor International and was acquired by None of These

Fitch Group later in 2014. ( Ans - 1)
7.4 %
7.9 %
8.9 % 10. Banking Digital Innovation firm Aurionpro Solutions
5.9 % launched its __________________ product, the Virtual
6.9 % Teller Machine (VTM) as a fully integrated self-service ki-
( Ans - 5) osk for automating 90% of banking transactions at branch
level ?
5. Aiming to eliminate all subsidies by March 2018, Gov- Branch-in-a-Device
ernment ordered oil companies to raise subsidised cook- Branch-in-a-Nutshell
ing gas, LPG prices by ________ rupees per cylinder every Branch-in-a-Box
month. ? None of These
8 ( Ans - 4)
2 11. Banking Regulation (Amendment) Bill 2017 presented
None of These in Lok Sabha, seeking to amend Banking Regulation Act
( Ans - 3) __________ and replace Banking Regulation (Amendment)
Ordinance 2017. It authorises RBI to -
Direct banking companies to resolve the problem of
6. _____________ Bank acquired digital payment platform stressed assets and Initiate insolvency resolution process
FreeCharge in an all-cash deal valued at INR 385 Crores. on specific stressed assets.
Freecharge was founded in 2010 and was sold to Snapdeal Issue other directions for resolution, appoint or approve
in 2015 for USD 400 Million. authorities or committees to advise banking companies
Axis for stressed asset resolution. Recovery proceedings will
HDFC be carried out under Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
ICICI 2016.
YES 1979
None of These 1969
( Ans - 1) 1959
None of These
7. _______________ has entered into a collaboration with ( Ans - 4)
Inter-American Investment Corporation (IIC) to facilitate
trade with Latin America and Caribbean. It became first In-
dian bank to participate in Trade Finance Facilitation Pro- 12. _________ launched its first ‘Digital Banking Branch’
gramme as a confirming bank ? named ‘CANDI’ in Bengaluru, to provide end-to-end digital
ICICI Bank experience to customers ?
Axis Bank Bank of Baroda
HDFC Bank Canara Bank
SBI State Bank of India
None of These Punjab National Bank
( Ans - 2) None of These
( Ans - 2)

8. _________________ introduced a special loan product,

offering to fund up to 95 % of Bikes with engine displace- 13. ______________ government will merge all district co-
ment of over 500 cubic centimetres (cc). ? operative central banks (DCCBs) of state into a single
Axis Bank State Cooperative Bank, to serve farmers with better and
HDFC Bank efficient banking facilities ?
ICICI Bank Jharkhand
Bank of Baroda Bihar
None of These West Bengal
( Ans - 1) Odisha
( Ans - 5)
9. ___________________ signed agreement with Direc-
torate General of Supplies & Disposal (DGS&D) for extend-
ing various banking services to Government e-Market- 14. China based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
place (GeM). e-GeM is an initiative intended to bring trans- (AIIB) approved USD 329 million loan to build access
parency and efficiency in public procurements. ? roads to 4,000 villages in _________ ?
Bank of Baroda Gujarat
SBI Rajasthan
HDFC Bank Maharashtra
ICICI Bank Goa


None of These Bank of Maharashtra

( Ans - 1) None of These
( Ans - 2)

15. Consumer Affairs Ministry amended Legal Metrology

(Packaged Commodities) Rules 2011 (PCR), To benefit 19. FINO Payments Bank commenced operations as a pay-
consumers and protect them from paying different prices ments bank. FINO Payments Bank is 4th entity to start
at different locations. Rules will be known as Legal Metrol- functioning as a Payments Bank in India, after Airtel, India
ogy (Packaged Commodities) Amendment Rules 2017. Post and ____________.
In accordance with new rules to come into effect from 1 Mobikwik
______________, 2018, price of packed goods would no Freecharge
longer depend on where the product is purchased - A mall Tata
/ five-star hotel / airport or a local Kirana store. Paytm
Retail sale price of any packed product will be Maximum None of These
Retail Price (MRP) inclusive of all taxes, with provision to ( Ans - 4)
round off price to nearest rupee or 50 paise.
New legal provision will make sure that no person is able
to declare different MRPs on an identical pre-packed com- 20. Finance Minister ________________ released National
modity, curbing possibility of any vendor charging differ- Trade Facilitation Action Plan that gives a time bound map
ential prices for same product. for implementing WTO-Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA)
April and also includes India’s initiatives for trade facilitation
March and ease of doing business which goes beyond TFA ?
February Arun Jaitley
January Rajnath Singh
None of These Radha Mohan Singh
( Ans - 4) Nitin Gadkari
None of These
( Ans - 1)
16. Digital payments company ___________ partnered with
Samsung Pay, under which consumers will be able to
make payments with a single tap using select Samsung 21. GMR Goa International Airports Ltd signed a INR 1330
handsets. ? Crore Loan Agreement with ___________, for development
Freecharge of Greenfield airport at Mopa ?
Paytm Axis Bank
MobiKwik Yes Bank
Oxigen ICICI Bank
None of These HDFC Bank
( Ans - 3) None of These
( Ans - 1)

17. Domestic android-based mobile operating system In-

dus OS partnered with _______ to launch OS-integrated 22. Goods and Services Tax (GST) Came into Effect, bring-
UPI (Unified Payment Interface) payment platform in India. ing in One Nation, One Indirect Tax.
It will enable users to use UPI payment platform on SMS, GST simplifed Indirect Taxes by abolishing set of Different
dialler interface, and on third party apps like WhatsApp. It Indirect Taxes at State and Central Level. Tax Slabs are - 0
means P2P transactions, as well as utility payments, can %, 5%, 12 %, 18% AND _____________.
be made via SMS or messaging. We Created a Summary file for All recent events and Up-
ICICI Bank dates related to GST. It can be accessed Here.
YES Bank 38 %
HDFC Bank 28 %
AXIS Bank 25 %
None of These 30 %
( Ans - 2) None of These
( Ans - 2)

18. Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO)

signed agreement with 4 private banks (ICICI Bank, HDFC 23. _________ acquired Bengaluru-based artificial intelli-
Bank, Axis Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank) and Govern- gence startup Halli Labs for an undisclosed sum, founded
ment Owned _____________ collecting provident fund by Pankaj Gupta in 2017 (4 months into operations) ?
dues from employers and payments to its subscribers. Microsoft
This is the first time that EPFO has joined hands with pri- Yahoo
vate banks for this purpose. It will save INR 300 crores an- Facebook
nually for EPFO as these five banks have agreed up on Google
zero transaction charges. None of These
Punjab National Bank ( Ans - 4)
Bank of Baroda


24. Government Launched _________ as a new tax payer 28. Government approved selling government’s entire
service module, To enhance mobile access experience for 51.11% stake in Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd to Oil and
Taxpayers. Natural Gas Corp.
It is aimed at reducing physical interface between as- Government is 51% owner of HPCL and __________ owner
sesses and tax assessing authorities and thereby minimiz- of ONGC. HPCL's addition will make ONGC third-largest
ing chances of any tax harassment. refiner in country after IOC and Reliance Industries.
The module compiles various tax tools, live chat, dynamic 78%
updates, and important links to various processes within 88%
Income Tax Department in a single module. 68%
Aaykar Sahaj 98 %
Aaykar Mitra None of These
Aaykar Path ( Ans - 3)
Aaykar Sahayak
Aaykar Setu
( Ans - 5) 29. Government has set up DGARM
(_____________________) as a new wing to provide intelli-
gence inputs taking action against tax evaders. It has been
25. Government Stated that Gifts up to a value of INR has been set up will be under the Central Board of Excise
___________ per year by an employer to his employee are and Customs (CBEC). DGARM was set up on 1 July 2017,
outside ambit of GST ? coinciding with rollout of Goods and Services Tax (GST). ?
100000 Directorate General of Accreditation and Rear Manage-
25000 ment
50000 Directorate General of Accreditation and Real Manage-
10000 ment
None of These Directorate General of Accreditation and Risk Manage-
( Ans - 3) ment
Directorate General of Access and Risk Management
Directorate General of Analytics and Risk Management
26. Government approved Labour Code on Wages Bill ( Ans - 5)
which will ensure a minimum wage across all sectors by
integrating existing labour related laws. The Labour Code
on Wages Bill consolidates Minimum Wages Act 1948, 30. Government imposed __________ basic customs duty
Payment of Bonus Act 1965, Payment of Wages Act 1936 (BCD) on Cellular mobile phones and specified parts of
and Equal Remuneration Act _______ ? cellular mobile phones like charger, battery, wire headset,
1976 Microphone and Receiver, Key Pad, USB Cable etc ?
1986 15 %
1996 20 %
2006 10 %
None of These 35 %
( Ans - 1) None of These
( Ans - 3)

27. Government approved revision of guidelines of Sover-

eign Gold Bonds (SGB) Scheme, which is aimed at con- 31. Government launched __________ app to verify accu-
verting part of 300 tons of physical bars and coins pur- rate tax rate on commodity and services under Goods and
chased every year for Investment into ‘demat’ gold bonds. Services Tax (GST) regime ?
Mobilisation target was 15,000 crore in 2015-16 and at GST Rates Path
Rs.10,000 crore in 2016-17. But, amount credited so far in GST Rates Manual
scheme's account is approx 4700 crores, triggering need GST Rates Guide
for changes in guidelines. GST Rates Finder
Specific changes in attributes of scheme to make it more None of These
attractive, mobilise more and reduce economic strains ( Ans - 4)
caused by imports of gold and reduce Current Account
Deficit (CAD).
Flexibility to design and introduce variants of SGBs has 32. Government lowered interest rate on small saving
been given to Ministry of Finance. schemes by ___________ for July- September quarter.
Investment limit per fiscal year has been increased to 4 kg However, Interest on savings deposits has been retained
for individuals and Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) and at 4 % annually. New Rates are -
______ for Trusts and similar entities. PPF - 7.8%
10 Kg KVP (Kisan Vikas Patra) - 7.5% (mature in 115 months)
20 Kg Sukanya Samriddhi - 8.3%
8 Kg Five-year Senior Citizens Savings Scheme - 8.3%
25 Kg 0.2 %
None of These 0.1 %
( Ans - 2) 0.3 %
0.4 %
None of These


( Ans - 2) ICICI Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank
33. Government saved around INR ____________ in 2016- YES Bank
17 through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme under ( Ans - 5)
which subsidies are given directly to beneficiaries.
In 2017-18, beneficiary base rose from 10.71 crore in 2013-
14 to 35.62 crore. Total of 485 schemes have been identi- 38. India's ___________ signed MoU with British Bank
fied for DBT. Santander to promote India-UK trade and business oppor-
LPG subsidy scheme ‘Pahal’ alone accounted for Rs tunities. ?
29,769 crore savings, followed by 14,000 crores savings in Yes Bank
Public Distribution System (PDS). Axis Bank
57,000 crores HDFC Bank
67,000 crores ICICI Bank
77,000 crore None of These
47,000 crore ( Ans - 1)
None of These
( Ans - 1)
39. ____________ started offering Bharat Bill Payment
System (BBPS) services introduced by National Payments
34. Home Ministry will examine Structure and Operations Corporation of India. BBPS is an integrated bill payment
of GSTN (____________________) before giving it security system that offers inter-operable online bill payments to
clearance. customers. IOB is among 4 government banks (apart from
GSTN is IT backbone of Goods and Service Tax (GST). It is Bank of Baroda and Union Bank of India) to get approval
a not for profit and private limited company incorporated from RBI for providing BBPS services.
in 2013. National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) recebntly
Government holds 24.5% equity in GSTN. It has been set received final nod from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to
up primarily to provide IT infrastructure and services to function as Bharat Bill Payment Central Unit and operate
the Central and State Governments, tax payers and other Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS).
stakeholders for implementation of Goods and Services BBPS pilot project started on 31 August, 2016 with 8 BBPS
Tax (GST). operating units, which now stands at 24 certified units.
Goods and Service Tax Node SBI
Goods and Service Tax Native IOB
Goods and Service Tax Neutral BOB
Goods and Service Tax Nodal PNB
Goods and Service Tax Network None of These
( Ans - 5) ( Ans - 2)

35. ___________ will be selling personal loans of up to Rs 40. Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani along with venture
15 lakh through its ATMs. Using data from credit infor- capitalist Sanjeev Aggarwal has launched a _______ mil-
mation companies, to qualified ? lion venture fund called Fundamentum to back mid-stage
Axis Bank startups that solve unique Indian problems in consumer
ICICI Bank technology space ?
Yes Bank $50
HDFC Bank $400
None of These $300
( Ans - 2) $200
( Ans - 5)
36. India signed $220 million loan agreement with Asian
Development Bank (ADB) for improving connectivity as
well as transport efficiency and safety on State Highways 41. International Monetary Fund (IMF)', World Economic
of ________ ? Outlook (July 2017 Update) -
Rajasthan India - GDP growth rate will be 7.2% for 2017-18 (up from
Uttarakhand 7.1% in 2016-17). India’s growth would accelerate to 7.7%
Haryana in 2018-19. India’s economy will still be the fastest grow-
Himachal Pradesh ing among large economies. Worls bank also predicted 7.2
None of These % GDP Growth rate for India in current Year and also
( Ans - 1) stated that India will remain World's 4th Fastest Growing
Global economic growth rate will be ______________ in
37. India's ____________ received $150 million funding 2017 and 3.6% in 2018.
from USA government and Wells Fargo to increase lend- China’s - projected to grow by 6.7% in 2017 and 6.4% in
ing to support women entrepreneurs and small and me- 2018.
dium-sized enterprises in India.? 2.5%
HDFC Bank 3.5%


4.5% 47. Private life insurance company Canara HSBC Oriental

5.5% Bank of Commerce Life Insurance signed bancassurance
None of These agreement with Kerala-based ______________ , for mar-
( Ans - 2) keting its various life insurance products to Bank's cus-
Axis Bank
42. Janalakshmi Financial Services (largest microfinance SBI
company) appointed Ajay Kanwal as its New CEO. JFS has Kotak Mahindra Bank
been gearing up for launch of their ________ ? Lakhsmi Vilas Bank
Payments Bank Dhanlaxmi Bank
Small finance bank ( Ans - 5)
Scheduled Bank
None of These 48. ____________ and Bajaj Allianz General Insurance
( Ans - 2) have signed an agreement for the distribution of insurance
products through the branches (Bancassurance) ?
Punjab National Bank
43. _________ in association with PNB MetLife launched Bank of Baroda
Met Loan and Life Suraksha (MLLS) as a single premium Oriental Bank of Commerce
plan covering loan liability of a customer ? Axis Bank
Karnataka Bank None of These
Lakhsmi Vilas Bank ( Ans - 1)
None of These 49. __________ will block all Maestro debit cards from 31st
( Ans - 1) of July 2017 if card holders do not replace it with a more
secure EMV chip based card by end of July ?
Bank of Baroda
44. ________ launched Image Debit Card, that will enable Punjab National Bank
its cardholders to personalise their Debit card with an im- Bank of Maharashtra
age of his/her choice ? Oeriental Bank of Commerce
AXIS Bank None of These
SBI ( Ans - 2)
Karnataka Bank 50. RBI imposed penalty of INR 3 crore on ____________
( Ans - 5) for non-compliance with directions on Know Your Cus-
tomer (KYC) norms ?
United Bank of India
45. Kolkata based Srei Infrastructure Finance signed MoU Bank of Maharashtra
with Russia’s Vnesheconom bank to create a __________ Bank of Baroda
IT and Innovation Fund ? Bank of India
$100 million Union Bank of India
$200 million ( Ans - 5)
$120 million
$150 million
None of These 51. RBI issued revised directions on Customer Protection
( Ans - 2) in case of authorised / failed online Transactions -
In cases of negligence caused by the customer by sharing
of payment credentials, the customer is liable to bear the
46. Lok Sabha passed Companies (Amendment) Bill 2016 entire loss.
to amend Companies Act 2013, to strengthen corporate Customers will be entitled to zero liability when authorised
governance standards, initiate strict action against de- transaction occurs due to contributory fraud/negli-
faulting companies and help improve the ease of doing gence/deficiency on part of bank irrespective of whether
business in India. Threshold for easy compliance scheme or not unauthorised transaction has been reported by cus-
has been raised to Rs _______ crore from Rs 20 crore, tomer.
making more companies eligible for simple compliance re- If Fault is at Third Party End -
gime ? If customer reports to bank within 3 days - All amount in-
100 volved will be credited to their accounts within 10 days by
40 bank.
60 If customer reports to bank within 3 - 7 days - All Amount
80 or INR ___________ (whicheever is less) within 10 days by
None of These bank.
( Ans - 1) If customer reports to bank after 7 days - as per bank's


45000 57. _________________ started merchant banking opera-
None of These tion to benefit expanding number of growth-oriented mi-
( Ans - 1) cro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), especially
those with a strong technology and innovation quotient ?
52. Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) for the first time SIDBI
crossed Rs 5 lakh crore in market capitalisation. RIL is NHB
second firm to cross Rs 5 lakh crore in market capitalisa- SEBI
tion and is also currently most valued company in India. None of These
____________ was first company to hit Rs 5 lakh crore in ( Ans - 2)
market capitalisation milestone in July 2014 ?
Adani Group
Aditya Birla Group 58. South Indian Bank tied up with Peregrine Financial
TCS Group (PFG) Forex for remittance facility for Indian expat-
BAJAJ Group riates from ___________. Under this, NRIs can enjoy fast
None of These remittance services using SIB’s Express facility ?
( Ans - 3) Australia
53. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) allowed non-banking fi- Russia
nance companies (NBFCs) to sell and market new pension None of These
scheme (NPS). Profit Making NBFCs with asset size of Min ( Ans - 1)
_________ are now permitted to sell NPS after registration
with pension regulator ?
100 crores 59. State Bank of India (SBI) and Carlyle Group acquired
150 crores _________stake of American Financial major GE Capital in
250 crores SBI Card. SBI Card is operated through two joint-ventures
500 crores - SBI Cards & Payment Services (SBICPSL) and GE Capital
None of These Business Process Management Services (GECBPMSL) ?
( Ans - 4) 26 % stake
62 % stake
16 % stake
54. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has set up Supervisory 36 % stake
Colleges for __________ Scheduled Commercial Banks None of These
which have sizeable international presence - State Bank of ( Ans - 1)
India, ICICI Bank., Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Axis
Bank and Punjab National Bank ?
9 60. launched Realty portal as a dedicated portal to help
8 home buyers to choose flats from its 3,000 approved pro-
5 jects across country (over 9.5 Lakh Home Units) ?
4 Yes Bank
6 ICICI Bank
( Ans - 5) AXIS Bank
None of These
55. Reserve Bank of India will shortly issue bank notes of ( Ans - 4)
denomination Rs ________ in Mahatma Gandhi series
2005 with inset letter ‘S’ ?
30 61. State Bank of India Online Funds Transfer Fee Rates
10 Reduced -
20 IMPS -
40 INR 0 for fund transfer up to INR ____________.
None of These For More Funds, charge will be Rs 5 for fund transfer in
( Ans - 3) range 1,000 to 1 lakh and Rs 15 for transactions of Rs 1-2
56. SBI (State Bank of India) slashed interest rates given 75 % Reduction in Fees attached with all NEFT / RTGS
on savings bank accounts from 4 % to __________ on de- Fund Transfers.
posits below Rs. 1 crore ? GST of 18 per cent on Processing fee is applicable on all
3.5 % financial transactions.
3.0 % 500
2.5 % 2,000
2.0 % 5,000
None of These 1,000
( Ans - 1) None of These
( Ans - 4)


5.83 %
30.83 %
62. United Forum of Bank Unions observed ________ (48th 20.83 %
anniversary of nationalization of major banks) as ‘Save 25.83 %
public sector banks’ day ? 10.83 %
July 29 ( Ans - 5)
July 19
July 9
July 10 5. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) launched bespoke
None of These mobile wallet to enable its existing 10 crore customers to
( Ans - 2) make Bill payments, developed by _____________ on be-
half of BSNL ?
63. ___________ launched program for MSMEs (Micro, Freecharge
Small and Medium Enterprises) to help them get familiar Mobikwik
with GST taxation system ? Microsoft
Kotak Mahindra Bank None of These
HDFC Bank ( Ans - 3)
Axis Bank
YES Bank 6. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) ap-
( Ans - 5) proved Scheme of providing Budgetary Support under
Goods and Service Tax (GST) Regime for eligible indus-
August 2017 trial units in Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Himachal
Pradesh and North Eastern States including Sikkim.
1. Airtel Payments Bank partnered with ______________ to Budgetary support of INR 27,413 crore for said Scheme
boost to enable ______'s 14,000 fuel stations to act as has been approved for period from 1-7-2017 till 31-03-
banking points for Airtel Payments Bank ? ___________ for industrial units located in aforesaid
HPCL States which availed benefit of Central Excise exemption
IOCL prior to GST implementation.
Reliance 2027
ONGC 2022
None of These 2020
( Ans - 1) 2030
None of These
( Ans - 1)
2. Shubh Aarambh Home Loans scheme has been
launched by ____________, which will see 12 equated
monthly installments (EMIs) waived off (4 EMIs each after 7. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) ap-
4th, 8th and 12th year from the of disbursement) on regu- proved revision in the procedure and mechanism for stra-
lar repayments of loans of up to Rs 30 lakh ? tegic disinvestment, recommended by DIPAM
HDFC Bank (_______________). It will enable completion of strategic
ICICI Bank disinvestment transactions.
Axis Bank Setting up an Alternative Mechanism (AM) to decide on
Yes Bank matters relating to terms of sale from stage of inviting of
None of These Express of Interests (Eols) till inviting of financial bid.
( Ans - 3) Enabling Core Group of Secretaries (CGD) to take policy
decisions with regard to procedural issues and consider
deviations for effective implementation of decisions of
3. As per report, _____________ accounts for over 27 % of CCEA.
total amount owed to public sector banks by wilful default- Department of Investment and procured Asset Manage-
ers, with 1,762 wilful defaulters owing INR 25,104 crores. ment
Punjab National Bank (PNB) is 2nd with 1,120 wilful de- Department of Investment and public Asset Management
faulters Owing INR 12,278 crores. ? Department of Investment and pure Asset Management
BOB Department of Internal and public Asset Management
IOB None of These
Canara Bank ( Ans - 2)
None of These
( Ans - 4) 8. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved clos-
ing of loss making Central PSU
________________________, under Ministry of Railways ?
4. Bajaj Finance picked ______________ stake in Mobile Bharat Wagon and Engineering Company Limited
wallet Firm MobiKwik for approx Rs 225 crore. Aim is to HMT
offer Bajaj Finance's lending (purchase finance, credit CEL
card, mortgage loans and personal loans) and insurance BEL
products through MobiKwik app ? None of These


( Ans - 1)
13. CHOICE (________________________) launched ‘Point-
of-Sale’ product stargeted at mass-market segment - PoS -
9. Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved re- Easy Bima Plan. It is first PoS product for company and is
naming Central Sector Scheme - SAMPADA a pure term insurance plan ?
(_____________________) as Pradhan Mantri Kisan Sam- Canara HDFC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance
pada Yojana (PMKSY). Company
SAMPADA was approved in May 2017, to supplement agri- Canara HDFC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Institution
culture, modernize processing and decrease Agri-Waste. Company
PMKSY with an allocation of Rs. 6,000 crore is expected to Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Light Insurance
handle 334 lakh MT agro-produce valuing over 1 Lakh Company
Crores INR, benefit 20 lakh farmers and generate over 5 Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Institution
lakh employment by 2020. Company
Scheme for Agro-Marine Processing and Development of Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance
Agro-Processing Clusters Company
Scheme for Agro-Mutual Processing and Development of ( Ans - 5)
Agro-Processing Clusters
Scheme for Agro-Marine Processing and Deployment of
Agro-Processing Clusters 14. Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) extended dead-
Schedule for Agro-Marine Processing and Development line for linking of Aadhaar with PAN till 31
of Agro-Processing Clusters _________________ 2017. Aadhaar - PAN linkage is man-
None of These dated through Section 139 AA (2) of Income Tax Act 1961
( Ans - 1) which says that person having PAN as on 1 July 2017 and
is eligible to obtain Aadhaar, must intimate his Aadhaar
number to the tax authorities ?
10. Cabinet approved proposal of Finance Ministry to December
amend Schedule of Section 8 of GST (Compensation to a October
State) Act 2017, allowing GST Council to hike maximum August
rate of compensation cess levied from current cap of 15% July
to _________________. None of These
Final decision to increase compensation cess will be ( Ans - 1)
taken by GST Council. Hike in rate of compensation cess
will be levied on SUVs, mid-sized, large and luxury cars.
28 % 15. ________ offered instant credit cards for its Net bank-
30 % ing customers. Customer is allowed a credit limit of up to
25 % 80% of the deposit or a maximum of 3 lakh ?
20 % ICICI Bank
None of These HDFC Bank
( Ans - 4) Axis Bank
City Union Bank
None of These
11. ________________ launched 2 new digital services for ( Ans - 4)
online payments - payment settlement mechanism Bharat
QR (Quick Response) and Bharat Bill Payment System
(BBPS). NPCI Also permitted Spice Digital to operate as a 16. Commodity derivatives bourse MCX (___________) re-
Bharat Bill Payment Operating Unit ? ceived Securities and Exchange Board of India’s (SEBI)
State Bank of India approval to launch India’s first gold options contract with
Union Bank of India bi-monthly duration. The option will also have existing
Bank of Baroda gold kilo futures contract as its underlier ?
Canara Bank Multi Currency Exchange Ltd
None of These Mutual Currency Exchange Ltd
( Ans - 4) Multi Commodity Exchange Ltd
Mutual Commodity Exchange Ltd
None of These
12. ___________ will raise $400 million as part of its $2 bil- ( Ans - 3)
lion medium-term note programme, by issuing a bench-
mark dollar bond with tenor of 5 years. Bond sale will be
drawn through London branch of Bank and bonds will be 17. Corporation Bank won best performance awards for
listed on Singapore Stock Exchange. Rating agency SHG-bank linkage program for ____________________ for
Moody’s assigned a Baa3 rating to the issue ? 2015-16 and 2016-17 from National Bank for Agriculture
Bank of Baroda and Rural Development (NABARD). It formed more than
Canara Bank 1.32 lakh self-help groups (SHGs) ?
Punjab National Bank Kerala
SBI Karnataka
None of These Assam
( Ans - 2) Meghalaya
None of These


( Ans - 2) 20 %
30 %
18. ___________ has been appointed by Cab Aggregator 50 %
Major Uber as its CEO ? None of These
Travis Kalanick ( Ans - 2)
Dara Khosrowshahi
Sunder Pichai
Satya Nadella 23. Goods and services tax (GST) collections exceeded
None of These revenue target for first month (July 2017) with INR
( Ans - 2) __________________ crores collections. Different Compo-
nents (Approx) CGST - 15000 Crores, SGST - 23000
Crores, IGST - 47000 Crores, Cess - 7000 Crores ?
19. Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) 72,283
(Commerce and Industry Ministry) will release a new in- 102,283
dustrial policy by October 2017, to replace National Manu- 82,283
facturing Policy (NMP) released in ____________. 92,283
It will review existing foreign direct investment (FDI) policy None of These
regime to facilitate greater technology transfer. Policy will ( Ans - 4)
aim to attract $100 billion of FDI in a year, up from $60 bil-
lion in 2016-17.
DIPP has adopted consultative approach for formulating 24. Government approved ________ disinvestment
industrial policy by setting up six thematic focus groups - through strategic sale of Central Electronics Limited
Manufacturing and MSME, Technology and Innovation, In- (CEL), with net worth approx 50 crores ?
frastructure, Investment, Trade and Fiscal Policy, Ease of 75 %
Doing Business and Skills and Employability for Future. 50 %
2009 80 %
2010 70 %
2008 100%
2011 ( Ans - 5)
None of These
( Ans - 4)
25. Government approved raising EBR
(____________________) upto Rs. 9020 crore during 2017-
20. Digital wallet app Samsung Pay tied up with 18 by NABARD through issuance of Bonds for ensuring
_____________ to store higher variants of Bank's debit lending at 6% per annum under borrowings for implemen-
cards on app, turning Samsung smartphones into elec- tation of Accelerated Irrigation Benefits Programme (AIBP)
tronic card-holders and users can pay at point-of-sale works of 99 ongoing prioritized irrigation projects under
(PoS) terminals with just a tap on cards stored in Sam- PMKSY.
sung Pay ? Several irrigation projects taken up under Accelerated Irri-
State Bank of India gation Benefit Programme (AIBP) were languishing due to
PNB inadequate provision of funds. To cater to large fund re-
BOB quirement and ensure completion of these projects, Gov-
ICICI Bank ernment created Long Term Irrigation Fund (LTIF) in NAB-
None of These ARD with an initial corpus of Rs. 20,000 crore for funding
( Ans - 1) of Central and State share for identified ongoing projects
under PMKSY (AIBP and CAD).
To make loan from NABARD attractive for states, rate of
21. Tech Firm ______________ launched Budding Star interest was kept around 6% by providing requisite cost
Programme, a program aimed at Flipkart employees to free funds to NABARD every year during 2016-17 to 2019-
help them achieve their dreams by providing them finan- 20 on which interest cost would be borne by Govt. of In-
cial assistance and paid leaves, open for employees who dia.
have completed 6 months with company. ? Extra Bundled Resources
Flipkart External Budgetary Resources
Snapdeal Extra Budgetary Resources
Paytm External Bundled Resources
Google None of These
None of These ( Ans - 3)
( Ans - 1)

26. Government disinvested _____________ of its stake in

22. GST Council recommended increasing maximum ceil- Hindustan Copper Limited through Offer for Sale (OFS),
ing of cess leviable on motor vehicles falling under head- raising approx 400 crores ?
ings 8702 and 8703 including SUVs, to ____________ in- 6.83%
stead of present 15%. Such vehicles Include mid-segment, 8.83%
large cars, SUVs and motor vehicles which can carry 10 - 16.83%
13 Persons ? 26.83%


None of These Axis Bank

( Ans - 1) Kotak Mahindra Bank
None of These
27. Government imposed penalty of USD ____________ ( Ans - 4)
million (1,700 crores) on Reliance Industries and its part-
ners for producing less than targeted natural gas from
eastern offshore KG-D6 fields in 2015-16. 32. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund launched new website
364 ___________________ to help users plan their investments
264 according to their future financial goals. It guides users to
164 plan their big spends, tax investments and corpus re-
464 quired during retirement ?
None of These PlanYourGoal.in
( Ans - 2) PlanYourGoal.com
28. Government launched a new ETF None of These
(______________________) named BHARAT 22, consisting ( Ans - 2)
22 stocks of CPSE's, PSB's & strategic holding of SUUTI.
It is more diverse as Compared to energy heavy CPSE
ETF, and has a Diversified portfolio with 6 sectors (Basic 33. IDFC Bank partnered with digital payments company
Materials, Energy, Finance, FMCG, Industrials & Utilities). _____________, to launch IDFC Bank Benefits as a pay-
Bharat 22 Index will be rebalanced annually. ICICI Pruden- ment solution for corporates that digitizes employee
tial AMC will be the ETF Manager and Asia Index Private spends and claims, making the process simple, real-time
Limited (JV BSE and S& P Global) will be the Index Pro- and paperless ?
vider. Zeta
External Traded Fund Paytm
Exchange Transition Fund Freecharge
Exchange Traded Fund Mobikwik
Exchange Transaction Fund None of These
None of These ( Ans - 1)
( Ans - 3)

34. In 3rd Bi-Monthly Monetary Policy Review by RBI,

29. Government ruled that Banks importing gold and pre- Repo rate has been cut by 25 basis points. New Monetary
cious metals will have to pay ____________ tax under GST Policy rates stand at-
which can be claimed as input tax credit ? Repo Rate - _________ %
8% Reverse Repo - 5.75 %
5% Bank Rate - 6.25 %
30 % Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) Rate - 6.25 %
13 % CRR (Cash Reserve Ratio) - 4 %
3% SLR(Statutory Liquidity ratio) - 20 %
( Ans - 5) 7.5
30. _______________ launched a software update to ena- 7
ble point-of-sale (PoS) machines to accept payments 6
through Unified Payments Interface (UPI), BharatQR, SMS ( Ans - 5)
Pay and bank’s mobile wallets, in addition to traditional
mode of swiping cards. For this, POS machines are to be
updated with a free software ? 35. Income Tax Department imposed INR ______________
ICICI Bank crores penalty on tax demand of same amount on a unit of
Yes Bank Li Ka-shing’s CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd, over its decade-
HDFC Bank old sale of mobile phone business in India to Vodafone In-
Kotak Mahindra Bank dia. Vodafone in 2007 acquired 67% stake in mobile-phone
None of These business owned by Hutchison Whampoa (now part of CK
( Ans - 3) Hutchison) ?
31. ______________ launched instant credit cards ena- 8900
bling its savings account customers to get a credit card 14900
instantly, in a completely digital and paperless manner, in- None of These
itially available for some pre-qualified customers who can ( Ans - 2)
apply for card online and generate card details and start
shopping using it instantly. The credit limit is up to Rs 4
lakh, based on pre-checked bureau scores.
Yes Bank


36. India signed Global Environment Facility (GEF) Grant ( Ans - 5)

Agreement with World Bank for USD _____________ Mil-
lion for “Ecosystems Service Improvement Project” ?
24.64 41. India signed US$ ___________ million Loan agreement
14.64 with Beijing (China) based Asian Infrastructure Investment
34.64 Bank (AIIB) for Gujarat Rural Roads Project. ?
44.64 129
None of These 329
( Ans - 1) 229
None of These
37. India's GDP growth declined to ____________ in Q1 ( Ans - 2)
(April - June) of FY 2017-18, with growth in manufacturing
sector declining rapidly. This is slowest quarterly GDP
growth since January-March quarter in 2014. GDP Growth 42. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of In-
was 7.9 % Strong in Q1 of FY 2016-17 and 6.1% in Q4 of FY dia (IRDAI) launched a Central Database of all Insurance
2016-17 ? Sales Persons in country, Named as _______________ ?
3.7 % Salesforce
4.7 % Envoy
6.7 % Reservoir
7.7 % Saksham
5.7 % None of These
( Ans - 5) ( Ans - 2)

38. ICEX (______________) launched world’s first diamond 43. ____________ became First Private Sector Bank to roll
futures contracts to provide exporters with a hedging tool, out an Aadhaar Enrollment Centre, at its Nelson Manickam
enabling companies involving in cut and polished gems Road Branch in Chennai ?
business to better hedge price risks. ICEX has started Karur Vysya Bank
trading in 1 carat/100 cent contracts and eventually in fu- Lakshmi Vilas Bank
ture will add 50 cent and 30 cent contracts. HDFC Bank
Note that India is a global diamond polishing hub where 14 ICICI Bank
out of every 15 rough diamonds in the world are polished. None of These
Indian Commodity Exchange ( Ans - 1)
Institutional Commodity Exchange
Internal Commodity Exchange
Indian Currency Exchange 44. _______________ launched an Aadhaar-based inte-
None of These grated outward forex remittance service Remit for both
( Ans - 1) customers and non-customers. It offers a paperless pro-
cess that enables users to register online using Aadhaar
and PAN numbers, and initiate remittances instantly ?
39. Indian Navy's Band participated in International Mili- Axis Bank
tary Music Festival "Spasskaya Tower" held in Moscow Yes Bank
(_____________). A 66-member Indian Navy band also HDFC Bank
joined historic Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in the UK ? ICICI Bank
Spain Kotak Mahindra Bank
Russia ( Ans - 5)
None of These 45. Leading FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Britan-
( Ans - 2) nia Industries will set up its largest plant in ____________
in a food park at Ranjangaon, with investment of INR 1000
crores ?
40. Indian e-commerce firm Flipkart received investment of Goa
____________ Billion from Japan's SoftBank Vision Fund, Maharashtra
world’s largest technology-focused investment fund. This Rajasthan
is as biggest ever private investment in an Indian technol- Gujarat
ogy company. None of These
Flipkart is now world's 3rd most funded private company ( Ans - 2)
with almost $7 billion capital raised so far. Top 2 are both
ride hailing platforms – Chinabased Didi Chuxing ($15 Bil-
lion) and US based Uber ($12.9 billion). 46. Lok Sabha passed Banking Regulation (Amendment)
$1.8 Bill 2017 to replace Banking Regulation (Amendment) Or-
$4.4 dinance 2017 and amend Banking Regulation Act
$3.4 _____________ to insert provisions for handling cases re-
$1.4 lated to stressed assets or non-performing assets (NPAs)
$2.4 of banks. Key Features -


It enables Central government to authorize Reserve Bank Directorate General of Supplies and Disposals
of India (RBI) to direct banking companies to resolve spe- ( Ans - 5)
cific stressed assets by initiating insolvency resolution
process, as per Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016.
It empowers RBI to issue directions to banks for resolu- 51. Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) and Mahin-
tion of stressed assets from time to time. dra Agri Solutions signed MoU to provide agriculture re-
It inserts provision to make above provisions applicable to lated price information, through their recently launched
the SBI and its subsidiaries and also Regional Rural mobile application _________________?
Banks (RRBs). MyAgriGuru
1949 TotalAgriSolutions
1959 IndiaAgri
1969 AgriLand
1985 None of These
None of These ( Ans - 1)
( Ans - 1)

52. NTPC (National Thermal Power Corporation) signed

47. Lok Sabha passed National Bank for Agriculture and loan agreement for Rs. ___________ crore with ICICI Bank
Rural Development (Amendment) Bill 2017 that amends for partially funding its capital expenditure, with tenure of
NABARD Act 1981. Key features - 15 years ?
Capital of NABARD is increased to INR _______________ 5,000
crores from 5000 crores, with additional capital allowed in 6,000
consultation with RBI. 3,000
Government must hold at least 51% capital share of NAB- 9,000
ARD. and .04% shares of NABARD held by RBI (valued 20 None of These
crores) will be transferred to Government. ( Ans - 3)
25000 53. National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development
3000 (NABARD) sanctioned Loan of INR 1349.55 crores to
30000 ___________ government for creation of rural infrastruc-
( Ans - 5) ture in the state under the Rural Infrastructure Develop-
ment Fund (RIDF) ?
48. Lok Sabha passed State Banks (Repeal and Amend- Gujarat
ment) Bill 2017 that repeals State Bank of India (Subsidiary Goa
Banks) Act 1959 and State Bank of Hyderabad Act 1956. It Rajasthan
also amends State Bank of India (SBI) Act ______________ None of These
to remove references to subsidiary banks and powers of ( Ans - 4)
SBI to act as an agent of the RBI for subsidiary banks?
1965 54. National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) approved mer-
1975 ger between Aircel and Reliance Communications wireless
1985 business and sale of Reliance's tower business to
None of These _____________'s Brookfield. RCom and Aircel will ot have
( Ans - 1) to get permission from Supreme Court before filing their
merger plea. Merged entities will be called as 'Aircom' and
both will have 50% equity stake ?
49. Messaging app________________ acquired Bengaluru- UK
based tech start-up Creo for an undisclosed amount ? USA
Whatsapp Russia
Hike Messenger Spain
Instagram Canada
Wechat ( Ans - 5)
None of These
( Ans - 2)
55. ____________ customers will have to pay charges for
depositing cash above Rs. 5,000 (down from 25000 Cur-
50. Ministry of Commerce and Industry will shut down rently) in a non-base branch even if it is located in same
over 100-year-old DGSD (___________________), govern- city. Customer will have to pay Re 1 per Rs 1,000 for above
ment's procurement arm. Now public procurement of Rs 5,000 cash deposit or part thereof with a minimum of
goods and services will be managed by Government’s e- Rs 25 per transaction.
market platform (GeM) ? SBI
Directorate General of Safety and Development BOB
Directorate General of Supplies and Development PNB
Directorate General of Supplies and Deployment Axis Bank
Directorate General of Safety and Disposals None of These


( Ans - 3) To provide short-term crop loans to farmers at an interest

rate of 7 % during 2017-18, RBI decided to offer interest
subvention of 2 % to lending banks on use of their own re-
56. Power transmission utility Powergrid received loan of sources.
USD _________ million from Asian Development Bank 5 Lakh
(ADB) for its various projects ? 4 Lakh
500 2 Lakh
200 3 Lakh
100 None of These
700 ( Ans - 4)
None of These
( Ans - 1)
62. Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) directed
companies that fail to disclose any default on payment of
57. Public procurement portal Government eMarketplace interest or repayment of principal to banks or financial in-
(GeM) and industry body Confederation of Indian Industry stitutions within ___________ day, from October 1 On-
(CII) have signed a MoU to establish _____________, a wards ?
GeM -Industry forum. GeMSamvad aims to create aware- 7
ness about online purchase of goods and services by gov- 1
ernment agencies and departments ? 10
GeMManch 25
GeMSamvad None of These
GeMPortal ( Ans - 2)
None of These
( Ans - 2) 63. Solar energy services company Freyr Energy tied up
with ____________ to offer term loans ranging from Rs 5
to 50 lakh for up to 5 years, for solar rooftop installations
58. __________ (PNB) introduced biometric attendance, to in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh ?
enforce punctuality among employees. Timings will be up- Kotak Mahindra Bank
loaded in HR system automatically ? Yes Bank
Punjab National Bank HDFC Bank
BOB Axis Bank
IOB ( Ans - 5)
None of These
( Ans - 1)
64. ______________ announced waiver of up to 100% of
processing fee on car loans, personal gold loans and per-
59. RBI Stated that out of _____________ regional rural sonal loans for 2017 festive season. Bank has waived pro-
banks (RRBs), Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank and An- cessing fee on car loans till 31st December 2017 and half
dhra Pragathi Grameena Bank recorded net profit of more of he processing fee on personal gold loans till 31st Octo-
than Rs 150 crore during 2016-17. Overall, 49 RRBs rec- ber 2017 ?
orded net profit in 2016-17. SBI
56 ICICI Bank
66 HDFC Bank
76 Yes Bank
46 None of These
None of These ( Ans - 1)
( Ans - 1)

65. ________ has launched a CSR (Corporate Social Re-

60. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) will pay INR _________ sponsibility) initiative Gram Seva, which will work in areas
crore dividend to government for year ended June 30, less of health, education, environment and rural infrastructure.
than half of what it paid in 2016 (65,876 crores) ? It will partner with NGOs to carry out CSR initiatives under
50,659 which it adopt 5 villages each from 10 village panchayats
40,659 with each village getting around Rs 2.40 crore over 3
20,659 years. Bank also held Home Loan Utsav in Bengaluru, of-
30,659 fering 0.25% concession in interest rates?
None of These Yes Bank
( Ans - 4) HDFC Bank
State Bank of India
61. Reserve Bank of India advised banks to make Aadhaar None of These
linkage mandatory for availing short-term crop loans up to ( Ans - 4)
Rs ___________ in 2017-18, To ensure hassle-free benefits
to farmers under Interest Subvention Scheme.


66. State Bank of India will raise INR ______________

crores by allotting Basel-III compliant bonds to various in-
vestors. It will allot 20,000 AT1 Basel-III compliant non-
convertible, perpetual, subordinated bonds in the nature
of debentures. Bonds will carry a coupon rate of 8.15% per
annum with a call option after 5 years ?
None of These
( Ans - 3)

67. Substantial increase observed in number of Income

Tax Returns(ITRs) filed, with over _________ Crore ITRs
filed as compared to 2.26 Crore ITRs last year ?
None of These
( Ans - 2)

68. _____________ became first power utility to introduce

a QR code based bill payments system in India. QR code
linked to Unified Payments Interface (UPI) will be printed
on electricity bills and customers can scan QR code with
BHIM app or any other UPI linked app and pay bills ?
Adani Power
Tata Power
Reliance Power
None of These
( Ans - 2)

69. _____________ Ltd has been given scheduled bank

status by RBI. Currently, It has 65 branches in 10 states /
Paytm Payments Bank
Aadhaar Housing Finance
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank
None of These
( Ans - 4)

70. _______________ signed Bancassurance agreements

with Bajaj Allianz General Insurance and Cholamandalam
MS General Insurance for distribution of their insurance
products. Similar Bancassurance tie up has been signed
between DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance Company and
Dhanlaxmi Bank ?
Union Bank of India
None of These
( Ans - 1)