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No Function T Code Path Details Time

1 Company OX15 CS01 5 min

2 Company Code OX02 CS01 5
3 Assign Co To CC OX16 CS01 to CS01 3
4 Business Area OX03 CS0B 5
5 Fiscal Year variant OB29 V3
6 Assign FYV To CC OB37 CS01 to V3 3
7 Posting period variant OBBO CS01 5
8 Assign PPV To CC OBBP CS01 to CS01 3
9 Open & Close PPV OB52 CS01 10
10 Field status varient OBC4 CS01 5
11 Assign FSV to CC OBC5 CS01 to CS01 3
12 Tolerance for GL OBA0 CS01 5
13 Tolerance for employees OBA4 CS01 5
14 Chart of Accounts OB13 CS01 5
15 Retained Earning A/c OB53 X 5
16 Assign CC to COA OB62 CS01 to CS01 5

17 Vendor Account Group OBD3 CS0T 10

Vendor Account Group -

18 number range XKN1 CS

19 Assign NR - Vendor Acct group OBAS CS - CS0D

20 Doc types & Number range OBA7 SA,01 5

Created GL's for :

21 GL Creation FS00 Bank Account 15
Creditors Account
Sales Account
Salaries Account
Purchases Accoun
T/R Description

EH5K900039 RITM00001
EH5K900041 RITM00002
EH5K900047 RITM00004
EH5K900043 RITM00003

EH5K900049 RITM00006
EH5K900045 RITM00005
EH5K900051 RITM00007
EH5K900053 RITM00008
EH5K900055 RITM00009
EH5K900057 RITM00010
EH5K900059 RITM00011
EH5K900061 RITM00012
EH5K900063 RITM00013-COA
EH5K900065 RITM00014-Retained Earning
EH5K900067 RITM00015-CC TO COA

EH5K900093 RITM00060-Domestic Vendor Group

EH5K900095 RITM00061- Vendor Ferign Group

EH5K900097 RITM00023- Vendor account group NR

SL no Function Tcode

1 Purch. Org OX08

2 Plant OX10

3 Storage Loc. OX09

4 P.Org - Plant OX17

5 P.Org - CC OX01

6 Plant - CC OX18

7 Purch Grp. OME4

8 Material Grp OMSF

9 Material Type OMS2

10 Material Number range MMNR

11 Material type OMS2


13 Automatic account confi. OMWD

14 Account Category Ref. OMSK

15 Account Category Ref. OMSK

16 Valuation Class OMSK

17 Valuation Class Assigment OMSK

18 Material Type to Acc. Ref. OMSK

19 Split Valuation Confi

20 Split Valuation Confi OMWC


24 Unit of Measurement CUNI


IMG-> Enterprise Structure -> Definition -> Materials Management -> Maintain Purchase Organization

IMG->Enterprise Structure -> Definition -> Logistics General -> Define, Copy, Delete, Check plant ->Define Plant

IMG->Enterprise Structure -> Definition -> Materials Management -> Maintain Storage Location

IMG-> Enterprise Structure -> Assignment -> Material Management ->Assign Purchasing organization to Plant

IMG-> Enterprise Structure -> Assignment -> Material Management -> Assign Purchasing organization to
company code

IMG->Enterprise Structure -> Assignment -> Logistics General -> Assign plant to company code

IMG ® Material Management ®Purchasing®Create Purchasing Groups

IMG ® Logistics General ® Material Master ® Settings for Key Fields ® Define Material Groups

Logistics General ® Material Master ® Basic Settings ® Material types ® Define Attributes of Material Types

IMG->Logistic general -> material Master -> Basic setting -> Material Types ->Define number ranges of each type
Edit group-> go to groups-> Insert -> define Group name -> Interval range

Quantity/Value updation Click Tick -CS01,CS02

Update the fiscal year details as per the company code

Assigning Valuation area CS01 to Valuation Group Code-0001

Creating ACC. Cat. Ref. for Raw material-CS01

Creating ACC. Cat. Ref. for Finished Procuct-CS02

Valuation Class for Raw Material and Finished Goods

Assigning Valuation Class CSR1 to Acct cat ref CS01, CSF1 to CS02

Assigning material type to Acc. Ref- CS01 to CS01, CS02 to CS02

Configure split valuation- Global category-I, Description-CS01

creating Valuation Type- Domestic (Raw material)- Aref CS01
creating Valuation Type- Internatnl (Raw material)- Aref CS01
Creating Valuation Type- DOM-finish (Finished goods)- Aref CS02
Creating Valuation Type- INT-Finish (Finished Goods)- Aref CS02
Unit of measure-CO, Assign ISO code- CO
Details Time Taken TR Number Description

CS01 3 mins ECCK900071 RITM0050- Purchasing org. CS01

CS01 5 mins ECCK900075 RITM0051- Plant CS01

CS02 10mins ECCK900077 RITM0052- Storage Loc. CS01

CS01 2mins ECCK900081 RITM0054- Assign P.Org to Plant

CS01 3mins ECCK900079 RITM0053- Assign P.Org to CC

CS01 3mins ECCK900083 RITM0055- Assign Plant to CC

CS1 3mins ECCK900085 RITM0056- Purchase Grp-CS01

CS01 2mins ECCK900087 RITM0057- Material Group-CS01

6mins ECCK900089 RITM0058- Material Type CS01

CS01-Raw material
CS02- Finished Goods
CS03- Scrap Yard

CS- material type CS01

2mins ECCK900091 RITM0059- Fscial Year




CSR1,CSR2,CSR3, 3mins



Global category-I
SNO Ticket Analysis

Entry CS01 does not exist in T077k(check entry)- Vendor Group is not maintained for the
1 00058 company code CS01

A number range is not assigned to account group Number Range should be assigned to Vendor
2 CS0D- F2048 account group CS0D

Entry CS01 0000160000 does not exist in SKB1

3 (check entry)- 00058 Recon code for CS01 need to be created

Go to OBD3
Go to new Entries
Define Domestic vendor group - CS0D -> save
Define Foreign vendor group - CS0F -> save
One time Vendor - CS0T-> save

Go to XKN1
create Number Range with two digit XX series
go to OBAS
assign Number range XX to Account group CS0D
SNO Ticket Analysis

The Company code CS01 does not exist or has Fscial Year is not Maintained in CS01
1 not been fully maintained- M3150 Company code

Tables TCURM and T001W inconsistent, notify Assignment of plant- company code is not
2 your systems administrator- M3820 done

Go to OMSY
update the fscial year

Go to OX18
Assign plant - Company code
check entires in table se16n-> T001W
Function Tcode Document No

Material MM01 2147, 100000000, 1

Vendor XK01