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Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is George-Ioan Păiș, I am a student at the National University of Music,

Bucharest, Faculty of Composition, Musicology and Musical Pedagogy, in the 3rd year of study at
the Department of Jazz – Pop Composition. I am writing this letter in regards to obtaining an
Erasmus scholarship, in the academic year 2019-2020, for the Department of Composition of Den
Haag Royal Conservatory.

I have studied at a prestigious high school, known for its good results in the fields of natural
sciences and mathematics. I remember how in my first year of high school I have decided I want to
go the conservatory, to study composition. I have contacted a person who was active in the music
scene in Constanța, the city where I have grown up, with the purpose of asking him what would be
the best course of action for me to take, if it were necessary for me to transfer to an arts high school,
study music intensively so that I may maximize my chances. My dream was put down quickly, I
was told that not even pupils who have studied music since a young age could have an optimistic
outlook. Considering formal music education so late in life, I was told I have no chance of success.
I have resigned and went on to finish the high school I have started, I began taking private lessons
for architecture and eventually was accepted as a student at the Faculty of Architecture. I had a
relatively safe road ahead of me, both of my parents being architects I had the advantage of
knowing beforehand the realities of this field of activity. I was far from satisfied and I was not

I quit architecture school in my 2nd year of study and decided I have to follow my true
passion no matter the road I had taken in the past. I have realised it is better to make a change, no
matter how hard, at 22 years of age, rather than realising later on in life that I did not follow my
genuine wish.

Throughout high school I was passionate about music and composition at a high level and I
strived to gather information, write as much as I could and come in contact with musical
knowledge. Not being in the right environment I did not have a reference system to assess the true
level of my music skills. I have looked into the process of admission at the conservatory and started
taking preparatory classes where, to my surprise, I have found that I was familiar with many of the
notions. I met people who passionately followed the same dream as mine, the dream I have tried to
ignore. I realised my music skills and knowledge were at an adequate level. I was surprised when
the admission results came.
I was the 3rd to be accepted.

Now a student in the 3rd year at the Department of Jazz – Pop Composition within the
National University of Music, I look back at the road that has led me up to this point and can
summarise my motivation so: the desire to prove to myself that I can overcome this challenge.
When I decided not to follow the career path of my parents and quit architecture school I was met
with understanding and support, but there were also times of tension. Through the perseverance I
have shown in following my wish and the fact that I am grateful and passionate everyday about my


field of study, I managed to convince my parents that I have made the right decision

I do not wish to lose this state of mind and I try to prove to myself again that I can manage
facing a new challenge, reason why I chose to apply through the Erasmus program to the
Department of Composition of Den Haag Royal Conservatory. I have analysed the study offer with
great enthusiasm and am interested in it precisely because it is different from the pedagogical model
I have grown used to up until this point in my studies. I believe that because of this study model I
will find here a great opportunity for artistic and professional growth.

Considering all of the above I hope you will find me to be an adequate candidate for the
Erasmus program from your university. I am willing to answer any questions over an interview. You
can find detailed information about activities I have taken part in over the years in the attached CV.

Best regards,

George-Ioan Păiș