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November ‘10 Issue 14

Finally out of affection for Krishna, the were all pure devotees of Sri Krishna,
FESTIVAL/ EVENTS villagers lead by Nanda Maharaja relented
and began to worship the Govardhana in
and in distress turned to Him for
By Aayushi Jain (9) accordance to the instructions of Krishna.
Thus was established the tradition of the Krishna picked up the Govardhana hill
worship of Govardhana, which is followed to and asked all the inhabitants of
this day in a festival called Annakuta. They Vrindavana to take shelter under the hill
One day, seven year old Krishna, became with their families and animals. In this
began the worship by first circumambulating
intrigued by the hectic activity going on in the way, Krishna held the mountain up for
village of Vrindavana. His father, Nanda seven days on the little finger of His left
Maharaja, was busily directing all the hand. By His mystic potency, no one felt
preparations with help of the village elders. any hunger, thirst or discomfort for the
Curious, Krishna began to inquire the reason entire time they spent under the hill.
behind all this from His father. But Nanda Finally when Indra realized that he was
Maharaja, being extremely busy, and thinking actually up against the Supreme
Krishna to be too young to understand, Personality of Godhead, he immediately
ignored His queries. Krishna, however, ordered the clouds to stop. The
persisted and finally Nanda Maharaj gave in. inhabitants of Vrindavana happily went
He explained that they were arranging for a back, singing the glories of Krishna, and
big yajna (sacrifice) in the honor of Lord Krishna replaced the Govardhana hill to
Indra, the king of the demigods. Since they its original position.
belonged to the farming community (Vaisya),
they were very dependent on timely rainfall
Govardhana hill, a tradition that is followed Now Lord Indra was terrified at his
for their crops and food grains. Lord Indra,
even now. After Nanda Maharaja and the offenses. Knowing that Krishna is
being the controlling deity of rainfall, was
Brahmins concluded the ceremony, they especially merciful to the cows, he
therefore being propitiated by the yajna to
were awed to see Govardhana personified, enlisted the help of Surabhi, the
ensure timely and sufficient rainfall.
personally accepting the foodstuffs offered personification of the cows in the
Krishna, however, began to dissuade His in the ceremony. They were joyfully spiritual world. He stealthily approached
father from this sacrifice: since demigods will surprised to see that Govardhana Krishna in a secluded place and fell
be satisfied by the proper execution of duties, personified look exactly like Krishna, and prostrate at His feet. In beautiful
there is no need to worship them separately. from this we can understand that prayers, Lord Indra begged for
Krishna instead proposed that they should Govardhana is actually non-different from forgiveness and the mercy of Krishna.
worship the local Brahmans and Govardhana the Supreme Personality of Godhead. To Since Krishna is always favorably
hill. Since the Brahmans were the spiritual this day, qualified devotees take small rocks disposed to His sincere devotees, He
leaders of the community and Govardhana (shilas) from the Govardhana hill to worship forgave Indra and cautioned him
hill was providing them with so many as the deity form of the Lord. against false pride. He also pleasingly
amenities like grass, water and shelter for the received the worship from Surabhi and
Lord Indra was however most displeased
cows, which are the primary assets of the many other denizens of the heavenly
with this. Even though he was aware of the
village community. Even though Krishna was planets
position of Krishna, anger and pride caused
debating from an atheistic view point, He had
him to become illusioned, a symptom that is
a higher purpose in mind. His descent to the
common in present day materialists.
world was to discourage the worship of
demigods for material gains, and to establish
Furious, he summoned the Samvartaka Giriraja Govardhan ki Jaya!
clouds, specially powerful clouds used at the
the true position of the Supreme Personality
time of cosmic destruction, and ordered
of Godhead. He was aware that Lord Indra
them to pour rain over Vrindavana. So
was very much proud of his position as the
powerful were these rain clouds that soon
king of the demigods. Since Lord Indra is
entire Vrinadavana was deluged under rain
actually a great devotee, Krishna was also
fall as thick as columns and as sharp as
showing him His mercy by removing the
arrows, causing much pain to the people in
illusion of false pride from him.
Vrindavana. The inhabitants of Vrindavan

By Panchajanya Mungara (10)

Srinivasa Acharya was born in 1517. His father was Gangadhar Bhatachaarya and his mother was Laxmi
Priya; they both were grateful devotees of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
When Gangadhar Bhatacharya saw Nimai Pandit take Sannyasa, he danced around, running here and
there, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, chanting always “Krishna Chaitanya!.. Krsna Chaitanya!..”
When he returned to his village, everybody thought that he had gone mad, and they called him Chaitanya
Das. They knew he had gone mad in love of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Soon after, Bhattacharya’s wife
bore him a child. They named the boy Srinivasa. He was a beautiful child, and like Radharani, his skin
was the color of molten gold, He had all the symptoms of a Mahapurusha, a great personality, his chest
was broad and his arms reached to his knees, It is said that he was the embodiment of the energy of
Lord Chaitanya, the incarnation of Gaura Shakti. In Krishna-lila, he serves as Mani-manjari.
He was raised very attentively by his loving parents. All the time he was told stories about the Lord, and
as he grew up, his only interest was to meet Him. Shinivas’s father died when he was fourteen years old.
He took permission from his mother to meet Lord Caitanya at Jaganath Puri. On the way he found out
that Lord Caitanya left this material world. After hearing this news, Srinivasa fainted and when he
regained consciousness, he thought of ending his life. When he was about to do this, the Lord appeared
and told him to meet Gadadhar Pandit, who was the intimate associate of Lord Caitanya.
Upon arriving in Jagannath Puri, he met Gadadhar Pandit in the temple of Shri Gopinath. Gadadhar
Pandit was very famous because he could recite the Srimad Bhagavatam in many beautiful melodies,
which Lord Chaitanya used to listen to with great pleasure. Srinivasa was eager to learn Srimad
Bhagavatam from Gadhadar Pandit. But Gadadhar explained, “Since the Lord has left this world I can
no longer do anything.” But Gadadhar was very merciful and gave his own copy of Srimad Bhagavatma
to Srinivasa.
After that, he left to Vrindavan to meet Rupa and Sanatan. But shortly before he reached Vrindavan, he
heard that Rupa and Sanatan Goswami had left this world. Then he went to Jiva Goswami and Gopala
Bhatta Goswami. He received initiation from Gopala Bhatta Goswami. And he studied Srimad
Bhagavatam from Jiva Goswami along with Narottam das Thakur and Shyamananda Pandit. Later they
were given the service of taking books written by the Goswamis of Vrindavan to Bengal so that the
devotees could copy them and study them.
To fulfill his mother’s desire, he married twice. He had several children, who were empowered devotees.
Srinivasa Acarya’s life can give devotees so much inspiration by showing us the faith, power and

By Sruthi Mungara (13)

By Mansi Suresh(9)

There are many reasons why we celebrate Diwali,

but one of the main reasons is the killing of the
Bhaumasura demon by Lord Krishna Himself.
Bhaumasura, also
known as Narakasura,
had captured and im-
prisoned 16,000 prin-
cesses. Everyday the
princesses would pray
to the Lord to come
and rescue them. One
day, Krishna and His
queen, Satyabhama,
were riding on Garuda. Suddenly they came upon
a large and very fortified palace. This was the pal-
ace of Narakasura. The Lord heard the prayers of
the imprisoned princesses and had come to rescue
them. The fortress was well guarded by soldiers
and many types of fortifications.

The Lord however passed through all of these by

using His divine weapons. The demon that was
guarding the fortress was called Mura. He was one
who had built the defenses. He had five heads and
started to fight with the Lord. The Lord easily
crushed him with His Sudarsan disc. Then the
Mura demon’s five sons rushed toward to the Lord
and started to attack Him, but Lord killed them
also. Then the Lord made His way to Bhaumasura.
Bhaumasura, who was the son of Mother Earth,
used many mystical weapons on the Lord. But the
Lord killed him. He went inside the demon’s pal-
ace and came before 16,000 princesses. As prin-
cesses looked upon the Lord, they pleaded with
Him to have mercy upon them. The Lord married
all the 16,000 princesses and lived in Dwaraka. So
this pastime of victory against Bhaumasura is the
one of the reasons that we celebrate Diwali today.

By Pranesh Ambokar (6)


Poem: Little Damodara…

By Koumudhi Kammari (13)

Little Damodar runs hither and thither

By Mansi Suresh (9) Running from Mother Yashoda.
Finally caught and duly bound,
He is crying fresh tears of fear.
“We are not here for happy material life; we are here His necklace of pearls shaking,
for selfless service and shelter. helter comes when the And he is cowering in fear.
Lord is pleased with our intention & spirit of How can we understand the glories
service.” and pastimes of the Supreme
Personality of Godhead Lord Damodara
-Radhanath Swami


By Dheeraj Kammari ( 12)


Verse 2.23 -

Verse of the month From Bhagavad Gita As It Is

By Koumudhi Kammari (13) By His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta

nainaḿ chindanti śastrāṇi

nainaḿ dahati pāvakaḥ
na cainaḿ kledayanty āpo
na śoṣayati mārutaḥ


The soul can never be cut to pieces by any weapon, nor burned by fire, nor moistened by water, nor withered by
the wind.


The essence of this verse is that soul cannot die even if you use nuclear weapons on it. Krishna also says
in the 2 chapter 12th verse that, “There was never a time when I did not exist nor you nor all these kings, and
nor shall any of us cease to be.” When He says that, He is referring to the soul and that it is unborn and eter-
nal. Krishna also says that this material body is just like a piece of clothing that we discard after it gets old.
Since this body is only temporary and the soul is the one that is eternal, we should not give in to the bodily
comforts of life. But that does not mean that we shouldn’t sufficiently take care of the body. Also, in the 2nd
chapter 20th verse Krishna says that the soul is never born or dead at any time and that he is unborn, eternal,
and primeval.

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