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< My opinion about Plastic Surgery>

201921696 Soorin Lee

Imagine you are riding a subway in your daily life. You always see several

advertisements such as “Younger looking skin starts here” or “Inspiring confidence

with *** Plastic surgery center”. We are living in a society where “appearance” can

also be used as a fatal weapon. It can be easily explained through the time when

people choose their workplace. Applicants first take their photo to attach on their

résumé. However, most of their eyes, nose, and other facial elements are quite

different from real ones. Next, before interviewees go to meet their interviewers,

the first thing they worry about is “how do they look”. Especially in the service

industries. One of the preparations the flight attendant applicants must undergo is

their nose jobs. Like this, people tend to regard plastic surgery as the first step to

society. “The more beautiful, the better achievement you make”. This is how most

modern people think. However, it is quite too unreasonable to relate to people's

appearance to the achievement they make. There are so many things that can

express one person, even though it is not their face. We should find other merits
by deeply understanding them. Simply focusing on their look is not the right thing.

Therefore, I disagree with the atmosphere of our society that incites people to

change their appearances.

The first reason why I am against cosmetic surgery is related to the concept

of "Lookism". Since early times, human has tried hard to be beautiful. They used

all sorts of ways to satisfy themselves and eyes from others. This phenomenon is

still existing in our society. However, these days it cannot be only defined as

“Instinct”. People who are self- conscious about their face can easily print out their

best celebrity’s pictures and show it to the plastic surgeon. Celebrities with a sharp

nose, big eyes, and a thin face. This is what people watch on the television and

they naturally create a strange standard of beauty. Comparing themselves to the

"beautiful" ones, modern people started to lose self-confidence. This tragic

consequence makes human think that their appearance determines their destiny.

This is why there are so many patients in plastic surgery centers. Just like this, if

the only big reason for the cosmetic surgery is based on the public's craze for

"Lookism", a huge social problem will appear soon. People will soon be used to
judge others with their face. No one will try to know about one another by

communicating with each other. Then the criterion of “Good” and “Evil” can be

defined as “Beauty” and “Ugliness”. This will finally weaken the bonding between


The second reason I disagree with cosmetic surgery is based on health.

These days, people's belief in the technic of medical treatment is quite considerable.

So they tend to focus more on the price of the surgery. The cheaper the price is,

the more customers the center will attract. Therefore, it is better for the center to

use cheaper materials as possible. However, cheap medical materials are easy to

cause allergic reactions and if serious, simple surgery can lead one to death.

Nowadays, various laws protect people from medical accidents. Yet, they still exist

unavoidably. Also having plastic surgeries are bad for our mental health. Heidi

Montag, an American Model can be a good example. She had plastic surgeries

almost 10 times in her life. Even though she had enough money to have cosmetic

surgeries, she suffered from the side effect of it. However, there was a bigger

problem. Although her acquaintances advised her to stop changing herself, she did
not admit their opinion. She was absolutely addicted to plastic surgery.

On the other hand, we cannot only define plastic surgery as “Extravagance”.

Plastic surgery help people have more self-confidence. This can be easily explained

through the time right after the first world war. After a terrible war, there were lots

of wounded soldiers. Many soldiers lost some part of their face. Also, there were

many people who burned themselves. Even the horrible war was over, disabled

soldiers were still suffering from tragedies. Therefore, Surgeons started to develop

plastic surgery industry in order to help them. The doctors put their effort into

improving the technology of skin and artificial face elements. Consequently, people

who were undergoing a terrible moment in their lives could regain hope again. Just

like the wounded soldiers, some people can judge their facial part as their weak

point. If so, they will waste their precious time cowered in front of society. Same as

doctors prescribe medicine to sick patients, Plastic surgery can be a big solution

for their mental health and self- confidence. I can tell that this case is getting more

important in modern days. It is because interviews for a new job or human relations

in school are very valuable to one another these days. Due to the above reason,
modern society does not consider cosmetic surgery only as a negative thing.

Even though plastic surgery gives positive effect to human beings, I think it

is dangerous to overlook the negative part. It is true that changes in ourselves can

raise self-confidence and make us happier. Then why is plastic surgery a highly

controversial topic in our society? The key problem is “being excessive”. People

who take plastic surgery increase year by year. This might sound obvious living in

a society that has millions of plastic surgery centers. However, if too many people

crave to have plastic surgery in order to get prettier, it will cause a big change in

our community. Ironically, the ones who are satisfied with their original face will be

regarded as "strange". For instance, big eyes with double eyelids and the sharp

nose are the "standards of beauty" in Korea. Because of this trend, actors with small

eyes or short nose always suffer from hateful comments on the internet or SNS.

This kind of atmosphere should be eliminated in our society. In my opinion, a

diverse face that people have can help human beings form trust with each other.

We need to admit that others have different appearances. This attitude will serve

as a bridge between people. Just like each person has different personalities, there
must be also various looks. From old times, people wanted to form a world full of

trust. I think the first step to this goal is loving ourselves, just the way we are.