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“I, the Sovereign One,

have called you with

In Memoriam
David Bailey Sindt
righteous purpose and
taken you by the hand;
I have formed you, and
appointed you to be a
light to all peoples, a David’s home congregation, Lincoln Park Presbyterian,

becomes a More Light Church, October 1981
beacon for the nations,
to open eyes that are First PGC Corresponding Member
blind, to bring captives at General Assembly, 1980
out of prison.”
Isaiah 42:6-7 Founder of: Presbyterian Gay Caucus (1974)
North St. Paul, MN, 1965 1984
later known as: Presbyterians for Gay Concerns (1977),
Presbyterians for Lesbian/Gay Concerns (1980), PLGC/Chicago recognizes Char and Gus Sindt

David and his father, 1941

High School Iowa State University, 1960 and More Light Presbyterians (1999) as “Parents Emeritus,” May 1987
David received a B.S. in
4-H Activities, 1955 Horticulture in 1962.
PLGC/Chicago, Post Midwinter Conference
Born December 8, 1940 Planning Committee Celebration, 1985
Minneapolis, MN 1956 Earlier Later
Years Years

Early High School, c1956

Growing up in the Twin Cities Area, MN
PLGC/Chicago Midwinter
Conference Planning Meeting
January 1985

“We limit not the truth of God to our poor reach of mind, by
notions of our day and sect – crude, partial and confined. No,
let a new and better hope within our hearts be stirred, for God
has yet more light and truth to break forth from the Word.”
Blue-Ribbon awarded Words adapted from those of Rev. John Robinson, 1620
demonstration on Pamphlet, 1979
Rope Joining at the A dissent against the General Assembly and
Minnesota State Fair, 1953 Stated Clerk “definitive guidance” decisions. David died December 3, 1986
Presbyterian Junior Year Abroad at Silliman surrounded by his parents and
University, Dumaguete City, Philippines, 1960 members of PLGC/Chicago.
David’s Backyard Iris Hybridization Garden, May 1987 Shower of Stoles
Demonstration against slum landlord, 1966 AD Magazine, July 1974 Over the years, David introduced 49 varieties of miniature dwarf In 1995, David was posthumously inducted into
Stole for David, 1996
David was serving as assistant pastor at Erie Chapel Presbyterian bearded iris. Three won top Caparne or Caparne-Welch Awards the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame.
Church in Chicago (1965-67). He later served as assistant pastor from the American Iris Society and two won Awards of Merit.
at Central Presbyterian Church in St. Paul, MN (1968-69). 1970s

Chicago Daily News,

November 12, 1975
After a long, non-productive
judicial process to reverse the
Chicago Presbytery’s decision,
David demitted and joined
Lincoln Park Presbyterian
Church in Chicago, 1977.

At the 1974 General Assembly,

Letter (excerpts) from David held up a sign that said,
David that started the “Is anybody else out there gay?”
With fellow students at McCormick Seminary, 1964 Presbyterian Gay Eleventh and last of David’s annual iris catalogs, 1986
David earned a B.D. from McCormick in 1965. He later Lincoln Park Presbyterian in Chicago calls an openly gay David Sindt Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church PLGC National Officers at General Assembly, This catalog offered for sale over 200 varieties of iris that David Name’s Project Quilt Panel (#0588), 1988
Caucus, Feb-May, 1974
Church choir, 1952 Elementary School 1957 received an M.S.W. from the University of Michigan in 1971. as Assistant Pastor, 1972; call blocked by Chicago Presbytery, 1973 Lobbying at General Assembly, 1975 Chicago, 1974 Pictorial Directory, 1981 Indianapolis, 1985 and others had collected or hybridized over the years. One of four created for David (others: #0291, #0323, #0639)
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