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CDB 3033 Transport Phenomena

Assignment #1
Submission Deadline: 10 June 2019 (Submission during lecture)

1. Estimate the viscosity of a gas stream that contains a mixture of CO2 (40 mole%),
CH4 (55%) and N2 (5 mole%) at 350 K and 1 bar.
[10 marks]

2. A pair of large parallel plates, each one with area A (W × L), is separated by a distance .
The space between them is filled with Newtonian fluid. The upper and lower plates are
moving horizontally in a opposite direction with an identical velocity, v0. Determine the
velocity profile of the fluid at steady state assuming laminar flow condition.
[10 marks]

3. Figure below shows a viscous liquid flowing in an inclined rectangular channel (with
length, L and width, W). The dimension of W and L are very large as compared to the
channel height.

Assume the viscosity and density are constant, derive a relationship for velocity
distribution, maximum velocity, average velocity and mass flow rate for the liquid in the
system. The pressure is changing in the flow direction of the liquid.
[20 marks]