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University of Education,

Bank Road Campus Lahore.

Program: B.B.A (HRM) Course Name: International HRM

Credit Hours: 03 Semester: 8th

Course Instructor: Ms. Mohsana Salamat Course Code: 5114


In general the course objectives are:

 Understanding the context of human resource management in international business

 Have knowledge of strategic dimensions of international human resource management
 Understand the role of HRM in meeting global challanges

Upon successful completion of the requirements for this course, students will be able to:

 Understand issues, opportunities and challenges pertaining to international HRM;

 Develop competency in dealing with cross cultural situations;
 Understand the strategic and functional roles of HRM in various international contexts,
specially in areas such as recruitment and selection, performance management,
training, learning and development, career management, compensation, motivation and
 Understand external forces (e.g. globalization, sociocultural changes, political and
economic changes) that have the potential to shape international HRM;


The course will run for 16 weeks and comprises of 2 lectures of one and a half hour per

Assessment and evaluation of students will be according to the “Assessment and

Evaluation Regulations” of University of Education Lahore.

Course grade are based on following components and weightings

(Out of 100).

Week Lecture Headings

1 Week 1 Introduction and overview of IHRM
 What is international HRM?
 Structuring the field of three components
2 Week 2 Organizational context
 Internal context or organization
 External context of organization
 Quiz #1
3 Week 3 International recruitment and selection
 introduction
 recruitment
 recruitment method
4 Week 4 International recruitment and selection cont…
 selection
 Putting recruitment and selection into cultural context
 Presentation # 1
5 Week 5 International recruitment and selection cont…
 Regional challenges
 Quiz # 2
6 Week 6 International recruitment and selection cont…
 Global pressures on domestic recruitment
 Presentation # 2
7 Week 7 Performance management
 introduction
 background of PM
8 Week 8 Mid Term
9 Week 9 Performance management
 context on performance management
 performance management and culture
 Assignment #1
10 Week 10 Training and development in HRM
 Introduction
 Training and development in context
11 Week 11 Training and development in HRM cont….
 Continuing training – the role of the employer
 Management development
 Assignment # 2
12 Week 12 Appraisal and compensation
 Reward and bases of pay
 The incidence of pay for performance
13 Week 13 Appraisal and compensation cont….
 The significance to employees of pay for performance
 Culture and distinctive national reward systems
14 Week 14 Appraisal and compensation cont….
 The role of unions, employers’ associations and collective
 Managing pay for performance: procedural issues
15 Week 15 Repatriation
 Repatriation challenges
 Repatriation process
 Repatriation stages
16 Week 16 Labor relation and HRM
 Labor rights of workers
 Collective bargaining

17 Week 17 Final Term Exam

Mid Term Exams 20%

Home Work/ Assignments/ Class participation/ Visit/ Attendance 20%

Final Term Exam 60%


 International human resource management by Dowling et. Al (latest Version)s