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William M. Ivins, Jr. A ON THE RATIONALIZATION OF SIGHT With an Examination of Three Renaissance Texts on Perspective Viator ZA DE ARTIFICIALI PERSPECTIVA Reproducing Both the dition (Toul, 1505) and the Second Edition (Toul, 1509) DA CAPO PRESS: NEW YORK ° 1973 Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Ivins, William Mills, 1881-1961 On the rationalization of sight. (Da Capo Press series Bibliography: p. 1. Perspective. 2. Alberti, Leone Battista, 1404- 1472, Della pittura libri tre. 3. Pélerin, Jean, 1524, De artificialé perspectiva. 4. Diicer, Albrecht, 1471-1528. Underweysung der Messung. I. Pélerin, Jean, d. 1524, De attificiali perspectiva. IL. Title, IIL. Title: De artificiali perspectiva. NC749.194 1973, 742 6854843 ISBN 0-306-71189:3 graphic art, v. 13) On she Rationalization of Sight, published originally in-1938 as Metropolitan Museum of Art Papers, No. 8, in an edition limited to 500 copies, is reprinted by special arrangement with Miss Barbara Ivins, The author's text is unabridged. However, the ex- cerpt from De Ariificiali Perspectiva appended to the first edition has been omitted ‘The first edition (Toul, 1505) of De Artificiali Perspectiva by Viator (Jean Pélerin) is ceproduced without abridgement from a copy in The Pierpont Morgan Library, New York. The second edition (Toul, 1509) of De Artificiali Perspectiva is reproduced without abridgement from a copy in the British ‘Museum ‘The publishers are grateful to Mr. Walter Strauss for his sugges- tions concerning this project and for the additional bibliographical entries. Copyright by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, August, 1938 Copyright © 1973 by Da Capo Press, Inc. Published by Da Capo Press, Inc A Subsidiary of Plenum Publishing Corporation 227 West 17th Street, New York, New York 10011 All Rights Reserved Manufactured in the United States of America CONTENTS William M. Ivins, Jr. ON THE RATIONALIZATION OF SIGHT Viator DE ARTIFICIALI PERSPECTIVA Toul, 1505 Viator DE ARTIFICIALI PERSPECTIVA Toul, 1509